16 Now.. You Can Finally See.., My All!

    Washrex : Here I come.

    Kevi : Bring it.

    Washrex : RRRAAAAAAGGHH.


    Kevi : Damn that was painful.

    Washrex (Thought) : Wow this is amazing. All of my powers is increasing at an astonishing rate. But he is still holding back, I have to go even farther beyond.

    After that explosive power boots Washrex transform from a 10 feet tall to a 6.3 feet tall. His muscles became smaller and he got a smaller frame but his powers were increasing at an astonishing rate.

    Due to this transformation Washrex started to get the upper hand. Even punch and kick became stronger, faster and more accurate.

    As he kept on fighting he quickly adapted to his new form. As he understood how to control his new form and the increase in power. He used various combination of attacks.

    Kevi : Good. Now let's see if you can handle this?

    Huge amount of magical energy were gathered in the palm of Kevi. And suddenly it turned into a ball of flame.

    Kevi : [Flame Cannon]!.

    A huge ball of flame covering 20 meters was shoot out from the palm of Kevi. As it went straight towards Washrex, the speed of the flame increased.

    Washrex : 15 Billion K. That hot. But it's nothing.

    Moving his arm backwards and closing his hand into a punch, he launch his punch which produce a huge gust of wind and blew the flame away.

    Washrex : Come on! is that all you got?

    Kevi : Hahaha..... RRAAAAAAGGHH....


    Washrex : Now what is this?

    Kevi : It's a transformation and I call it 'Super Titan'. It increases my power by fiftyfold. Not bad right?

    Washrex : Good for you but bad for me.

    Suddenly both of them vanished from their spot and hit each other while they are in their vanished state or reappear from their vanished state and hit each other. The people couldn't see what was happening but could hear the sounds things colliding.

    After some few minutes both off them reappear on the ground holding their hand and pushing each other. As the push each other, the ground beneath them started to crack open. As they pushed each other more, the crack grew larger. Then suddenly both of them release their hand and punch each other faces. Instead of them moving from the punch, the ground underneath them, which was crack open by them, moved and created a distance between them.

    As the people watch their fight, they were shocked by the display of speed, strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, endurance, combat etc.

    Kevi : Here try dodging this?

    As Kevi rapidly moved his arms forward and backward. Energy Blast came out from the palm of his hand.

    Washrex quickly dodge the blast due to the increased speed, agility and reflexes and quickly approached Kevi and launch a punch but Kevi quickly blocked it.

    After successful blocking the punch, Kevi pushed Washrex away. After landing on the ground Washrex quickly looked towards Kevi but he was gone, then suddenly he felt someone touching his stomach so he look down to see Kevi putting his palm on his stomach.

    Kevi : [Dark Palm].


    Washrex : *Gasp*..... I'm *Gasp*..... Not *Gasp*..... Done *Gasp*.....

    Kevi : ....

    Washrex : RRAAAAAAGGHH... I will beat you..... even if I have to break through my limits again. I will surpassed my limits. RRAAAAAAGGHH.....


    Washrex : Now.. You Can Finally See.., My All!

    Kevi : Bring it.

    Washrex quickly approached Kevi and send various punches and kicks. Kevi was hit by all those punches and kicks sending him flying. Washrex quickly vanished and appeared above Kevi and punch his stomach sending him down and hitting the ground causing a great impact crater. Washrex quickly flew down and starting sending punches but Kevi had his arms up converting his face and chest. Everytime Washrex hit Kevi, the size of the impact crater increased.

    Earlier when they were fight the shockwaves that were created caused a lot of natural disasters like tsunami, hurricane, volcanic eruption and zarquake etc. The people were so scared and angry that they were going to die like this and all thanks to the two beings who showed up out of nowhere. But suddenly a mystic forever came out and protected then from the dangers.

    Kevi : RRAAAAAAGGHH...

    Flames came out of Kevi's body and destroyed everything between 12 meters but Washrex dodge the flame and quickly made a distance between them.

    Suddenly the land started to shake tremendously and flames covered a 10 meters distance but Washrex didn't moving his gaze from Kevi because he knew the source of the shaking.

    From the huge wall of flame came out Kevi. Flame was covering his body and his appearance changed. He had an appearance of a wolf with flames and lightning around him.

    Washrex : Now what is this... wolf mode?

    Kevi : True.... but I like to call it [Flame Wolf]. But I have added my previous modes in this transformation. So it's not only wolf and flames but also tiger, lightning, and super titan mode.

    Boom..... Boom.... Boom...

    At first it seems like both of them were in a stalemate but as the fight continue, Kevi started to get the upper hand and a some few minutes Kevi completely dominated Washrex.

    If the planet was not protected, then the whole planet will be completely destroyed long before they could reach this fight.

    Washrex (Thought) : Damn he has completely dominated me. I can't seem to hit him at all. Ok let's try this

    Washrex quickly distance himself from Kevi and hit the ground with a karate chop which crack the ground in half but was not that deep. He then grab hold off the crack and pulled the ground and threw it towards Kevi. But Kevi just swing his fist creating a wind pressure and destroyed the incoming target.

    Kevi : Wow really?

    Washrex : I just wanted to try.

    Kevi : Let's End This. RRAAAAAAGGHH...

    Washrex : I Agree. RRAAAAAAGGHH....

    After that, both of them rush towards each other screaming and readying their fist.

    Kevi : [Planetary... Smash]......

    Washrex : [Final..... Strike]......

    As the hit each other faces, a huge explosion occurred which created a super strong shockwave causing the planet to move.

    As the people watch the fight, they were all nervous and excited to see the winner. As the dust settles down, they saw two people, one was standing while the other was lying on the floor.

    As more dust settles down, they could clearly see the winner. It's was Kevi but they didn't know his name. All of them were excited because the fight has finally ended. Suddenly Kevi raise his left hand in the air making a fist. Showing the sign of victory.

    Kevi : I win.

    Washrex : Yes you did.

    Kevi : Let's fight some other time.

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    Washrex : Sure.

    Kevi : Ok let me fix this *snap*. Ok that should do it.

    Washrex : Damn you have been holding back a lot.

    Kevi : By the my name is Kevi and yours?

    Washrex : It's Washrex.

    Kevi : Untill we meet again brother.
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