2 Adventure Begins

    Yo, what's up guys, so how are you guys doing? I apologise for the late update because my author was lazy and didn't want to write, so I beat him up and make him start writing. Ok so let's get back to our adventure, so this is planet Z, it's quite big, as it is twice the size of Earth.

    Ok I see a village, why don't we go and land there?

    'Welcome To Toki Village' which was written at the entrance of the village.

    Guys, this village has been blessed by the Gods and Goddess of this world. Also, this village is beautiful.

    The village is not that big and there is around 500 people, it's an agricultural village where the people is leaving happily.

    As I entered the village, I heard a voice from behind my back.

    Excuse me sir, but could you please move to the side? I turn around to see a young girl caring a box. Sorry Miss for blocking the path 😊 I shall move aside, I replied. After moving to the side, the young girl quickly took a fruit from the box and said, please enjoy, as she gave the fruit to me with a bright smile 😊 and quickly ran away before I could thank her.

    As I move towards the middle of the town, I noticed that many people were gathering, so I stopped a villager and asked what was going on?

    The villager looked at me and asked are you a Traveller my friend? Yes I replied. And then, he said no wonder you don't know about this. Ok so, every 20 years a God or Goddess will decent and blessed your village. So, we all come here to worship and pay your respect to them. You are lucky my friend to witness such an event.

    Yes I'm, indeed very lucky to witness such an event 😄 I smiled and replied.

    After 10 mins, everyone was kneeling down and then a beam of light hit the ground, but there was no harm to anyone or anything. After the light vanished, a beautiful lady emerged from the spot. She look like she was in her early twenties. She had a long silver hair extending down to her hips, she had a bright and shiny skin with Ruby like eyes and was 5.7 feet in height. She is the Goddess of fertility, health and success and her name is Yuri Long.

    Everyone please raise your head and stand up, I Yuri, have seen that all of you villager have been faithful and have paid your respect to the Gods and Goddess. So, I shall in return blessed your village with a good harvest and success.

    So then I shall take my leave, said the Goddess as she was about to fly up, suddenly a voice call out to the Goddess from within the crowd, as the crowd make a path for the person, it was that young girl with the box, as she approach the Goddess, she give the box to the Goddess and said, this is for you my Goddess, it is nothing much but please enjoy this, she said.

    The Goddess smiled 😊 and took the box and gave her thanks to the little girl and said your kindness shall be rewarded and flew up.

    After the Goddess went away, many people was talking about the Goddess.

    I approach the young girl who was standing with her mother and said thank you for your fruit little girl, may I know your name?

    After hearing my voice, the young girl turn around to see who was talking to her.

    After noticing it was me, she smiled and said Elizabeth Vonhil. That's a lovely name 😊. It was my mother who gave the name, she replied. After that, she also asked. May I know your know sir? I smiled and replied it's Setuo. And then I kneel down on one leg and placed my hand on Elizabeth's head and said you have my blessing. Elizabeth then smiled and said thank you.

    Thank you for your blessing sir. As I heard the voice, I stood up to see the person who was talking to me, it was Elizabeth's mother, so I smiled and said, she deserved it.

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    My name is Maria Vonhil and I'm Elizabeth's mother. She said to me and then asked.

    Sir, what brings you here to your village? She asked.

    I'm just a Traveller visiting places for fun. I replied.

    That's wonderful, being able to visit many places. Elizabeth replied.

    It's getting late and I have to be on way. I said, inorder to end the conversation. Yes, you are right. Said Maria.

    After the conversation end, we went your separate ways.

    As I was outside the village, suddenly there was a loud noise within the village. So, I ran quickly into the village, to find a man standing at the center of village.
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