18 My Progress.

    It's been 5 years since the faithful meeting with 'The Voice'. I have been training extremely hard, going way beyond my limits. Pushing myself way beyond the breaking point. I have grown a little stronger, but it's not enough.

    Even do I have gotten a little stronger I kept my power hidden from the kingdom, thanks to the improvement done to my brain, by my weapon the 'Worldbreaker' the name I given to my 'Axe', I was able to hide myself well under the radar.

    Under this 5 years, I have lost friends, family's and the girl I loved, since they thought I was weak. And now I'm totally free, free from the shackles of my friends, family, the kingdom and the world.

    I placed all my bet on this Axe, leaving almost everything behind and moving forward with my Axe. We shall go together.

    [The 5 Years Summary]

    Kevi : Yo! So let me tell you a brief summary of Medo's 5 year adventure. Ok, so during his 5 year adventure, Medo did a lot of training, physical, mentally, magical and spiritually. With his improved brain, he built an industry which specialized in almost everything. With the industry, he took control of the kingdom (Thanks to the power of the Axe). His industry introduced science, technology, advance drugs, studies and training in many fields. Taking the kingdom by storm. Using his powers he grabbed the kingdom without people even knowing. Only 5 people in the company knows Medo's true identity while the public thinks it's Longdi (One of the 5 people who knows Medo's real identity and his most trusted friend) who is the founder, owner and CEO of the company. Those 5 people are his true friends who stood by him during his hardest time, they left everything they had, for their friendship. When they were on the verge of death, Medo showed his true powers. After that they went on many journeys together got stronger together. Ok let's go and see Medo.


    Medo : So how are the experiments?

    Longdi : So far, all of them are a success.

    Medo : Good. What about you Lhou?

    Lhou : Our development in science, technology, weapons and magic is growing up very fast.

    Medo : And you guys?

    George : Our drugs and doctors are improving very fast.

    Jojo : Our Entertainment Industry is also growing very fast.

    Kevin : Outer space exploration is doing great.

    Medo : Great now let's go to the next phase.

    Saiyan (Super Artificial Intelligence Youth Assistant Network) : Boss we have a problem.

    Medo : What and Where?

    Saiyan : There is a huge Mount Bahamut approaching the kingdom and it's 1000 KM away from Kingdom.

    Medo : Oh a Mount Bahamut.

    Lhou : Are you planning to fight it?

    Medo : Yep.....

    After saying those words, Medo raise his hand and Worldbreaker flew towards him. After grabbing the Axe, Medo swing the Axe downwards cutting space itself and creating a portal towards his destination.

    Medo : I will back.

    Jojo : Sure.

    [Forest Of Recovery]

    Medo : How dare you step foot in my Forest.

    Mount Bahamut : RROOOOOOOAAAAARRRR..

    Medo : Your breath stinks.

    Lifting his Axe into the sky, lightning came down from the sky and strike the Mount Bahamut causing him to move backwards.

    Medo : Good at least you survived that. Now let's see if you can handle this [World Lightning].

    A huge beam of lightning came out of the Axe and struck the Mount Bahamut and completely vaporizer it including the surrounding mountains and forest.

    Medo : I have to train harder. Saiyan how long will the forest take to recover?

    Saiyan : 9 minutes to fully recover Boss.

    Medo : I just love this forest. Saiyan after it recovers, quickly send the team in extracting the resources.

    Saiyan : Yes Boss.

    Medo : Have you found out how it it able to provide unlimited resources?

    Saiyan : Still working on it Boss.

    Medo : Ok. Let my friends I'm going somewhere.

    Saiyan : Want me to let you location?

    Medo : They already know.

    Swing his Worldbreaker, Medical cut the space it's and went inside it. When Medo came out from the otherside and look downside, he could see a huge island floating in the sky.

    Medo : The Dragon race. It has been said that your race is one of the strongest race in the world, let's see how strong you are.

    After taking a huge breath, Medo shouted from the sky,  which drew the attention of everyone on the island. After getting the attention of everyone on the island, Medical issues a challenge.

    Medo : Beings of the Dragon race, I give you one hour to evacuate every citizens from your kingdom and send your army to fight me. If you choose to ignore my warning, then don't regret and blame me later.

    [Dragon Palace]

    Dragon King : Have you figured out who is he?

    Dragon General : Yes my King,  he is a human.

    Dragon King : Have you found out how strong is he?

    Dragon General : No my King. It seems abnormal.

    Dragon King : And why is that?

    Dragon General : Because I could sense no magical or spiritual powers from him but he is flying above your Palace. But I have send 10 guards to take care of him.

    Dragon King : Good.

    Dragon Solider : My King my King, we have a problem.

    Dragon King : Calm down solider, what is the problem?

    Dragon Solider : My King your soliders...

    Boommmmmm...  Boommmmm....

    Dragon King : Who is attacking my Palace.

    Dragon Solider : It's him. And he is very strong.

    Dragon King : OK I will go and see. General and my sons follow me and solider  prepare the army.


    Dragon King : What do you want?

    Medo : Like I said earlier I challenge your kingdom.

    Dragon King : Are you insane.....


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    Medo : You talk to much.

    1st Dragon Prince : How dare you hit my father.


    Dragon King : Attack...

    After giving the commend, the entire army launched huge and powerful magical and spiritual atracks towards Medo because they suddenly sense the huge magical and spiritual powers of Medo causing them to fire powerful magical and spiritual attack towards  Medo but Medo lifted his hand and the Axe came out off nowhere. Swing his Axe in a latitude ways, he cut the space and all the attacks went inside.

    Dragon King : Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though the King shouted, it was too late, as the space crack and all the powerful attacks came out more powerful and destroyed most of the army. After most of the army was destroyed, Medo hold his Axe in the middle and lifted it into the air. As everyone was looking at him, they instantly notice the clouds forming in the sky. Suddenly  multiple lightningbolt came down from the clouds and hit the remaining army and citizens, killing them and destroy the entire kingdom. As the Dragon King look at all his people being killed and his kingdom being destroyed, he was hopeless and surrendered.

    Dragon King : Please stop, we surrender.
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