91 CH91: I got it!

    "Sometimes, me think, 'What is friend?',

    And then me say, 'Friend is someone to share the last cookie with'."

    - Cookie Monster


    These days have been like other days. Slow and relaxing. There wasn't anything that Delilah could do but to laze around in the office. Especially when it was at the beginning of the month.

    However, whenever Delilah looked at a certain date in her planner, she noticed how time flies. Soon, it will be the day for her contract renewal. Yet, she wasn't sure whether she might be continued or not. There were many rumours of the company getting less income, hence they were planning to lay off some employees.

    She also noticed that Aubree had been frequently attending meetings with the bosses, Sheila and Matt. And whenever Delilah asked her what was going on, she would avoid her eyes and try to change the topic, which was kind of suspicious.

    Though, there was at one point where Delilah felt that Aubree had had enough that she just burst out. She had grabbed Delilah by the arm and dragged her into the pantry where she vented out her frustrations to Delilah. The latter would just sipped her drink, nodding along as she listened to Aubree's vent.

    Apparently, Sheila and Matt have been complaining about the lack of profits that they have been receiving on their end. And that there hasn't been any activities being conducted and promoted.

    To which, Delilah was baffled. She wondered as to why they have no money. From her understanding, their profit margin has been stable. It has been the same every month. There were classes that have been conducted and there were even new classes. Delilah really wondered where the money had gone.

    She did have her suspicions that the money probably went to their other businesses. As mentioned before in other chapters, Sheila and Matt have other businesses, other than the Kang Company. Hence why she has her speculation that the money probably went there. Additionally, she became more confused as to why they combined the capital of their companies together when it should be separated.

    So, for the past few weeks, she had been applying for a new job, sending her resumes everywhere.

    One day, just as she had planned to have lunch together with Firah, Aubree and Amy, she had a call from one of the companies that she had applied to. Apparently they were calling her to ask whether she was available for an interview.

    The funny thing was that she went to the interview before but she got rejected. So, she was slightly surprised when the call came in. She never thought she would hear from them again.

    Soon after, when the interview date came, it was scheduled in the morning so she had called Aubree that she would be a bit late as she has an interview to attend.

    Aubree knew that Delilah was actively applying for jobs so she did not mind.

    When she arrived at the interview place, the waiting was quite long but Delilah did not mind as she played games on her mobile phone. And when she finally went into the interview room, the interviewees were the same as last time, with the absence of one person. Before, she had three people interviewing her and now, there were only two.

    The interview ended pretty well, though she was not confident that she would get the job. Probably because she got rejected before so she did not put high hopes this time.

    Arriving at the office, she saw Aubree sitting alone at the pantry, a worried look on her face. Curious, Delilah walked over and asked her what was wrong.

    As usual, Aubree just shook her head and the two women began to talk about another topic.

    When lunchtime finally arrived, the two women headed downstairs and out of the building to where Delilah had parked. They were going to meet up with Firah and Amy for their lunch date.

    It was a nice lunch date, to say the least. The four women had fun talking with each other, telling one another about their day and how it has been.

    Because she knew that she wouldn't get the job, Delilah did not bother to tell Firah and Amy that she had just gone for an interview session that morning.

    For lunch, she decided to eat 'light' so she had ordered only dumpling soup. The other three women were surprised at her choice of food and asked her in concern whether she was alright.

    Delilah rolled her eyes at their exaggerated concern, saying that she was super. She just wants to eat light. What was wrong with that??

    When her food arrived, she scooped one of the dumplings from the bowl and blew on it. It was still piping hot as she could still see the steam coming out from the dumpling. The outside of the dumpling was flimsy and translucent where one could see a glimpse of the meat and green onions inside. As she cautiously took a small bite out of the dumpling, more steam came out of the dumpling. She could smell the burst of herbs coming from it as well. When she took more bite out of the dumpling, she loved how there were still some juices coming out from the dumpling, making it more delicious. Added with the broth, it makes the meat of the dumplings more juicy.

    Delilah did not expect that there were so many dumplings inside her soup. She felt that this dish was really worth her money.

    The four women continued their conversation until it was time for them to return back to their office.

    Because Firah had walked her way to the restaurant since her office was nearby, she shamelessly asked Delilah whether she could send her back to her office.

    Delilah narrowed her eyes at the other woman but agreed, which made Firah squealed in delight. She was about to hug Delilah but the latter quickly dodged her.

    After dropping Firah off at her office and waving goodbye to her, Delilah and Aubree continued their way to their office.

    They were only a couple of minutes late but it did not matter since there weren't any pressing matters to do and there wasn't anyone to meet that afternoon.

    In the office, Delilah and Aubree went their separate ways, each of them walking towards their cubicle.

    Delilah was playing with her game on her mobile phone, relaxing, as if she had not just went for an interview that morning.

    A couple of minutes later, she jumped in surprise when her phone started ringing. Coincidentally, Aubree was just passing her cubicle and looked over.

    Delilah frowned as she looked down at her phone. The number calling in looked familiar. She looked over her shoulder and saw Aubree looking back at her. The other woman then gestured at Delilah's phone, silently asking who was calling.

    Delilah shrugged and held up a hand as if to tell her to wait while she answered the phone.

    Aubree leaned against the wall of Delilah's cubicle as she waited for the latter to answer the call. She then raised her eyebrows in surprise when Delilah suddenly turned around in her seat, looking wide-eyed. She just finished talking with the other person and now, she looked shell-shocked.

    "What's wrong?" Aubree asked urgently.

    "Aubree..." Delilah said slowly, looking up at her, with her eyes still wide open.

    "What? What?" Aubree asked again.

    "I got the job."
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