9 Lets Go !

    Previously on Beyond Omnipotent. The Unknown Woman had destroyed one of the headquarters of the Dark Temple and while she was resting, a glass of water was handed to by Kevi, which she drank it unknowingly but soon came to her realization, but after some discussion she came to a conclusion that he was stronger than her (by a lot). After hearing her story (Not written in the previous chapter), Kevi decided to gives her a helping hand inorder to destroy the Dark Temple since it seem fun and he had nothing fun to do.

    Now let's go back to the present timeline.

    Unknown Woman : How do you know the location of the Dark Temple?

    Kevi : Something are better left unsaid my child.

    Unknown Woman : Child!.... I'm 28.

    Kevi : Well that technically a child infront of me.

    Unknown Woman : Then how old are you?

    Kevi : Well my age is beyond time itself.

    Unknown Woman : Yeah right.

    Kevi : But that's the truth...

    Unknown Woman : Well..... I'm not buying it 😊.

    Kevi : ....

    Unknown Woman : Ok, so how deep is the Temple, we have been going down for quite a while now.

    Kevi : It's 100 km deep and and each room is 50 km width. By the way let's narrate the

    story in a [POV] style

    Unknown Woman : What ?


    As both Kevi and the Unknown Woman went down the floors, they came across many enemies but were defeated very easily. As they move down the Temple, at the 50th floor they came across many people who were imprisoned, the prisoners were brutally tortured. Death bodies were lying everywhere and the smell was extremely unpleasant. The prisoners were commoners who were kidnapped and brought here for sacrifice. After healing the people, we told them go up and wait for us outside, which they happily followed. At the 75th floor, we came across a room covered with blood and at the center of the floor stood a man who was 10th ft. tall with full body armored which has been enhance with multiple magic and a 5th ft. tall sword which is screaming (the souls of the person slain by the sword).

    T45 : I'm T45 and I'll be your end...

    Unknown Woman : He's strong but we have to beat him quickly before the leaders run away.

    After that short introduction, T45 quickly swing his sword towards my neck.


    Kevi : Ok let's go..

    Unknown Woman : One Punch... really....

    Kevi : But you said that we have to end it quickly.

    Unknown Woman : No I'm not complaining, I'm just.... shock that all.

    After beating T45 with one punch, we quickly make your way down the floors and finally reached the 100th floor and meet the all the "Ranks".

    Rank 1 : You two have caused us a lot of problems and for that, I will make both of you suffer.

    Rank 3 : Especially you Woman.

    Rank 8 : If all off us attacks together, we will beat them quickly and proceed with the torture.

    Rank 4 : I agree.

    Rank 2 : But we have to be careful, both off them did reach the 100th floor and beat every member.

    Rank 6 : But they are still children, to think that they could beat us.

    Rank 7 : To come here with resting or any plans, your right.

    Rank 10 : For causing us so much trouble, I will enjoy torturing you both.

    Rank 5 : I agree.

    Rank 9 : Let's Go....

    Kevi : You all talk too much.

    Unknown Woman : Hahahah....

    Kevi : What happen?

    Unknown Woman : It's funny.

    Kevi : What's funny?

    Unknown Woman : Those words like "You talk too much". Says the man who even talks more then all of them combine.

    Kevi : Whose side are you on?

    Unknown Woman : Hahahah.

    Rank 1 : Silence.

    Kevi : Zip it old man, can't you see we are discussing something important and also if anyone of you disturb us, I will snap you to the Darkest Pits Of The Torture Realm.

    Rank 2 : What...?


    Rank 5 : What's happening..?

    Afte 2 second they all Vanished..

    Unknown Woman : What did you do?

    Kevi : That's not important.

    Unknown Woman : Not important, my ass. Now tell me what you did?

    Kevi : I've sent them to the "The Darkest Pits Of Torture Realm".

    Unknown Woman : And what is that realm think?

    Kevi : It's a place where the most dangerous people are exile too.

    Unknown Woman : There such a place like that?

    Kevi : The universe is a big place.

    [Unknown Woman POV]

    After we destroyed the Main Headquarters, we took all the people too their respective villages. It was done very easily thanks to Kevi. After sending the people back, we went on destroying the other bases and the members. Now that I think about it, all of this was done in just a few hours and also about the powers he possess which are pretty useful and my instinct tell me that he is still hiding more but I have no right to ask about it. It's rare to see someone who is so powerful but yet so easy to get along with, he's not greedy or selfish, he's smart and is not consumed by his power. Apart from that, I know nothing about him, he never tells me about story (must be something dark) it's better I don't ask and wait for him to open up. Also he never asked anything in return and said that he got what he want. Also we on many quests and earn a lot of money and  after a month, we will be departing and going on your own journey.

    Unknown Woman : It's been nice teaming up with you.

    Kevi : I enjoyed it myself too.

    Unknown Woman : Thank you so much for helping me destroy the Dark Temple.

    Kevi : No problem. So what are you planning to do now?

    Unknown Woman : I'll go back to my village and spend my remaining time there and what about you?

    Kevi : I will continue with my travel.

    Unknown Woman : So this is goodbye I guess.

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    Kevi : .....

    Unknown Woman : Goodbye.

    Kevi : Until we meet again.

    Ok guys, so let's go to a different world and fight some powerful beings or go to a place with cultivation or a place with advance science or built my own company for fun. Ok so in the next chapter I have decided to fight a Night Omnipotent being, celestial being or primordial entities for fun and starting a company that dominate in every field and is spread all over the Omniverse. I'm also planning to do some Hero business and also create a monster that will travel the world and destroy everything in it's path.

    Goodbye Guys 👋 Until we meet again.
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