12 The Arrival.

    Guys, thank you so much for all your support. I appreciate all of you reading my novel.

    Kevi : Hello guys, I'm currently at the "Creamy Way Galaxy". Let's go to the "Levo Solar System". It is one of the largest solar system in the Creamy Way Galaxy with a sun twice the size of VY Canis Majoris and planets the size of Mu Cephei (the universe does work in mysterious ways). There are nine planets or you can say gigantic planets. All the nine are inhabited by various species. By the way all the planets are of the same size. Coincidence? Each species are only friendly with the people living on their planet and that's why they don't have that many civil or continental warfare but they hate the people living on the other planets that's why they have a lot of planetary warfare. Each planets have their own development in Magic, Science, Martial Art, etc. The only fight in outer space at around 5.55 light years away from their solar system, they also show the video (Livestream) of the war to everyone. Ok let's go and see.

    [Planet - 0474]

    Kevi : They are pretty strong beings living on other planets but not even close to the being I'm looking for. Say for example, in [Planet - 0478], oh.. by the way the last number of the planets name indicates the position of the planets and not it rank. Ok let go back to the example, the strongest being in [Planet - 0478], has the power to completely destroy five planets at full power and of course there other planets also have beings like that but not [Planet - 0474] , they possess a being so powerful that, even snapping his fingers can create a shockwave so strong that it can completely destroy the entire universe. But nobody knows that he exist and thus he is living his life peaceful. He is able to live peaceful due to his absolute control over his power and this not bringing any suspicion.

    [Planet - 0477]

    [Peoples Conversation]

    People 1 : Did you read the latest news about the war?

    People 2 : Yeah man, it's getting pretty bloody.

    People 1 : Went will the war end? Innocent blood are being spilt.

    People 3 : People come and join the army, fight for your planet.

    People 4 : Let me join.

    People 5 : I will also join.

    People 6 : Even me.

    People 7 : Even me.

    People 3 : Yes come join and make your planet proud.

    People 1 : Look at all those people. They're not thinking straight, instead of war we should ask for peace treaty.

    People 2 : I Agree.

    [Planet - 0474]

    [Coffee Shop]

    Kevi : Hello Ito. How are you my friend?

    Ito : I'm fine Sir, my apologies if this sounds rude but do I know you?

    Kevi : No you don't, but I know all about you?

    Ito : Please have a seat, would you like a cup of coffee or tea Sir?

    Kevi : Coffee please.

    Ito : Right away Sir.

    [2 Minutes Later]

    Ito : Here is your coffee Sir.

    Kevi : Thank You.

    Ito : Now lets talk shall we?

    Kevi : Yes of course. Now where should I start?

    Ito : Just start from the beginning.

    Kevi : Your solar system is in danger, someone is coming for a fight.

    Ito : Why are you here then?

    Kevi : To watch the fight.

    Ito : Where is that person?

    Ito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come out and face me.

    Ito : That was fast.

    As everyone was confused by the voice in their head, suddenly they all saw a man floating above the battlefield in space at the screen present in the city building. As all the people look at the person, they felt pity. How could he call out a person during a war. He will be shot down by multiple weapons but he should blame himself for being an idiot.

    [Planet - 0471]

    [Army POV]

    Lieutenant Colonel : Were did he come from?

    Soldier : We don't know Sir. He just appeared out of nowhere.

    Lieutenant Colonel : How strong is he?

    Soldier : We did multiple scan and go nothing Sir.

    Lieutenant Colonel : ...

    Soldier : What should we do sir?

    Lieutenant Colonel : From what he has shown so far, we can say that he has some kind of teleportation power, the ability to survive the vacuum of space, also breath in space and telepathy. Everyone ready the weapons and don't fire, we wait for the others to strike first and then we join in. Something big is about to happen.

    Even the Officers of the other Planets came to same conclusion.

    Galdex : I guess I have to force him.

    That very instant, huge amount of Mana erupted causing everyone except two people to panic. The entire solar system was in panic, the people in the battlefield were so terrified that they quickly went inside the battleship but there was no difference.

    Galdex : Hahaha... it seems you are still unsatisfied. Then I will increase it more.

    [Planet - 4075]

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    [Political Leaders Conversation]

    Leader : How can a single person have so much Mana?

    Secretarys : Sir he is going to release even more Mana.

    Leader : Find that Ito quickly.

    Secretarys : Yes sir.

    Leader : How can someone from our solar system offend someone this strong. I have to call the other planetary Leaders and find that Ito guy.

    Even the other Political Leaders were ordering their people to find that guy.


    Ito : He's weak.

    Kevi : I know right.

    Ito : It's not worth my time but he to arrogant and a showoff. If I don't show up he'll start causing trouble for me.

    Meanwhile Leaders from each planet where having trouble finding out that person.

    [Planet - 0471]

    Leaders : Who is that Ito guy and why is he not showing up?

    Secretarys : Sir, we found nothing. There is no records of an Ito guy living on this planet.

    Leaders : Then did he made a mistake or is he here to just to kill us?

    Secretarys : Sir look at the screen, someone is standing in front of the enemy.

    Leaders : What!!!!!!? let me look at it.


    Ito : You have guts distributing my peaceful time.

    Galdex (thought) : What!!!!!!!?  Damn it, I didn't even notice he was here. He didn't teleport but came flying here.

    Ito : So let's begin.
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