8 The Unknown Woman ?

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    (Stony Empire)

    (Market Place)

    Kevi : How much?

    Shopkeeper : 50

    Kevi : Are you serious? That too much, make it 20.

    Shopkeeper : Sir.. that's too low 😭.

    (Then I put my shoulder across the shopkeeper and showed my fist and said)

    Kevi : You see this?

    Shopkeeper : Yes.. 😟

    Kevi : It's called a knuckel sandwich and buddy... it ain't tasty.

    Shopkeeper : S.. Sir that's daylight robbery.

    Kevi : Guess I have to change my mind?

    Shopkeeper : Hahaha.. sir you can have it 😅.

    Kevi : Thank You.

    Shopkeeper : Your Welcome 😓.

    You guys might be thinking why I was openly threatening him, well that's because he was cheating on all of his customers. By doing that, it should stop him from cheating on others frequently (don't want to change him too much).

    Ok so let's go and meet the unknown woman. She is currently causing trouble at one of the branches of the Dark Temple.

    (Dark Temple Branch)

    Leader : Damn woman.... I will make you regret what you did toady.

    Unknown Woman : I have too much regrets anyway, I done mind adding one more. Now try too handle this [Lightning Storm].


    Grunt : Sir we are talking too much damage. What should me do?

    Leader : Damn..... that woman. Tell Dark Phantom Team to come out outside and help me out and also let the other magician concentrate on defense.

    Grunt : Yes Sir.

    Leader : I will freaking kill you woman.

    Unknown Woman : Bring a team to fight a woman , how shameless. Can't you fight me alone (Smirk).

    Leader : ....

    Grunt : Sir their here.

    Leader : Kill her....(shouting)

    All the members of the Phantom Team nodded and quickly flew towards the Unknown Woman and started casting their magic spells.

    Unknown Woman : 20 against 1, you really are a coward [Lighting Lance].

    The [Lighting Lance] quickly flew towards the enemy and kill 5 of the members. The speed at which the Unknown Woman casted her spell was so fast that they were shocked. But before they could comeback to reality, another spell was casted and killed 7 of there members. Leaving only 8 members of the original 20.

    Leader : Damn... it..., I coming for you woman.

    The leader was so angry because the people that were being killed were all under him. He has to use a lot of money and resources to raise their magic and it also too a lot of time to bring them where they are currently now. He was planning to use them in achieving his goal so that he could raise in the ranks but now they were being killed by someone.

    Leader : [Flame Rush]

    Unknown Woman : Just die. [Dragon Breath]

    Leader : Impossible.... how could you learn dragon type a spell ?

    A large beam of light came out from the mouth of the Unknown Woman and swallowed every member including the branch quarter. After the light disappeared, there was nothing left.

    Unknown Woman : Damn I'm exhausted...

    Kevi : Here have some water.

    Unknown Woman : Thank You. Glug...

    Kevi : Nice right ?

    Unknown Woman : Ya


    Unknown Woman : (Surprise) Who are you?

    Kevi : Your Friendly Neighborhood Kevi!

    Boom... Boom... Boom explosion were seen behind Kevi (Something like when the good guy beat the bad guy and the good guy turns around walking away and the bad guy explode for that nice background. Like in ''Power Rangers'').

    Unknown Woman : (Thought) Damn it.... I didn't notice him. But how did he even approach me? My detection skill should have spotted him. Then if he can approach me without me noticing it, then he is either an assassin or someone who is too strong. But I will go with the second option since he would have killed me without me even realizing it, if he was an assassin and also he shouldn't be my enemy because if he was, he would have killed me.

    Kevi : Nice one Unknown Woman.

    Unknown Woman : Unknown Woman ? What do you mean ?

    Kevi : That's the name I will be using in calling you.

    Unknown Woman : But I have name and it's.

    Kevi : Stop... I don't my readers to know your real name 😊.

    Unknown Woman : Your readers, I don't get it.

    Kevi : Of course you wouldn't understand, you don't have 4th wall awareness like me.

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    Unknown Woman : 4th wall what?

    Kevi : Just forget. Let go and have lunch? It's my treat.

    Unknown Woman : .... Ye...

    Kevi : What.....? say that again, I couldn't hear you?

    Unknown Woman : I said Yes...

    Kevi : Snap.. Were here, come let's go and eat

    Unknown Woman : How did you do that ? I couldn't sense any magic in it, was it even magic at all and where are we?

    Kevi : Yes it was magic and we're at a town call Complex, now let's go and eat.

    Unknown Woman : .....


    Waitress : Ma'am , Sir what would you like for lunch.

    Unknown Woman : ....

    Kevi : Everything on the menu.

    Waitress : 😲 (surprise) everything ?

    Unknown Woman : 😲

    Kevi : Yes Everything and if you can make it under 1 hour then I will pay double the amount, how is that?

    Waitress : 😄 Yes sir.

    The waitress quickly went to the manager and told her and quickly went inside the kitchen to tell the Chiefs to cook fast. After hearing what the waitress had told her, the manager quickly came to confirm it herself and was extremely happy after hearing it and quickly went inside the kitchen to let the Chiefs cook faster.

    Unknown Woman : Your quiet generous.

    Kevi : It's nothing.

    (30 Minutes Later)

    Manager : Here's the food Sir.

    Kevi : Under 30 minutes, I'm impress. Since you guys have do it pretty quickly , I will triple it. Here's the pay.

    Manager : Thank You So Much Sir ☺️.

    Kevi : No problem.

    Manager : I will be leaving sir, do let me if you need anything sir.

    Kevi : Ok

    Unknown Woman : It looks and smells tasty.

    Kevi : Eat up because you will need it.

    Unknown Woman : Going somewhere?

    Kevi : The main branch.

    Unknown Woman : You know where the main branch is ?

    Kevi : Yes, so eat fast.

    Unknown Woman : Ok

    Kevi : So guys see you in the next chapter.

    Unknown Woman : Who are you talking to?

    Kevi : My readers.


    (What will be waiting for Kevi and The Unknown Woman inside the main branch and how will the Unknown Woman settled things with the Leader of the organization. Say tune for the next chapter of "Beyond Omnipotent").
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