10 Primordial Entities

    So guys I'm currently found to the realm of the Primordials. They are being who rival the Aspects. But it's safe to say that they do not have any hatred against each other and do not bother with each other. They all do what they want and maintain the balance.

    Ok let's go to the Primordial realm.

    Kevi : Guys let's go and say hello

    Kevi : Hello Lumba, nice to meet you my friend.

    Lumba : Who are you? And how do you know me and how did you enter my realm? Tell me or I'll kill you.

    Kevi : Wow so demanding. I came here to fight you.

    Lumba : Then die...

    Kevi : Wow!

    Boom... Boom....

    Lumba : Your strong but that strength is not enough...

    Lasers came out of the eyes of the Primordial but Kevi quickly dodge the attack but the Primordial quickly followed up with a punch and hit his face.

    Kevi : That's it, I'm disappointed.

    Lumba : If you think that was my real power, then you are extremely mistaken, I haven't even activated my power yet but it seems you can take some hit but that's all you got and nothing else.

    After saying those words, we continue to attack each other. The Primordial realm was unable to withstand our attack and started to break. This disturbance started to attract the attention of the other Primordial. As they reached the realm, they were shock because the realm was completely destroyed. Just from their fist hitting each other the highest dimensions was starting to shake and lower dimensions were in chaos.

    Lumba : I didn't expect you to be this strong? This is going to be fun.

    Kevi : Being it on.

    Both off them were fighting so fast that it couldn't be classified as speed anymore. As the other Primordial look at the fight, they were shock because an unknown being was able to stand toe to toe with a Primordial Being. But right at that moment, Kevi did something that even cause the other Primordials and Lumba to question their existence. Kevi started to attack and defend using his "Little Finger" (also using only one hand) while standing straight and not moving from his position. The other Primordials knew that he was stronger than a Primordial, so they knew that they have to do something to take him down.

    Right at that moment, nine other Primordial Being went and attack Kevi. When the non-attacking Primordials Entities thought that he was done for, a shock could be seen all over their face, even they themselves knew that they would not be able to beat another Primordial easily but what Kevi did shock them, he was literally fighting ten Primordial Entities with one hand, that also using his little finger plus he was not moving from his previous position. He was also yawning during the fight.

    Lumba : Who.. are.. you...?

    Kevi : Kneel under my radiants. You damn Primordials. For I'm your's truly Kevi!!!!!. Oh Yeah.

    Lumba (Telepathic Communication With The Other Primordials) : He's too strong, earlier during my fight with him, I attack him using different varieties of powers but none of them seem to affect him.

    Ajung : What kind of powers.

    Lumba : Powers like - Reality Warping, Telepathy, Absolute Will, Almighty Magic, Almighty Science, Complete Arsenal, Meta Power Manipulation, Ultimate Erasure, Origin Manipulation, Meta Miracle Manipulation, Nigh Omnipotence and many more but none of them seems to affect him. So what do we do?

    Asalu : What!? How can he be that strong.

    Ajung (One Of The Primordials) : From the information you have given me, we can conclude that he is either Ultipotence, Metapotence or Omnipotence.

    Lumba : But why would such a being get by fighting me.

    Ajung : That is the question even I want to ask.

    Kevi : I just want to fight, so keep on fighting.

    Lumba : ....

    Ajung : That's it. You came here just to fight?

    Kevi : Yep.

    Lumba : All of you go back, I will take care of this myself. And Kevi I'll stop holding back..... and give everything I have and show you the power of a Primordial.

    Kevi : Go on!!!! be my guest.

    Boom!!! Boom!!!! Boom!!!

    After hearing what Lumba said, all the other Primordials when back to their own realms and was watching the fight go on. The fight should had destroyed the entire multiverse but nothing was destroyed, even the realm was completely restored.

    Lumba (Thought) : In all my lifetime I have never fought at full power and I know that I will never get another chance to unleash my full power again, so I might as well unleash everything I have.

    Lumba : Prepare to loss.

    [Few moments later]

    Kevi : Hahahaha!!! this is fun but it's time to end this.

    Lumba : I agree.

    Both Kevi and Lumba charge a beam with extremely destructive power (Both off them can instantly charge the beam but just for show they were charging it slow). After changing up the beam, they launches their beam at each other. At the moment of impact, Kevi beam overwhelmed Lumba beam and went straight and hit Lumba.

    Lumba : Damn.. it's my loss.

    Kevi : But it was fun.

    Lumba : I agree.

    Kevi : Ok, then it's goodbye.

    After Kevi went away, the other Primordials came back to Lumba and started asking questions.

    Ajung : That was some intense battle.

    Lumba : Yeah.. but I loss..

    Asalu : Who was he?

    Lumba : Don't know and don't care.

    Ajung : .....

    Asalu : From the looks of it, he was still holding back.

    Lumba : I know, I gave everything I had but he was just... to strong.

    Asalu : Do u think he can win if all the Primordials went to challenge him?

    Lumba : ....

    Ajung : I think he will lose.

    Lumba : No.. he will win. I'm sure of it.

    At a far away universe.

    The One : So you had your fill?

    Kevi : Yup.

    The One : Then get out my multiverse. You Staying here is a problem for my Multiverse.

    Kevi : Come on! don't be some mean. I fixed all the damages I have caused.

    The One : Go somewhere else and fight but not in my Multiverse. You have stayed here from chapter one till chapter nine, also including this chapter and its too long, so go somewhere else.

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    Kevi : Ok!!!! I'm going. Goodbye.

    The One : Thank You. Goodbye.

    [In another Multiverse]

    Guys by the way the previous Multiverse is call "The One's Multiverse" and now I'm currently in the "Set Multiverse".

    So guys I'm planning to go and fight someone at the edge of the universe who is know for his Absolute Strength or maybe I should go to a world with magic and swords but that will be in the next next chapter.

    Bye everyone.
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