14 Bringing The Excitement.


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    Kevi : Oh... Hello guys. How are you all doing? I hope your doing great? Well for me, I'm doing awesome. Well currently I am fighting someone in the City, you can know it from the explosion above. He is strong but not as strong as Superman but he is still a planetary level. Well it all started like this.


    2 hours before the fight

    Kevi : ... Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. I'm going to far into the flashback. 2 hours before the fight, I was having my lunch. Fast forward it a little.

    [Fast Forwarding The Flashback]

    Kevi : Oh by the way I'm currently in a planet call Zardex, it's three times larger than Earth with three times Earth's gravity but the people have superpower not to an extreme level, only a few possess a continental level of power but only one is above planetary level. Ok we still need to fast forward more.

    [Fast Forwarding The Flashback]

    Kevi : Ok now we are in the right flashback. Let's Start.

    Kevi : Yo! what you doing brother?

    Washrex : I'm fine thank you. Do I know you?

    Kevi : No...

    Washrex : Ok..... so do you need something sir?

    Kevi : Yes, I want to fight you.

    Washrex : What?

    The moment Washrex said 'What' Kevi send a punch right at the face of  Washrex, sending him flying into the building. People started running away from the fight the moment they notice what happen. Just after 15 seconds Washrex came out of the building and said.

    Washrex : I accept.

    After saying those words Washrex jump towards Kevi at a very high speed and launch a punch at Kevi but Kevi counterattack it by sending a punch.

    The moment the two fist collided with each other, the shockwave created traveled 20 meters throwing the people here and there and destroyed buildings, roads and many other stuffs.

    [Reporters started to film the fight]

    Reporter 1 : I'm currently at the site, where the fight is taking place. As time goes on, the damage is increasing. The two people who are fighting are identified to be male and both of them looks like, they are at their early twenties.

    Reporter 2 : So far all the hunters are unable to engage in the fight as their strength are no were near the two of them.

    As the battle continue, the damage also increased. Washrex threw a punch at Kevi which was blocked but caused Kevi to go backwards. Even the hunters were moving far away from the fight.

    Washrex : Hahaha..... It's been so long since I've such a great fight.

    Kevi : Hahahahah... I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    Washrex (Thought) : What is this feeling?

    As Kevi and Washrex engage in their fight. Various thought came through Washrex mind.

    Washrex (Thought) : This feeling! I thought I had lost it.. a long time ago, but it's all... coming back. The acceleration!!, the excitement!, there are all coming back!!!.

    Washrex : Hahaha... here a gift for you.

    Kevi : I shall gladly accept it.

    Washrex quickly jumped high into the sky and yelled.

    Washrex : [Meteorite Smash]!!!!

    Washrex launch a single punch which contain a huge and powerful force, that came rushing down towards Kevi. Even before the attack could reach the ground, the power of the force was destroying everything below it.


    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : We are all doom if the other person decided to dodge or try to withstand that attack.

    Guild Master [Savage Guild] : Why is that?

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : The power of that punch is strong enough to destroyed our entire continent .

    Guild Master [Beauty Guild] : I have never know someone that strong.

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : Your Miss, being able to hide under the world's radar unnoticed for so long show that they are strong and smart. But why show now.

    As various Guilds discuss about the two Beings and the incoming attack. Kevi also prepared himself to launch an attack.

    Kevi : [Continental Smash]!!!!

    As both attack collided with each other a huge shockwave was sent throughout the city.

    Guild Master [Feather Guild] : He strong the attack.

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : It's not only that.

    Guild Master [Beauty Guild] : What else is there?

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : The shockwave only went horizontally.

    Guild Master [Death Guild] : Not that you mentioned it, it did only went horizontally.

    Kevi : Are you trying to destroy your entire continent?

    Washrex : I knew you could stop it.

    Kevi (Thought) : Let's see, his powers are Supernatural Strength Above World Level, Supernatural Speed Faster Than Mach 1000, Acceleration Immunity, Supernatural Stamina, Supernatural Durability, Supernatural Combat, Supernatural Regeneration, Supernatural Endurance, Supernatural Accuracy, Supernatural Potential, Supernatural Reflexes, Supernatural Agility, Supernatural Intelligence. Wow that's a lot. I gave him some nice powers. What do you think guys?

    Kevi : Let's see how you deal with this. [Lightning Thunder Mode].

    Surge of lightning covered Kevi entire body with the sound thunder.

    Washrex : Now wait, that is cool.

    Kevi : Haha... In this mode my speed, strength, stamina, senses, endurance, reflexes and agility are greatly increased by tenfold. You think you can take it.

    Washrex : Hahaha...   Even I shall hold back no more.

    Boom... Boom... Boom....

    Kevi (Thought) (Smiling Expression) : Just by taking a light step he created an megazarquake.

    Reporter 1 : A huge megazarquake suddenly occurred out of nowhere.

    Reporter 5 : Many building have been destroyed by the sudden megazarquake.

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : Their battle is shaking the tectonic plates of our planet.

    Guild Master [Power Guild] : That's not the reason.

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : What do mean?

    Guild Master [Power Guild] : Earlier both of them were holding back.

    Guild Master [Orthodox Guild] : Wait.. wait.. wait.. so your saying earlier they were holding back?

    Guild Master [Power Guild] : Don't try to deny it and act like you don't know. I know all of you felt that power. The moment he stop holding back, and unleash his power and took a step, that's when... the megazarquake suddenly occurred. I'm right?

    Guild Master [Intelligence Guild] : I was not sure. Damn creating megazarquake of 15.7 magnitude just by walking.

    Guild Master [Master Guild] : Did you felt that? Something is covering the planet.

    Guild Master [Beauty Guild] : It feels like it's strengthening the planet.

    Kevi : That should prevent the planet from destruction.

    Washrex : Hahaha... now I can truly let loose.

    After saying those words, Washrex walk towards Kevi, every step he took was causing megazarquake and the magnitude were increasing. When he reached Kev, then slowly the megazarquake stop. Kevi was only 6 foot but Washrex grew to 10 foot.

    Kevi : Show Off.

    Reporter 1 : It looks like every step the big guy took, megazarquake are being created.

    [Emergency Message]

    All citizens are requested to go far away from the battle or to fly up high.

    I Repeat..

    Kevi :  Let's Begin.

    Washrex : I agree.
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