19 CH19: Return of Lady Boss

    "Hard work should be rewarded by good food"

    - Ken Follett


    Delilah looked down at her phone with a  frown on her face. She felt that the beginning of her stressful week was about to begin.

    There, on the HR group chat, Howard had forwarded a message from one of their bosses, Sheila.

    Sheila was Matt's wife. She used to managed the company before she moved back to her home country. She was a Singaporean, who had married a local man, Matt. Currently, she was busy managing one of the sister companies, SinMedic Enterprise.

    Well, please do not think that Sheila was a bad person. She was actually one of the nicest person Delilah had met. But unfortunately, she was also one of the most stubborn person Delilah had met, as well. With high expectations for success and raise in profits, she expected this from everyone. Especially those who worked under her supervision. She does not accept 'No, I can't do it' for an answer. She used to text Delilah at 3am and 5am in the morning, just to ask about the work that Delilah had done for her.

    Howard once warned Delilah about Sheila's work ethics when Delilah first worked in the company. But she did not expect that it would be this bad.

    Sheila was the type who would pester you for more great output once she loved your work. She would be very demanding on what she wants and expect her employees to get it done by the next day.

    Apparently, Howard had forwarded a message from Sheila where she was telling him that she would be arriving at the country in a couple of days. And that, she would like to have a quick meeting with the HR, IT and Marketing departments. Delilah doubted her definition of 'quick' was the same as Sheila's.

    Delilah groaned as she slumped over her table in her cubicle. She peeked over at her table calendar and saw that there will be 3 more days until Sheila will be arriving to the country.

    She sighed as she blindly looked for her snacks, which she always kept nearby.

    Her hand touched something and she sat up as she tore open a packet of peanuts. She leaned her head back and poured the peanuts down her mouth.

    She munched on the peanuts, her mouth full as she dazed off, daydreaming. The crunchy and salty taste of the peanuts tasted satisfying as she continued to munched.

    Knowing that she could not do anything about the upcoming meeting, she decided to continue working. 'If something happens, it happens', Delilah thought to herself as she typed on her computer.


    Sheila's arrival at the company.

    There was a small commotion in front of the door leading to the HR department office. Loud and happy voices echoed from the area, making both Firah and Delilah looked up from their computer.

    That morning, the two of them were working on the reports that they wanted to present to Sheila when she comes in. When suddenly, their concentration was broken by the noise.

    They looked up to find a tall woman with shoulder-length brown hair came in with Howard and Matt. She walked between the two men, her smile wide, showing white pearls teeth. She was wearing a blue blouse and a brown slacks, with a flipflop to complete the look. Rather than saying she looked too simple, she looked more comfy in her clothes. As if she did not care that she was not wearing formal clothes to the office.

    She reached Firah and Delilah's cubicles and smiled down at them. "Good morning, girls. Long time no see. Did Howard told you about our meeting?"

    Delilah just nodded while Firah greeted her, "Hello, Sheila."

    "Great, great!" she grinned. "Come, let's go to the meeting room and wait for the others to join us."

    With that, she swept past them and headed straight to the meeting room, with Matt and Howard following behind her. They looked and acted like they were Sheila's attendants and Sheila was their queen.

    Firah and Delilah looked at each other, a worried look on their faces.

    "Well, that felt like a wind just flew past us," Delilah commented.

    Firah sighed as she slowly stood up. "Well, lets get going before she comes out and tell us to go there."

    Delilah nodded in agreement. She quickly saved her report and send the document to the printer to be printed.

    The sound of a printer printing could be heard and Delilah walked over to retrieve the documents. She then joined Firah, walking towards the meeting room.

    Inside the meeting room, Sheila was talking with Howard, where she sat at head of the table. Matt sat on her left while Howard sat on her right.

    A laptop was placed in front of her with several papers beside it.

    Sheila looked up when she saw Firah and Delilah walked in. She then gestured them to join them, with a smile on her face.

    Delilah sat a seat away from Howard, while Firah sat next to her. She purposely left the seat empty between her and Howard for Aubree.

    Aubree had texted earlier that she will be joining in late as she had some meeting at the other branch.

    A couple of minutes later, more people from the IT department and the Marketing department joined in. Delilah saw Travis among the employees who just joined in.

    Feeling as if someone was watching him, Travis looked up. He saw Delilah staring at him. He then returned her stare with a smug smirk.

    Delilah frowned and looked back down as she prepared her report.

    Once everything had settled in, there was a short silence as Sheila looked around the table with a smile on her face. "Good morning, everyone. I see there are new faces here. My name is Sheila. I'm one of the founders of this company. But I have been staying in Singapore to manage one of our sister company.

    I am here today to introduce a new plan for our company. I have been testing out several systems and attended many meetings to see how this will work out. I would like the cooperation of the three departments here. The IT department to learn and train. The Marketing department to spread the word around and learn from the IT department. The Human Resource department to ensure that everyone in this company will use and support of this new plan."

    She further talked about how she had created a standalone online payment system for the company. And how she had met up with the local bank CEO and managers to discuss on the cooperation.

    As she was talking, Aubree had knocked softly on the door before peeking her head in. Watching the meeting was still ongoing, she quietly went into the room and closed the door softly behind her. She quietly moved to where the HR employees were sitting and sat next to Howard and Delilah.

    She leaned towards Delilah and whispered, "What did I miss?"

    Delilah shook her head. "Nothing much. I will send the MOM to everyone later." Earlier, Howard had whispered to Delilah that he wanted Delilah to write the minutes of meeting for today.

    Aubree nodded and whispered thanks to her, before leaning back on her seat, listening to Sheila.

    While Sheila was talking, Howard was also smiling and laughing to the small jokes that Sheila was saying. Delilah inwardly rolled her eyes.

    Sheila continued on about how product and services were needed to be improvised and added to the website. She also appointed people to be in charge of certain tasks and Aubree and Delilah were two of the people she had appointed.

    Though, it was more like Delilah was appointed to assist Aubree.

    The meeting had taken two hours with no breaks. And by the time the meeting had ended, Delilah and Firah walked out of the room, feeling drained and their behind sore from hours of sitting.

    At that moment, only the heads of the departments, Aubree, Matt and Sheila were left at the meeting room. And with the big bosses away, Delilah and Firah decided to go out and get some early lunch.

    Delilah immediately texted Aubree. "Hey, we're going out for an early lunch! We're sooo hungry!"

    Aubree replied back, "T_T demyuh bishes! I'm stuck here!"

    "Hahaha! Will it be long?"

    "I don't know. Lady Boss just want to have a quick talk. And you know how long is her quick!"

    "Want us to wait for you?"

    "Nah! I'll join immediately once I'm done. Just text me the place."


    Delilah and Firah walked to Delilah's car and got in.

    In the car, with their seat-belts fastened, Firah scrolled down on her social media pages. Her eyes widened when she saw a sponsored advert on her Instagram. "Oh look. Want to try this?"

    Delilah looked over and saw a picture of a KFC advert where there were two patties with a cheese and some sauce and lettuce in-between. "Is that KFC Doubledown? They're back?"

    Firah nodded.

    Delilah then leaned back against her seat and said, "Alrighty then! Can you text Aubree that we'll be eating at KFC?"

    Firah nodded again. "Sure, sure."

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    A few minutes later, they finally arrived at KFC restaurant. Delilah quickly parked her car nearby and got off the car. The two women went into the restaurant and waited in queue.

    After they had placed their orders, they carried their meals to an empty table. The two women made themselves comfortable and began to grab their respective meals.

    Both Delilah and Firah had ordered a doubledown set meals, which was the Zinger burger with no bun, together with drinks and fries.

    Firah got up to take some ketchup for the both of them and they began to unwrap their doubledown wrapping.

    As Delilah unwrapped the wrapping, she could feel the oil from patties, sticking to her fingers. She immediately grabbed some more tissues and wrapped them around the patties. Because the doubledown does not have any bun, which helps to absorb the fattening oil from the patties, the burger was more oily.

    But when Delilah bit down on the burger, the myriad spices and herbs of the patties exploded in her mouth. The burger patties were more juicy and the classic breading of the patties were more crunchy. It has that slight tangy taste that has a slow burns that lingered in your mouth like flames of passion. Together with the sauce, it added more 'zing' and 'kick' to the taste.

    Delilah licked her lips as she chewed.

    Shortly after, Aubree walked in the restaurant, her eyes darting left and right, as if she was looking for someone. Then her eyes dropped at the two women, who were clearly enjoying their meal.

    She walked over to them and dropped her handbag on the empty seat beside Delilah. "I'm going to order my food."

    Both Delilah and Firah nodded as they continued eating.

    Minutes later, Aubree sat down, carrying her meal. She had ordered a doubledown set meal, as well.

    "How's the doubledown?" Aubree asked, as she unwrapped her wrapped burger.

    "Finger Lickin' Good!" Delilah said, giving a thumbs-up, echoing KFC slogan. As she continued to eat, she also said, "I DEE-finitely need this before tackling what Lady Boss had ordered us!"

    Aubree and Firah both nodded. "DEE-m true!"
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