14 CH14: Recipe with a soul

    "A recipe has no soul,

    You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe."

    - Thomas Keller


    It was 5 minutes past 10 o'clock in the morning. The office was quiet at this time, where most of the employees had work outside the office. There was a huge job fair happening in town, so most of the employees in the HR department were involved.

    Delilah was not one of them.

    This was because Delilah was given another different tasks that she had to be written off in the list of those involved in the job fair. But she was still involved in screening any CVs that were sent to the office and during the job fair.

    After hours of doing the work that had been given by Howard, Delilah decided to have a quick rest in the pantry room. She brought her food container which was filled with peanut butter stuffed pancake pockets.

    This morning, she managed to cook a little snack for herself as she craved for some sweet treats. She had used her takoyaki pan to make these pancake pockets.

    The recipe was quite simple. She only used baking powder, eggs, all-purpose flour, full cream milk and a drop of vanilla essence. She had swiftly whipped these ingredients together and poured them into the takoyaki pan. Before turning the pancake round in the pan, she had filled some peanut butter in the middle of the pancake.

    It was such a sweet pleasure. Biting into the soft pancake pockets, the taste of the puffy pastry with the addition of the peanut butter felt like heaven. The peanut butter tasted smooth and creamy with that nutty flavour. As Delilah chewed on the bite-sized pancake pocket, the peanut butter tasted sticky too in her mouth yet delightful.

    Delilah was eating her sixth piece of the pancake pockets when someone barged into the pantry room.

    Delilah accidentally dropped the pocket on the floor, startled by the loud noise. She quickly bent down to grabbed the pocket and blew on it. She popped it inside her mouth and chewed in relief. '3 seconds rule,' she thought to herself.

    That someone suddenly grabbed a chair beside Delilah and sat down.

    Delilah looked up to find one of the admins, looking so frantic.

    Delilah was surprised to see this admin, looking so flustered and nervous.

    Her name was Yvonne. She was a small Chinese lady with long black hair, tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes, unlike most Chinese, were big and round. It was said that she was half-Chinese and half-Swedish. She must have gotten her eyes from her Swedish father. Delilah has always pegged her as a quiet and no-nonsense kind of a lady. Hence why Delilah was surprised to see her looking like this.

    "Ms. Delilah, is the opening for the DCC still open??" Yvonne asked, hurriedly. (DCC stands for Document Control Clerk).

    Delilah nodded as she took another piece of pancake pocket. "Yes, it is still open for internal recruitment until today at 4pm," she said, looking calm.

    "Is it alright if I give you my CV?"

    Delilah frowned at her in confusion. "How come you don't ask your supervisor? You can just pass your CV to your supervisor, without having to pass directly to me."

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    Yvonne bit her lower lip nervously, looking down on her clenched hands. "I did. But Ms. Kayla had been so busy. I think she forgot about my request and I thought perhaps I will just do it myself."

    She then looked up at Delilah with a pleading look on her face. "But I assure you that she did gave me a green light to apply. She is fine with it!"

    "Well, it does not matter if she allows you or not. But at least, have the courtesy to tell her beforehand on your next actions. But then again, since you've said that she knew about this, it should be OK. Did you bring your CV along with you now?"

    Yvonne immediately passed Delilah a thick brown envelope.

    Delilah took the envelope and opened it. She looked at the CV and skimmed through it.

    She maintained a poker face, not showing any expressions on her face. Though, she was quite surprised and impressed with Yvonne. Apparently, she has done lots of things while she was working here. She had attended lots of professional classes such as NEBOSH and even attended night classes to get her bachelor degree. Yvonne had done well.

    Delilah placed the documents back inside the envelope and put it on the table. "Alright, I'll pass this to the other HR officers and we will review your CV again. We will inform you of the interview date via email."

    Yvonne broke into a huge smile as she stood up. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ms. Delilah."

    Delilah shook her head. "Don't thank me yet. We shall see your performance during the interview."

    Yvonne nodded, still smiling. "Yes yes. Goodbye, Ms. Delilah," she said as she walked out of the room, leaving Delilah with her thoughts.


    The day of the interview.

    Delilah was inside the interview room, together with Aubree and the two employees from the Project department. One of them was the Head of the department. He was a nice middle-aged man named Jafar. He was a Malaysian, who had been in the company since the start-up, even before Delilah worked here. Jafar was a thin man with bushy eyebrows and thin lips. Despite his looks, he has a good personality that invite people to befriends him.

    Together with him was his subordinate, with the name, Rachel. Unlike Jafar, she was a plump lady with full lips and thin eyebrows. Rachel has blonde highlights in her hair and wore blue contact lenses. She also has a sweet personality, who always smile, even in difficult times.

    The four of them were the interview panels, who will be interviewing people for the DCC position.

    They were making themselves comfortable, having a chitchat, with Aubree and Jafar in the middle, sandwiched by Delilah and Rachel.

    Minutes later, Bella, the receptionist peeked in and said, "The next interviewee is here. Shall I invite her in?"

    Jafar nodded as he looked down on the paper, which contained list of interviewees' names.

    Bella opened the door wide and gestured for the interviewee to go in.

    Apparently, it was Yvonne. And this time, she exuded confidence and determination in her posture. She bowed her head a little and greeted them all a good morning.

    They returned back her greeting and invited Yvonne to have a seat.

    Aubree started off the interview with the usual opening and then started to shoot off some questions. Aubree and Jafar did most of the asking, with Rachel joining in with some of her questions, as well. Delilah just kept quiet since she was the one who recommended Yvonne to be interviewed.

    After half an hour, the interview ended with both sides feeling satisfied. Jafar and Rachel felt even more satisfied. They felt Yvonne was perfect for the job, despite the fact that the position was not her field in the first place.

    Together with Kayla's recommendation, as well, they unanimously agreed on choosing Yvonne for the position.

    Delilah leaned back against her chair, with a smug look on her face and arms crossed across her chest. "See? I told you so."

    Jafar laughed. "Yes, yes. You were right, Delilah."

    Delilah shrugged. "Sorry, I just can't resist saying I told you so."

    She looked down at Yvonne's CV, which was in front of her and continued, "Sometimes, even if they have a different beginning. We need to add something to that beginning and bring them over to a better path. And that's like the saying where recipe has no soul but it's our job to bring the soul into that recipe. Yvonne is the recipe. Her determination and desire are that soul."

    Aubree's eyes widened." DEE-ng. That's kind of DEE-p for you, Delilah."

    Delilah giggled. "I know, right? I surprised myself too."

    All of them laughed.
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