6 An Epic Battle.

    Boom.... wow your pretty strong my friend.

    Damn.... you..... . Stay still and let me hit you.

    Hahahaha....! go on feel free. You can hit me but I wouldn't stay still 😆.

    Oh! hello guys how are you doing? As you can read from the above sentence, I'm currently in a Battle. He's pretty angry 😂.

    Stop laughing, your making me more angrier 😠.

    Hahahaha..! you look like a tomato whose face is about to explode man!

    Interesting my friend?

    What is so interesting?

    Your species my friend. From the looks of it, you have Super Strength, Super Speed,Leaping/Flight, Invulnerability, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Black Light Vision,

    Super Intelligence but from your behavior you look like an idiot 😜. Also you can absorbed solar radiation wait a minute are you Kryptonian. No... unlike Kryptonian your species can absorbed any type of radiation to improve your power, also you aren't weak to kryptonite and magic. That means your species must be Khaikonian (Khaiko is a name of my friend).Am I right or Am I right 😁?.

    How to you know? Tell... me....

    Calm Down boy violence and anger will not give you the answer.

    We should stop fighting boy, our shock wave will destroy the plants inhabited by lifeform.

    Your Right but stop calling me 'Boy' I have name.

    Ok Asetuo (Name of my friend).

    Ok.... Wait how do you know my name?

    Some secret are best left unknown 😋. Also I'm sorry 😄 I knowingly hit you 😂.

    Why would you? I was in a hurry.

    Because you were going at a speed that would destroy the entire universe.

    I'm sorry, I was not thinking about the safety of other species.

    Well it's good to know that you are apologising for your mistake and also I got good news for you my friend, nothing happened because I stop you before you've reached that speed and also I will help you save your people.

    Snap... Look Asetuo we are here 😁.

    How did you do that?

    I just snap by fingers.

    Asking you for an answers is impossible.

    I think you should go and start saving your people.

    Thank You So Much My Friend. Whoosh!

    By the way guys, when I say 'guys' I'm referring to both girls and boys. Ok let's go back to the story. I should go and help him, because the opponent he's about to face is not someone he can currently beat alone since he is still immature.


    Wow the Khaikonian are doing pretty good but they won't win against him.

    Their species has a lot of potential especially Asetuo who has limitless potential to grow and gain many new powers but sadly none of them tried to train or improve their powers.

    Boom! damn he's too strong. I don't think I can beat him.

    Of course you can't. He is being of the higher dimension.

    Which dimension?

    4th dimension.

    Damn it. Why!?

    Well you could defeat him if you had train and tried to improve your powers or also tried to learn new powers but you and your people did none of those.

    I could help you but it comes with a price my friend.

    What is it?

    5 years. I will give you 5 years to travel the multiverse for training, to improve your powers and to gain new power. After that, you will fight someone. So what is your answer? I will take a simple yes or no.

    Before I give you my answer. Is it a fight to the death?

    No. Itt is a fight to see who is stronger.

    Ok, I'm in.

    That was fast.

    If what you said is true that I can improve my power then I'm in.

    Ok let's get back to the battle.

    Damn! he's strong. He defeated all my people so quickly.

    Guess it's only the two of us.

    You hold him off. I will charge beam that will sent him back.

    Got it.

    Ok guys don't get mad. The reason why I asked Asetuo to hold him off is because he is improving his power as well as nearly adapting Instantly. From this fight alone he will learn 'Superior Adaptation' (Fandom For: Power Listing From Play Store) the same power as Comics Armor Superman has. Okay guys it seem like their fight is getting closer to me.

    That's strange, I could only sense one person but there's two of them?.(The enemy talking to himself)

    Where are my people!? Boom!

    He's getting stronger and faster. No wait, how is that possible, being able to adapt to something that is even higher in dimension than himself?. I have to kill him quickly but that person is also very strange? (Thinking to himself)

    It's seem like he has learned the power and improve it to the point where it can adapt to higher dimensional being. It shouldn't be strange because he is the strongest and has the most potential among his people. Guess it's time to end this.

    Damn! he's overpowering me.(The enemy thinking to myself)

    I will make you regret it. (Asetuo shouting out loud)

    I have to get out of here. Boom!. Damn! it hurts.

    Let's end this Vivax. (Me saying it to the enemy through telepathy)

    How do you know my name?

    Boom! ( I launch an attack to send him back)

    No! wait!. Tell me how you know my name!

    Is it over?

    It's over my friend.

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    Thank You.

    No problem. Guess this is good bye my friend.

    Wait!. Damn he disappear.

    (At the center of the universe)

    So guys let's meet in the next chapter. Peace out ✌🏻.
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