7 CH7: Food is the best medicine

    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food."

    - Hippocrates


    "Ugh!" Delilah groaned in pain, clutching her stomach. She was sitting inside her cubicle, doing some reports when her stomach suddenly felt painful.

    She slowly got up from her seat and dragged herself to the restroom.

    Few minutes later, she painfully went back to her cubicle. She grimaced as she sat back down on her seat.

    Firah, who was in the cubicle next to her, looked over. "What's up with you?" she asked in concern. "Are you alright?"

    Delilah closed her eyes and slowly opened them again, a pained look on her face. "The usual female pains," she groggily said.

    It was the middle of the month and it was also the time when her menstrual cycle starts. Last month, she had been stressed that it had messed up her hormones. Well, at least, that's what people said when you missed a month. So, now that her hormones have become 'stable', her cycle is back on. Yet, on her first day, it had been so painful where it felt like her stomach was clutching her insides, twisting and curling. There were mornings when Delilah could not even get up from her bed because it was too painful.

    "Do you have a heat pack?" Firah asked again.

    Delilah shook her head, as she laid her head down on the table, facing Firah's direction.

    Just as she was about to open her mouth to say something, the phone on her table rang.

    Delilah slowly sat up straight and answered the phone, "Hello. Delilah speaking."

    "Hello Delilah. Just to inform you that the catering for the talk have just arrived. Shall I deal with them or shall I wait for you to come downstairs to talk with them?" the receptionist asked on the phone.

    "Ah, no, I'll come downstairs."

    Delilah then grabbed her phone and went out of the office, inwardly grimacing.

    Few minutes later, Delilah was downstairs at the office lobby, together with the receptionist who was standing beside her.

    Delilah was talking to the head caterer, looking over the invoice and discussing what time they should be able to collect the dirty dishes. While Delilah was talking, she also instructed the receptionist to lead the catering assistants to the meeting room, where they will set up the buffet table at the back of the room.

    Once she was done talking with the head caterer, she led the way to the floor where the talk will be held.

    That day, Delilah was assigned to be in-charge of the new employees in the Kang Company. She will be giving an orientation talk to the newcomers, talking about the rules and regulations of the company, the mission and vision of the company and so forth.

    The talk will take place in two hours time so they had plenty of time to prepare for the talk.

    While the receptionist helped set up the buffet table, instructing the caterers on where to put the table, the refreshments and so forth, Delilah was at the other side of the room, together with Zaza.

    Zaza was one of the IT employees in the company. She was a small woman, her height only reaching Delilah's shoulder. She has a bubbly personality, despite her sharp tongue. Her slitted amber eyes filled with knowledge and curiosity behind her glasses as she talked with Delilah about the computer set up.

    The two of them were discussing on where to set up the computer, with both of them suggesting certain areas. They finally agreed on setting the computer near the wall, where the electric socket can be easily used. Delilah then requested for more extension cables. Zaza nodded as she mentally take note of the request.

    Zaza was instructing one of the janitors, who was cleaning the room to help lift the CPU and the monitor onto the table, when one of Zaza's IT juniors came with some extension cables. The four of them worked hard to set up the computer, testing the projector and microphone as well as the presentation slides that Delilah was going to use for her talk.

    An hour before the presentation starts, everything was ready. Delilah thanked Zaza and the others for their hard work and left the room to grab her things.

    Firah and Aubree joined Delilah soon after. Firah was sitting on the table that was placed outside the meeting room, where she will be in-charge of the attendance.

    Aubree was testing the company camera, taking pictures of the room and the buffet table. She will be in-charge of taking pictures of the talk.

    Finally, the time for the talk has started. People began to queue in front of Firah, signing their attendance, with Aubree taking pictures continuously.

    Delilah was at the entrance, welcoming the new employees into the room, pointing out their seats.

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    Zaza was also there in the room, where the computer setup is. Delilah had decided to ask for Zaza's supervisor's permission to 'borrow' Zaza for the talk. This is to ensure that Zaza will be around, should there be any problems with the computer and so forth. It was fortunate that Zaza did not have much work to do so her supervisor had given her permission to go. It was a mistake on Delilah's part for not thinking far ahead. She had forgotten to ask Zaza's supervisor for permission a couple of weeks ago, to let some of the IT employees to help them out. Luckily, her supervisor was lenient.

    Once everyone had settled down in their seats, with Firah sitting up front, together with Zaza, and Aubree still taking pictures. Delilah stood to face everyone in the room.

    She began her talk by welcoming everyone to the company and thanking them for their time to attend the talk. She continued on, with the help of the presentation slides, talking about the vision and mission of the company. She emphasised the importance of teamwork and learning-oriented environment. She talked about how teams were built in the company, how the company survived, even during the year that they had experienced a loss and so forth.

    The talk lasted for two hours, with breaks in-between where some of the new employees raised their hands for questions. Delilah did not intend to have a Question-&-Answer session for the talk but she also did not mind answering their questions.

    When the talk finally ends, Delilah invited them to some refreshments at the back.

    Delilah was chatting with one of the new employees when one of them asked her whether she had tried the cheesecake.

    Delilah tilted her head, thinking, 'Did I order cheesecake?'

    The woman who had asked her earlier seems to know the question in Delilah's mind as she answered, "I bought it at an online bakery this morning. A friend of mine recommended me this. You should give it a try."

    Delilah was in a quandary. She wanted to try the cheesecake but she was worried that her menstrual pain will get worse. She remembered reading an article that says dairy products are one of the foods that she should avoid eating when you're on your period. This is because it may increase inflammation and cause cramping.

    But when she saw the anticipated look on the woman's face, Delilah knew she doesn't have the heart to reject and said, "I'll give it a try."

    The woman happily handed Delilah a small plate with a small slice of cheesecake on it.

    Delilah forced a smile and took a bite. The texture of the cheesecake was creamy, with soft cream cheese and grated cheddar cheese spread on top. The sweet but tangy and cheesy flavour melted wonderfully in her mouth.

    Delilah licked the spoon clean as she tasted more of the fluffiness and softness of the cheesecake. It wasn't that sweet but some parts of the cheesecake kind of sticks in the inside of her mouth. The sharp cheddar cheese slide down her throat as it mixed together with soft creamy sponge of the cake.

    She smiled again at the woman and said, "Wow, this is really good. Where did you buy it again?"

    The woman began to talk about where she brought it and how much it was.

    After nearly an hour later, everyone have left the room, except for Delilah, Firah, Aubree, Zaza and a couple of company janitors. Delilah and Zaza made themselves busy by unplugging the computer and carrying them over to the heavy duty trolley. Firah, Aubree and the others helped by rearranging back the tables and chairs and sweeping the floor.

    It was nearly evening when they were all done, cleaning the meeting room, as well as waiting for the caterers to retrieve their items.

    Delilah waved her colleagues goodbye as she made her way to her car.

    She arrived home just as the clock strikes 7 o'clock in the evening. Delilah went to put her bags in her room before heading off to the kitchen.

    In the kitchen, she saw her sister cooking by the stove. Delilah sat on the kitchen table and asked, "What are you cooking?"

    Her sister, Miya, looked up and answered, "I'm cooking some salmons for dinner."

    Delilah immediately drooled at the image that popped inside her head. "Salmon?" she asked, excitement in her voice.

    Miya nodded. "Yeah, your friend at work just called me, saying that your stomach hurts. First day, is it?" she inquired curiously.

    Delilah shook her head. "Third day," she said.

    Miya raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Third day and its still hurting?"

    Delilah sighed. "Yeah... But then again, I did missed last month so..."

    Miya nodded. "I see. Luckily, I saw salmons in the freezer. I remember I had this when I had some menstrual pain. Just give me a few minutes. It's nearly done."

    Delilah raised her arms in happiness. "Yaaay!" she cheered.

    Few minutes later, her sister placed a plate of fried salmons in front of her. She then grabbed a half cut lemon and squeezed the juices onto the salmons.

    Delilah quickly cut some portions of the salmons and took a bite. The exceptional flavour of salmon burst inside her mouth, flooding her senses with joy. The salmon doesn't have that normal fishy taste. Rather, it has that mildly, juicy and meaty taste that felt fulfilling.

    As Delilah bit on the salmon, she could taste the crispy skin of the salmon with its subtle flavour. Melted butter mixed with lemon juices  literally blended nicely with the fatty juice of the salmon. It made the salmon tasted more citrusy and succulent, awakening all her senses with DEE-light.

    Delilah grinned at her sister, who was also enjoying her food and said, "Best painkiller ever!"
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