90 CH90: I need food to end this day!

    "Human beings do not eat nutrients,

    They eat food."

    - Mary Catherine Bateson


    The past few days have been quite tiring for Delilah, who had been working non-stop. It was fortunate that she was not the kind of person who would bring her work home. She does understand the importance of having a work-life balance, even if some people may see it as a myth. It was also fortunate that she doesn't work nearly everyday.

    She has at least a half-day and a day off, which was a half-day Saturday and off day on a Sunday. Firah, at her new workplace, only has a day off on a Sunday, she even works on a Saturday.

    The sudden increase of workload had caught her off-guard as she tried to make time as well as organized the priority tasks that were given to her. She did not even have the time to sneak into the pantry to have a little snack and sip of tea. And because of that, she was feeling wronged and a bit distraught.

    Earlier, she was done with two reports, when the part-timer, Hailey, came over to give her another pile of papers.

    Delilah's eyes widened when she saw the stack of papers being added to her already high pile. She had frowned and asked the other woman who had given these.

    Hailey had answered that it was from Howard. Because Aubree was already busy with her tasks and that even Amy was overloaded with work. But hers was from Sheila.

    Delilah was a bit grateful that her tasks were from Howard, not from Sheila. But it doesn't mean that she likes the extra work. It's giving her more headache.

    A couple of days ago, she had heard rumours of either Howard being let off or he quit the company. She was not sure, but seeing how he had given off his tasks and works, made her feel like there probably was some truth in those rumours. And she had noticed how he hardly comes to work so she was feeling quite suspicious about it.

    She had asked Aubree about it but the other woman was tight-lipped about it. She either changed the topic or just smiled at Delilah, without answering her.

    Delilah thought that the status of Howard has not been officially confirmed, hence why Aubree did not dare to tell her what was currently going on. She did not mind, though. But she does mind that most of his works were now transferred to her.

    Goodbye, chill life!

    Goodbye, little trips to the pantry!

    She could not help but lament over her bad luck and pitiful work life, crying blood tears.

    Hence, for days, she had been working hard. Sometimes she even missed lunch and could only sneak in a couple of bites off her snacks. And if she was not inside her cubicle, other people could find her walking around, going up and down between the department offices, meeting with the heads of each department.

    It helps when these department heads were cooperative with her. But it was a hassle if they are not, which unfortunately some of them are.

    She sometimes gets annoyed when these department heads think she knows everything, giving her tasks which were not supposed to be hers, for example, making her look for their subordinates to work with her, when she doesn't really have the power to do so. She found it baffling as to why they can't seem to just tell their subordinates themselves since they have the command to do so.

    They seem to think that because she worked in the HR department, she can control the other employees, which seems to be dumb of them to think so. Many times, she had told these department heads that she could not possibly order their subordinates as she pleased. She did not want to be seen as overbearing and over the head. But they always waved her concern away, saying that they, the subordinates, won't probably mind.

    Delilah had inwardly rolled her eyes when she heard that. In front of them, they would no doubt show their unwillingness but behind their backs?

    Seriously, how hard was it to just tell them to do this and that? Sheila and Howard DEE-finitely have no problem with that!

    Seems like it was hard for them to just open their mouth to give some instructions, expecting someone else, even those who were at lower ranks, like Delilah, to give them the directive.

    With all that, Delilah's days have been tiring and sometimes a bit stressful.

    After hours of working, it was finally time to go home. Since she did not eat much during lunch, she decided to stop by at a little food stall to buy some food before going home.

    She was at the parking lot, where she was placing her things at the backseat of her car. She climbed inside her car and was starting up her car. She was so ready to be blasted with good music and that cool air-conditioning. Even though the weather was nice, it felt even better to be inside an air conditioned space.

    However, as much as she kept on trying to switch on the ignition, her car seems to not want to start. One time, she succeeded in starting up the car before it suddenly died down.

    Frowning, she wondered why she can't start her car. Looking around her, most of the people had already gone home, except for those who were working late at night. With no one to turn to for help, she decided to call her brother, Bryson, since she knew he was jogging somewhere nearby.

    When he had answered the call, she explained what was happening.

    To her surprise and anger, he told her to just call for their other brother for help because he was busy jogging. She could not believe how heartless and selfish he can be! His own little sister was stranded and he couldn't come help because he was jogging??

    Furious, she called her brother, Munier, for help. Unfortunately, he was out of town, meeting some people for work. He could only be there once he was done, which was after an hour.

    She could only sigh and called her father next for help. He then told her to call for a towing truck and tell them to tow the car back home. He surmised that the battery was probably dead. He next told her to check for the documents at the compartment in the car for the towing service details.

    After she was done talking with her father, she immediately called for the towing service, who told her that they will be there in a few minutes, which was forty-five minutes.

    She leaned back against the driver's seat, sighing, wondering why the day was so bad.

    Bryson had texted in the family group chat, asking how she was. But she was too angry to reply so she ignored his text message. Soon after, her sister privately texted her, asking how she was and what she was going to do.

    Delilah then told her that she was waiting for the tow truck to come and tow the car away.

    Miya was worried about her so she offered to come over with her son, Kael to pick her up. And later, they can just follow the tow truck from behind.

    Delilah was happy and told her that she will be waiting.

    Few minutes later, her sister arrived, together with Kael. Seeing her sister, Delilah immediately walked over and climbed in her car. She let out a long breath of relief, relishing the cool air from the air conditioning. She was sweating like mad, waiting for her sister to arrive. So it was quite a heaven-sent when she saw Miya had just arrived.

    They continued to wait since the tow truck had not arrived.

    But soon after, they were surprised to see Bryson had arrived, when they expected the tow truck.

    Delilah was still sulking over the fact that her brother did not rush over to help so she let Miya do all the answering when Bryson was asking questions.

    In the end, it was decided that Bryson would wait for the tow truck while the two women and child go home.

    But instead of going home, Delilah was moaning about how hungry she was and that she was craving for a nice juicy burger.

    At first, Miya suggested one of the fast food restaurants but Delilah rejected the suggestion, saying that she wanted those sloppy kinds of burgers that were usually sold in a night market.

    So, Miya changed route, heading straight for the night market.

    It was crowded and noisy when they arrived at the night market. It took Miya quite a while to finally find a parking spot. The night market was an open air area with many food stalls being set up. There were also chairs and tables being set up for those who wished to eat there. Although it was not that clean since there were puddles and dirt on the ground, it was tolerable.

    The two women and child walked around, trying to choose which stall to buy the food from. There were many foods being sold there such as burgers, fritters, noodles, fried rice, chicken and more.

    Shortly after, Delilah finally chose a stall and ordered her burger, whereas Miya had ordered fries and fritters for her and her son.

    Once they had placed their order, they went to look for an empty table to sit. And they only waited for a few minutes for their order to be done.

    When Delilah received her burger, she could confirm that this was the sloppy kind of burger she was craving for. She could feel the juices and the sauces oozing out from the meat onto the plastic wrapper that was used to wrap the burger.

    The bun was nicely toasted with a generous amount of butter as she could taste the crisp and the buttery taste of the bun. Shredded tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers were also added in the burger, giving it a nice cool fresh taste to it. The sauces were a simple mixture of mayonnaise and chili sauce but with only that, it tasted really good. Especially when the meat juices were mixed with the sauces, making it more succulent. The patty was fried nicely and she liked how it wasn't so dry but rather, it was tender.

    She had to wipe her mouth many times as the juices kept dripping out.

    "Best meal to end this miserable day. Some people need shopping therapy? I need food!" Delilah declared.
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