20 Battles Too Come.

    Kevi : Hello guys and welcome to [Earth - 21]. You must be wondering, why I'm on a different Earth? Well it's too meet someone. OK let's go.

    As Kevi and the readers flew down to Earth to meet the person.

    Kevi : Also you must be wondering about Medo and Juniper. Well... they are currently training and getting stronger. I have made plans for them, for the future and also will explain their appearance in future. OK now we are here.

    After reaching the house, Kevi knock on the door and after some minute, the door open to show a man looking in his early thirties with a huge body standing at a height of 7ft. , which is well developed. The person has short hair which is black in colour and has dark pupil, with a stern expression.

    Kevi : Damn... why so serious?

    ??? : You know my face is like this.

    Kevi : I'm just saying man.

    ??? : What brings you here?

    Kevi : The Elder Lich Folk.

    ??? : And you want me to kill it.

    Kevi : No, I want you to erase it.

    ??? : It will cost you a lot.

    Kevi : Hahahahah...  sure Mr. Viltha

    After the short conversation, Viltha closed the door and Kevi went to the city.

    ??? : So who is it?

    Viltha : My employer.

    ??? : So who are we killing?

    Viltha : Data about the target has been sent to your device and we are erasing the target.

    ??? : He must be rich. So were is the lick?

    Viltha : In Star Dust Galaxy.

    [Note : It's is twice the distance between the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy]

    ??? : Wow that's pretty far.

    Viltha : Beizo get ready, we're moving out in five hours.

    Beizo : How long is the journey?

    Viltha : One hour.

    Beizo : He's richer than I thought.

    Viltha : Don't think about doing anything to him, you will die?

    Beizo : He's that protected?

    Viltha : No, He's that strong. OK get ready.

    After the short conversation, both of them went into their rooms for the preparation.

    Kevi : So guys you must be wondering why I employed people to hunt the lich right? Well I just feel like it that's why.

    ??? : Sir we have arrived.

    Kevi : How much Mr. Driver ?

    Mr. Driver : 100 Sir.

    Kevi : Here.

    Mr. Driver : Thank You Sir.

    After paying the driver, Kevi stood in front of a tall building. Moving forward, Kevi opened the door to see a big hall with one table and two chairs inside a single room with no floors on it. Sitting on one of the chairs, was a woman with a V-shaped face having crimson pupil and a light dark skin tone with a long blonde hair and a body shape which will put most models to shame.

    Kevi : Getting even more Beautiful then ever.

    ??? : And what brings the God Of Omnipotent here?

    Kevi : Damn you looked so beautiful in the sailor uniform.

    ??? : OK thank you very much now let go to the back to the main topic.

    Kevi : Your beautiful but no fun.

    ??? : So what brings you here?

    Kevi : Your battle is arriving Sagasu Chishiki.

    Sagasu Chishiki : Thank You.

    Kevi : No problem, just helped her.

    Sagasu Chishiki : Sure.

    Kevi : OK time to go.

    After helping Sagasu Chishiki and asking her to help someone else, Kevi went out the building.

    ??? : Finally found you.

    Kevi : Yo.

    ??? : [Cosmic Punch].

    Kevi : Cosmic Manipulation not bad Dalia Jafari, it seems you have grown stronger.

    Dalia Jafari : I will beat you this time.

    Engulfing his entire body with cosmic energy, Dalia Jafari quickly approached Kevi and threw a punch at the face of Kevi but Kevi slowly avoided the the punch by slightly moving this head to the side.

    As Dalia Jafari was moving forward, Kevi swing is body a little and lifted his leg and swing it towards the face of Dalia Jafari and hit him. The moment the kick  connected with Dalia Jafari face, he instantly lost his consciousness and felt down to the ground.

    Kevi : You have grown but you're still too weak. 'Snap'!!

    After snapping his finger, the body of Dalia Jafari was teleported back to his room.

    Kevi : OK that takes care of you, now how long are you guys going to hid there.

    ??? : Impressive.

    Kevi : I can still see you.

    ??? : Not bad. OK you can come out.

    Kevi : Also that guy who is looking at me from 10km away and the other guy who is 50km away.

    ??? : Not bad at all.

    Kevi : Even you who is look at me using 'Clairvoyance'.

    ??? (Thought) : Impressive, he even figured  out that a person was looking at him using 'Clairvoyance'. Also his senses, it's beyond what I imagine. To accurately detect a particular person 50km away.

    Kevi : So what do you want?

    ??? : Good it's seems that you are straightforward.

    Kevi : I don't like wasting time in useless things. Now what is it you want?

    ??? : Join the Shikyo family and we promised you that your power will increase incredible and you will lived a life of luxury.

    Kevi : What if I refuse?

    ??? : Then we will make sure that you suffer horribly and die a painful death.

    Kevi : Then.... I will surely refuse.

    After saying those words, the enemy were dumbfounded by his answer. Even though he did not answer loudly, they could hear it loudly  due to their enhanced hearing and even thought they might have heard it wrong but he stated it clearly.


    ??? : Where am I?

    Kevi : I called it the battle domain. Look your friends are here.

    ??? : Are you guys alright?

    Kevi : Your brothers are fine. Now Mr. Vex, Rex, Nex, Lex and Bex. Come let's fight.

    Vex : How do you know all are names?

    Kevi : Beat me and I will tell you.

    Vex : Attackkkkkkk!!!!

    After shouting the commend attack, Vex, Rex jumped forward to attack Kevi while Nex, Lex and Bex stayed behind to give support. Nex supported by applying buffs to his teammates, Lex supported by applying duffs to Kevi and Bex supported by attacking  with range weapons.

    Kevi : Not a bad teamwork but to sad you guys are facing me.

    Vex : You think we will lose?

    Suddenly Vex was unable to feel anything and quickly came to the realization that he could not nor feel his body. Now only him but all off his brothers were in the same state.

    Vex (Thought) : What did he do to me?

    As Vex and his brothers mind were in a state of shock, Kevi curled his fingers into a fist and pull back his arm in order to launch a punch.

    Kevi : Hasta la vista, baby.

    Vex (Thought) : What?

    As Kevi launched his punch the wind pressure generated by the punch quickly approached the brothers, but when the wind pressure was about to touch the brothers, Kevi teleported them back home.

    Kevi : OK that should take care of them. So see you guys in the next chapter.

    Hasta la vista readers.
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