19 Prove Yourself.

    [Deepest Depths Of Hell]

    At the deepest depths of hell, where the flames of Hell burn and torture the most evil souls. Screams of the torture souls and laughter of the Devils can be heard across Hell. The infinite space of Hell is ruled over by the Devils.

    Kevi : Hello... guys and welcome to the darkest pits of Hell, you must be wondering why I'm here right? Well...  I'm here to see someone who is forging a weapon using [Heaven-Hell Flame] and [Heaven-Hell Metal]. OK let's go and see.

    Kevi : Oh..  by the way let me let you about the Hell in this universe. So Hell here is basically divided into six floors and each parts has infinite space with many demons and evil entities. Souls are judge and sent to Hell. But the more evil the souls are the deeper they go down to Hell. The first floor of Hell is ruled over by twenty Devils called the [Ancient Generals], the second floor is ruled by thirteen Devils called the [Mythic Generals], the third floor is ruled over by nine Devils called the [Supreme Generals], the fourth floor is ruled by six Devils called the [Princes And Princess Of Hell], the fifth floor is ruled by four Devils  called the [Kings And Queens Of Hell] and lastly the six floors with is ruled over by the one Devil called the [Devil God]. Their strength, intelligence and army are not to be messed with.

    Kevi : OK enough about them, let me tell you about the weapon. It is forge using a very rare metal called the Heaven-Hell Metal which is only found at the exactly between Heaven and Hell and is extremely hard to find. The metal is so hard that it is nearly impossible to damage it and even if someone does damage it, it can heal back using Holy Flame or Hell Flame. It has an extreme affinity for Holy Flame, Hell Flame and Magic. It can also absorb positive and negative energy and emotions. It can only be melted in its ingot stage using the highest Hell Flame and the highest Holy Flame. After it melts and harden, it is impossible to remelt it again even if Hell Flame or Holy Flame is used. Even the ingot take five billion years just to melt and only one blacksmith can used Heaven-Hell Metal in the universe.

    Kevi : OK let's go and meet the man himself.


    Kevi : So how is the weapon my friend?

    Dilip : It's done.

    Kevi : And what is the name of the weapon?

    Dilip : I called it the [Slayer].

    Kevi : Thanks.

    Dilip : No problem. Here is the weapon and she is a beauty.

    Kevi : Oh yes she is.

    After taking the Slayer, I enhance the weapon with my awesome powers making the weapon even more powerful than before. After enhancing the weapon, I killing off the blacksmith (note : just kidding)and went to the castle to meet the Devil God himself.

    Kevi : But before that, it's weapon description time.

    1) Hell Flame Manipulation : The users can generate and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can completely destroy anything.

    2) Hell Imprisonment : The user can condemn beings/souls to hell where they will suffer constant torment and torture from beings in hell. This can cause insanity and a loss of ones self.

    3) Hell Lordship : The user has authority and duty over hell, the realm where damned souls go to suffer for eternity.

    4) Hell Manipulation : The user can control Hell and everything that is inside or associated with Hell. This includes demonic entities that may be found in Hell, as well as anything related to evil and Hell-Fire itself.

    5) Absolute Slicing : The user can cut through absolutely anything and everything, which absolutely nothing can defend against.

    6) Demon Summoning : User can summon demons/demonic beings from Hell.

    7) Soul Summoning : The user can summon spirits from beyond the grave in order to commune or serve the user.

    8) Undead Summoning : User can summon the undead (both corporeal and incorporeal) from other worlds to help them fight.

    9) God Summoning : The user can summon gods/deities from other worlds to help them fight.

    10) Angel Summoning : User can summon angels/celestial beings from other worlds to help them fight.

    11) Infinite Energy : The weapon possesses an unlimited energy source that will never run out. The source can supply any form of energy, such as electrical, kinetic, life energy, etc.

    12) Demonic Magic : Allows the user to use demonic magic to creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality.

    13) Divine Magic : Allows the user to use divine magic to creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality.

    14) Heaven Lordship : The user holds domain in heaven. Users are able to command the deities, angels and have Godlike powers in Heaven.

    15) Heaven Manipulation : The user can control the heavens and everything within, including the divine entities and angelic beings that may reside there.

    16) Multi-Hit Strike : User is able to launch a single attack that hits its target multiple times.

    17) Flight : Allows the user to fly.

    18) Energy Absorption : The weapon can absorb various forms of energy, while removing it from the source, into the weapon and use it in various ways, gaining various form of advantage.

    19) Power Immunity : User is immune to all supernatural powers and effects.

    20) Power Mixture : The user can merge two or more powers to create new powers as well as different combinations.

    Kevi : There is still more but, it will be later revealed in the future.

    [Earth - 473]

    Kevi : Hey little girl.

    Little Girl : Who are you calling little girl? I'm already 20 years old.

    Kevi : Well that still a little girl.

    Little Girl : Then how old are you?

    Kevi : I'm even older than time itself.

    Little Girl : Ya right.

    Kevi : Your still too immature little girl.

    Little Girl : Hey mister, I have a name you know.

    Kevi : So may I know your name little miss?

    Little Girl : No..

    Kevi : Well that was not nice Juniper.

    Juniper : How do you know my name?

    Kevi : It's a secret?

    Juniper : Ya right.

    Kevi : So Juniper do you want to get stronger?

    Juniper : Obviously, this world is dominated by the strong and the weak have nothing to say. So I do want to get stronger.

    Kevi : Then here take this weapon.

    Juniper : Isn't that just a katana and where is the cover?

    Kevi : This is not a normal Katina and it's had a name.

    Juniper : Oh....  then what is it's name? and why are you not using it yourself and giving it to me?

    Kevi : It's called [Slayer] and the reason why I'm giving it to you is because I'm the strongest and don't need it.

    Juniper : Oh..  please..

    Kevi : Here take it.

    After some hesitation, Juniper stretch out her hand and took the Katina. The moment she hold the Katina, she felt the tremendous power emitting from the sword. After holding the weapon with both her hands and staring at the weapon in shock, she look up to find know one there.

    Juniper : Where did he go? Hmm what this?

    After turning left and right in search of Kevi, she found that he was not there. In shock she look at the weapon again to find a piece of folded paper. As she open the folded paper, she found a note written on it.

    [Prove Yourself].
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