13 Fight! Fight! Fight!.

    Ito : So let's begin.

    After saying that, Ito threw a punch straight at the face of Galdex sending him flying. Galdex quickly adjusted his body and balance himself and instantly casted multiple spell. All the people in the Solar System where in shock and fear.

    Of Course they have to be in shock and fear for three reasons, first of all, it was the speed at which the enemy casted his spells (it was instant), secondly, it was the numbers of spells he was casting, and thirdly it was the destructive power of the spells. They knew that they would be death even before they could react to the spells.

    All the spells flew towards Ito and hit him causing a shockwave that blew away the spaceships that were in the front. But they were even more shock when they saw the person still standing even after taking on all those spells. Due to the advancement of their technology, the people could see the battle in extreme detail and thus they were shock to see not a single scratch on the person. They were dumbfounded by the sentences Ito said.

    Ito : Is that all? Your spells are only good at destroying my clothes.

    Galdex : Hahahah.. I expected nothing else from you, but those spells were just warm-up spells. The real fun begins now.

    As their fight continue. Galdex was the only one who was attacking while Ito was talking the attack head-on.

    Kevi (Telepathy) : Yo Ito, you either take your fight somewhere else or absorbed the impact.

    Ito (Telepathy) : And why is that?

    Kevi (Telepathy) : Well...., the shockwave created from the attack you withstand are causing trouble for people even do you are completely fine.

    Ito (Telepathy) : Got it.

    Kevi (Thought) : If he goes to far, the people will missed the fight. Ok got it Snap!! that should do it.

    After that brief conversation, Ito grab hold of Galdex by the head and flew 10000 billion light-years away from the Levo Solar System into empty space and threw him but Galdex quickly adjusted his body and stabilize himself from going any further.


    People 1 : Look at the screen.

    People 2 : Where are they?

    People 3 : I think they went farther away from the Solar System.


    Leader : Where are they?

    Secretory : We don't know Sir. Your technology can't seem to track them.

    Leader : What about the other Leaders?

    Secretory : Even they are in the same situation as us.

    Leader : Damn.... why are Beings this strong emerging now.

    Back in space, Ito and Galdex are staring at each other and various things are going through Galdex head.

    Galdex (Thought) : Damn.... what kind of speed is that, it only took him 0.0000000000½ yoctosecond to travel that much distance. And how the hell do I even know he was traveling at that speed? Crap my mind is going crazy how the hell did I even know that?!!! wait came down and focus on the fight Galdex, looking at him, he doesn't even look serious. How should I fight him, my spells can be cast instantly but they can only travel at most 1000 nanosecond times the speed of light. Wait! Wait! Wait! how the hell did I even know that my spells travel at that speed? Damn it.

    [It was obviously Kevi's doing]

    Ito : You can't win.

    Galdex (Wary) : What makes you so sure?

    Ito : You are already using 40% of your power right?

    Galdex (Thought) : How the hell did he know?

    Galdex : ...

    Ito : I will take that as a yes.

    Galdex : Even if I have using 40% of my power, I'm sure that you are also using 35% - 40% of your power.

    Ito : Hahahaha....

    Galdex : ...

    Ito : Your wrong.

    Galdex : Then how much are you using?

    Ito : 0.00000000001%

    Galdex : Liar!!!!!

    Ito : Here is 1%.


    Galdex : Impossible.

    After Ito release 1% of his power, Galdex started to sweat. Even the people who were 10000 billion light-years away from them could feel the power release by Ito.

    Ito : One Punch.

    Galdex : Damn you..... I will not lose to the likes of you. I will hit you with everything I have.

    Galdex instantly combine all the energy (Primordial Energy, Ki, Chi, Chakra, Mana, etc.) he had and also from the surrounding space. Causing great disturbance across space.

    Kevi : So guys, in my world Ki, Chi, Qi, Chakra have different effect in the body and objects.

    Galdex : [Collapsing Overdrive.....]

    Ito : If that attack were to hit someone in my Galaxy, then they [he stop in the middle of his sentence] no, even my entire Galaxy will be erased but it's to bad that you are facing me.

    Ito : Since you are attacking me with your Ultimate Attack, I shall honor your attack by using one of my special moves.

    A beam of multiple combined energy came straight towards Ito. The space itself started to deformed in and around the beam. The beam was even traveling faster then before, it was traveling at 10000 nanosecond times the speed of light. It quickly approached Ito, when the beam was 2 meter away, Ito came into a fighting stand (Just for fun. Actually he doesn't have to) readying himself to lunch a punch. When the beam reached 1 meter.

    Ito : [Casual Punch]

    Ito moved his shoulder forward and launch his punch, when it came in contact with the beam, the force generated by the punch cut the beam into two and the force kept on going forward and hit Galdex and destroyed him at a subatomic level.

    Ito : May You Rest In Peace.

    The people were shocked, because they just witness everything that happened (They don't know that Kevi did something to them, which allowed them to see and know that the attack was traveling at 10000 nanosecond time to speed of light and the body was destroyed at a subatomic level). They also knew destructive power contained in the beam since they could sense the mana and other energy but the beam was cut into two by a punch. If they told other people, who have not seen the fight, then they would becomes a laughing stock for saying something this crazy. Even if they believe about the beam they would never believe that a punch could destroyed the beam and the person who launch the attacked but luckily everyone has seen the whole fight.

    After Ito said those final words, he instantly flew back into his planet and input his shop.

    Kevi : Nice job. Ok now turn around.

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    Ito : Ok...

    The moment it turned around, he saw a huge crowd look at him. In the crowd Ito could sense the emotion of the people, there were fear, joy, jealousy etc. And there he was in the big screen of all the media recording him.

    Ito : My peaceful life is gone.
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