Hello guys how are you doing? Hope your doing great 😁. Ok guys so currently I'm inside a game.

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    The game is called << God's Domain >>. It's a novel published by Lucky Old Cat and is still ongoing. It is a very interesting novel. I recommend you read it. Ok let's come back to your story.

    Ok so before we do a quest let me finish my lunch.

    Currently I'm at White River City of Star-Moon Kingdom and of course inside a restaurant enjoying my lunch.

    By the way guys, this universe is an alternate universe of the Prime universe, almost everything is same but one of the few difference in this universe is I'm playing and going to do a quest.

    Ok I'm done with my lunch, so let's go to the heaven were i will accept the quest.

    Wow this place is beautiful. When I step inside the palace and went to the throne room, a system rang through the surrounding area.

    System: Divine Quest "Go Beyond The Gods And Goddesses".

    Quest Details: Kill All The 6 Tier God Players And NPC. Even The Ancient Gods Will Be Resurrected. One Vs All.

    Quest Reward: Unknown.

    Accept Or Decline.

    Yap I know guys it's a near impossible quest but I will complete it. I will be facing all the Gods in one go. So in this Quest all the Gods that had existed and are currently exciting will be send to a 'other world' were all of them will  make one team and fight me. Pray for me guys 🙏🏻😆. Yes I know it's crazy but it will be fun.

    I have done something so that all the 6 Tier Gods are currently present in God's Domain.

    By the way guys, I'm the First 6 Tier God  Players and because of this, the system increased everything in my status. Also I'm a Swordman's.

    Accept. I said and suddenly I got teleported to a world as I wait for the 5 min count down before all my opponents  are teleported here.

    We're I'm, as the players said it to themselves, because they were suddenly teleported when they were busy doing their own jobs. Confusion were on everyone face but it was only for a few seconds as that confusion change to shock when they saw all the 6 Tier players in the same place as they were. Suddenly NPC started to appear before the players but what shocked them the most was that all the NPC were 6 Tier Gods And Ancient Gods.

    Suddenly the system rang saying.

    A player has accepted a quest to challenge and kill all the 6 Tier Gods including both players and NPC. Everyone must form one team and stop the player from completing the quest.

    Quest Failure : If the opponents does not even scratch the player or if the players complete the quest. Player Account will be deleted and the player will be banned from ever playing God's Domain.

    All the players were shock by the penalty but they all calm down because it was impossible to complete the quest and they thought that whoever accepted this quest must have dumb because is was impossible to kill all the Gods in one Battle. Not only that it was very difficulty to even kill one 6 Tier Gods player and it was even more difficulty to kill one 6 Tier Gods NPC.

    Suddenly a screen appeared in front of them and went they look at it, they were shock because it was filled with the best equipment and all 6 Tier skills. All the players were also shock to see that they could learn the skills instantly and have a completion rate greater than 100%.  Only Greed could be see in all the players face as they wanted to take them all but they know that it will disappeared after the quest was over.

    Some players even though what that player has done to make the system hate him so much.

    Then suddenly a clock appeared above the sky showing a count down of 5 min for them to prepare but was more than enough for them.

    Suddenly a multiple screen appear to all the players who were in Gods Domain and also in the big screens of the real world. "Battle Of A Live Time" was written in all the screens.

    Suddenly the people saw players and NPC talking together or rather forming strategies. When the players saw the equipments the 6 Tier Gods players were wearing, they were shock because at first glance they could tell that all of them were wearing top tier equipments then suddenly a bright light was emitted by all the NPC and after a few seconds, the light faded away and the players were even more shock to see that even the NPC were wearing the best equipments.

    All over God's Domain, players were talking about what was going on. Suddenly all the players quite down and the time hit zero and all the 6 Tier Gods players and NPC were transported to the the world.

    After everyone was transported they came in front of the player who accepted the quest.

    As everyone look at the player name, [Kevi] was written and no other information could be seen.

    Let us Begin. I said with a smile 😁.
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