15 Go Beyond!

    Kevi : ...

    Washrex : ...

    As Kevi and Washrex silently look at each other, the only sounds that could be heard are the reporters, the wind and the falling down of buildings. The entire city was in complete ruined, it look like the city was not used for thousand of years.

    Kevi : Let me show you something.

    After saying those words, Kevi lifted his left arm and pointed two of this fingers towards Washrex's stomach.

    Washrex : What is this?

    Kevi : It's call [One-Inch Punch].

    The moment he said those words, Kevi launch his punch sending Washrex over 20 km and destroying everything around it. When the people show what happened, they were dumbfounded. Washrex stabilize himself and hit the ground to jump high up into the air thus destroying 10 meters of the ground. After reaching 50 feet into the air, he hit the air sending himself towards me. As he was approaching Kevi, Washrex yelled the name of his move when he reached 10 km.

    Washrex : [Consecutive Star Fall].

    Multiple images of punches quickly approached Kevi. But Kevi didn't move and the punches reached him and destroyed everything. But Washrex quickly turned his body and launch a punch but was blocked by Kevi.

    Washrex (Thought) : Damn he is quick.

    All the people were shocked, how did he travel 10 km that quickly and also how did the other guy notice him and strike him back.

    Washrex (Thought) : Damn I'm taking damage every single time I hit him or get close to him. Damn those electric current around him. Long range is no used, he is to fast and he has a better range than I do. But so far I'm healing faster than the damage I'm receiving from him.

    [Political Leaders]

    Leader : What have you found about them?

    Secretory : Sir we have found details about the big guy, his name is Washrex but everything about him is normal, there is nothing in the report that says is strong.

    Leader : He must be hiding it and what about the other guy?

    Secretory : We...

    Leader : What? Why are you hesitating?

    Secretory : We got nothing. Not even his name or even his picture. It's like he just came out of thin air.

    Leader : What about the other countries?

    Secretory : It's the same Sir.

    Leader : ..... what about the thing that is covering our planet?

    Secretory : The only thing we could discover about the covering is that, it is protecting our planet from destruction of the fight. But it's not protecting the surface of the planet. If this goes on the surface will be completely destroyed.

    Leader : ....

    Secretory : Sir if we combine the force of all the countries we may be able to stop them.

    Leader : That will not work.

    Secretory : Why Sir?

    Leader : Look at the fight. Do you think we can even get close to them? Let alone hit them? The hunters we have and the weapons we possess will not even scratched them.

    Secretory : ....

    [Back To The Fight]

    Kevi : RRRAAAAAAGGHH....

    Washrex : RRRAAAAAAGGHH...

    As Kevi and Washrex scream, both of them came flying towards each other and launch their fist. Kevi used his left fist and Washrex used his right fist. Both of them hit each other face causing the ground to break and send a strong shockwave.

    Washrex (Thought) : How is that possible? My arms are longer then his, how did he hit my face. Damn he is still hiding his power.

    Kevi : You think too much. Let's see if you can handle this?

    Then the electric current around Kevi became more intense and thus the surrounding area started to heat up.

    Kevi : [Lightning Strike].

    Kevi launch himself like a missile covering himself with a very strong electric current. As he quickly covered the distance between him and Washrex.

    Washrex : [Assault Wind Strike].

    A strong wind, traveling at 1000 mph was produce, which slowed down Kevi but he was still going forward as he cut through the wind. [Guys just imagine the damage done to the surface of the planet why the strong winds]. As Kevi got closer to Washrex suddenly a strong gust of wind push Kevi who was going horizontally into a vertical position.

    Kevi : Oh..., crap.

    At that moment, Kevi knew, that he messed up big time.

    Washrex : [Omega Strike].

    Washrex punched the chest of Kevi, sending him flying towards the sun. The recoil was so strong that it even pushed the planet backwards farther away from the sun.

    Washrex : *Gasp*... *Gasp*... *Gasp*...

    [Political Leaders]

    Leader : Where did he send him?

    Secretory : Our technology couldn't detect him Sir. He send him flying too fast that we couldn't see, but after 5 seconds we found some disturbance in the sun. It was like something enter the sun. Not only that, our planet was moved away from our original orbit.

    Leader : I guess the fight is over..


    Kevi : I'm back.

    Washrex : Really!!!! that 1000.47 million km from the sun.

    Kevi : You did send me to the sun in 1.5 second. Quite impressive.

    Washrex : And you came back in 0.5 second even do the planet went farther away.

    Kevi : So can you still go on?

    Washrex : Hahaha... of course I can.

    Kevi : [Lightning Tiger Mode].

    Washrex : You look like a human tiger.

    Kevi : I will take that as a complement. So let me give you some pointers about this mode. In this mode my speed, strength and agility are increased by twentyfold while the rest are increased by tenfold.

    Washrex : Come!!!


    Washrex (Thought) : Damn his strength.

    With the increased speed, strength and agility, Kevi easily dominated Washrex. Multiple punches and kicks were launch at Washrex.

    Kevi : Feel the power of an exploding sun [Hypernova].

    Kevi condense the attack into a small ball and pressed it toward the chest of Washrex. The explosion only went 20 meters but inside the 20 meter sphere held the power of a real hypernova.

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    Kevi : Your regeneration is impressive. Most beings would be vaporizer completely but look at you, still standing strong and almost heal up.

    Washrex : I thought I was going to die but I guess I survive it.

    Kevi : You sure did. Now let end this.


    Kevi launch a punch which hit Washrex. After retreating his punch back, Washrex fell to the ground. Kevi turn around and started to leaving.

    Washrex : .....


    Washrex : Wait..... I'm not done yet.

    Kevi : .....

    Washrex : I..... I will Go Beyond my limits!!!!!

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