3 Vs Chaos

    As the dust settle, a man was standing at the center of the village. He was 6.7 feet with a muscular build, he had sharp eyes and was not in a happy mood.

    All the villagers were in terror, but nobody was showing it, but you could say that it was written in their face, because the man standing before them was the God Of Chaos.

    Kneel. A loud voice echoed throughout the village.

    After hearing the voice, everyone started to kneel down in terror.

    I will make this simple and clear. You are only allowed to worship me and no other Gods and Goddesses. Got it?

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    Everyone was in shock but nobody was said a word.

    I can't here you! A loud and angry voice echoed throughout the village.

    How could the villagers follow such a comment like, following only one God and that also the God Of Chaos. If they do something like that, they would anger all the other Gods And Goddesses. Not only will their village be destroyed but they will also suffer for eternity in hell. But if they don't follow, they would also suffer from the hands of the God Of Chaos for eternity.

    Looking at the situation, they have no choice but to remain silent.

    But Hong the God Of Chaos was not a patient guy and shouted.

    Suddenly a voice echoed from within the crowd. It was the voice of Elizabeth. She came in front  the God Of Chaos and said "No", we will not worship you and stood firmly without moving.

    Everyone was shock and scared like hell. Suddenly Maria came quickly in front of the God and beg for mercy.

    Hong gave a sinister smile and send a punch to Maria.

    Boom...!  a loud noise and very strong vibration was send throughout the village with lots of dust but there was no damage to the ground or the house.

    Who are you? Hong asked immediately when he felt something was wrong.

    Kevi. I replied.

    Get out off the way. Hong said in a Stern voice.

    I don't think so my friend.

    Then die with them. Hong said those words and immediately send a punch at my face but I counter it, which send him to fly and caused him to hit multiple mountains and destroying it entirely. After he landed, I teleported right in front of him and smiled.

    He looked at me and said your fate is sealed.

    Then Hong released his power causing the land and the sea move violently and said this is 0.0000000000½%.

    Damn! The entire planet is shaking with only that much power, he can destroyed this entire planet just by releasing not even a fraction of his power. I thought to myself.

    But thanks to my power it was alright.

    Let's Begin. I said.

    Suddenly the entire area changed when both of us collided our fist with each other. The shock wave even caused the far away mountains too completely destroyed and even the sea which was 12 km away was pushed away causing the ground which was covered by the sea to be exposed and even causing huge cracks.

    Just from the collision caused all the Gods and Goddesses too come and see what was going on. When they saw two being fighting each other, they were shock because such a problem was caused due to two Beings clashing with each other.

    Hong was getting excited because he was meeting a being who was going toe - to - toe with him, the God Of Chaos. As he started to increase his power, the damage also started to spread further. Infact just from the first collision, he had the power of completely destroy the entire Galaxy but I absorbed most of the damage and thus only causing little damage to the surrounding area, I could completely absorbed it but I just left some just from fun.

    Before our clashed I transported all the people and animals to a world where they will be save and in a state of sleep.

    Hong's power started to increase rapidly since there was Chaos. The Gods And Goddesses tried to stop us but failed and were hopeless.

    After some few minutes, Hong started getting pushed back. No matter what he did, he was getting pushed back.

    All his skills and magical attacks were completely nullified by me.

    The other Gods And Goddesses were in total horror because an unknown being was pushing Hong the God Of Chaos, who was also the strongest God among them all.

    Then suddenly I send an uppercut punch to Hong, thus sending him to space. Then I appeared in front of him, since I'm Omnipresent, then I started sending multiple punches and one single punch carried the power of destroying an entire solar system.

    In just a Planck instant I send 1000 billion punch to Hong chest, sending him to hit 124737 planets which I created so that he hit something. He quite durable since he was fine even after all that attacks.

    His healing spell and healing skills which he cast simultaneously and also adding in his healing factor increase his regeneration.

    In just a few micro second, he was completely healed.

    Then I appeared 50m away from him and said 'I can do this all day', the line from Captain America.

    Damn.. you... then suddenly Hong came fly at me.

    It was a nice fight but, 'let's end this'. I said those words and stop time and send a punch at the face of Hong which caused him faint instantly and thus end the fight.

    Then I took his body and appeared in front of the Gods And Goddesses and said he's unconscious.

    Elizabeth Vonhil, she is under my protection and blessing. I said those words.

    Oh yeah and also went Hong wake up he is going to be so pissed off that he lost. Ok Bye.

    Then I suddenly disappeared from them and came in front of Elizabeth Vonhil and said how are you doing my child?

    Elizabeth smiled and said great thanks to you Kevi.

    Thanks You Sir. Maria who was standing behind Elizabeth said.

    Who are you? Elizabeth asked.

    I came near her ear and whisper it to her.

    Then I stood up and said.

    Ok good bye and wave my hand, both of them also wave back and suddenly I disappeared.

    Ok so now let's go inside a VR MMORPG. Bye Everyone for now.
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