7 Aspects Of The Omniverse

    Hello my dear friends. So how are you guys doing? Hope you are doing great.

    Oh Yeah! currently I'm in a planet call Zyberia.

    Look at that guys, well technically you can only see words but 5km from here, there is a woman standing. She may seem normal but actually she is in 30 different places, she did not cloned herself but instead splits herself. Just like all the Omnipotent Beings, like the "One Above All" , "The Presence" , "Man Of Miracles" etc. they may look like separate beings but actually they are not instead they are one being who has splits. But I'm still better than them because I'm "Beyond Omnipotent" oh yeah !. Ok enough with that, let's go do something else.

    Yes! why don't we go and meet the Aspects.

    Kevisenyü The Aspect Of Space, Kevingu The Aspect Of Time, Kevizakie The Aspect Of Chaos, Khiubon The Aspect Of Order, Khrievor The Aspect Of Destruction, Keneihieno The Aspect Of Creation, Kenisituo The Aspect Of Destiny, Kahito The Aspect Of Reality, Kekhrieseno Aspect Of Death, Kupe Aspect Of Fate. (Names of my Naga Friends)

    They are beings who keeps the balance of the omniverse and yes they are very strong. So, let me let you some of their powers, Immortality, Almighty Magic, Nigh-Omnipotent, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresent (while some are Omnipresent) and absolute powers over the Aspect they represent and without them the omniverse will cease to exist.

    I think I should call them the "K family" since all their names starts from K. And yes they are all brothers and sisters.

    But they rarely have any family gathering but in case they do have then, that means they have something extremely important to discuss or they just want to have some family time. Seem like they came here for a family gathering. They are also ok good terms with each other. Let's go see what they are talking about and they don't know that I'm here.

    Kupe : So what is it sister?

    Khiubon : I want you guys to taste my food.

    Kenisituo : That will be great.

    Keneihieno : I'm looking forward to it 😄.

    20 Minutes Later.

    Kahito : Wow that's looks good and smell wonderful 👍.

    Kevisenyü : You got that right.

    Khrievor : Ok enough taking let's eat, I can't wait.

    Kevingu : Wow it's so tasty 😋.

    Khiubon : Thank You.

    Kevizakie : You have improve a lot. It seems your hard work paid off.

    Kekhrieseno : Can I have more?

    Khiubon : Sure

    Everyone : Me too.

    Khiubon : Ok everyone 😄.

    Kevi : Me too.

    Everyone : 😲 (surprise).

    Kevi : Please give me some.

    Kevizakie : Oh it you.

    Khiubon : Sure😄.

    15 Minutes Later

    Kevi : Damn that hit the spot. By the way Khiubon thank you so much for meal.

    Khiubon : I'm glad you like it 😄😁?

    Kevi : Ok I got to go bye.

    Everyone : Bye.

    So guys let us give the time to the Aspects to  enjoy their family gathering. Ok let's go somewhere else my friends.

    (Inside The House)

    Kahito : Kevi is very strange right ?

    Kevizakie : I agree.

    Khiubon : Ok who wants dessert?

    Kevi : Me!

    Everyone : ?

    Kevi : What ? She said who wants dessert right ?

    Kupe : But you said your were going?

    Kevi : I did and now I'm back.

    Khiubon : Here you go 😊 eat up.

    Kevi : Thank You.

    5 Minutes Later

    Kevi : Ok now I'm really going.

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    Kevi : Bye everyone.

    Everyone : Bye!

    Ok guys let's go back to Zyberia.

    (Dark Temple)

    Rank 5 : We have to find that woman and kill her quickly.

    Rank 3 : I agree, she has been causing us a lot of problem.

    Rank 1 : So everyone agrees ?

    Everyone : Yes!

    Rank 1 : Send the Dark Wolves and let them exterminate her.


    (Stony Empire)

    Kevi : Damn Mr. this is pretty good 👍🏻 and keep the change.

    Thank You Very Much Son. (Mr.)

    Guys currently I'm in the market and we will go meet "that woman" in the next chapter.

    Ok bye Guys.
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