24 CH24: Chocolate is Love

    "There is nothing better than a friend,

    unless it is a friend with chocolate."

    - Anonymous


    It was half-past seven in the morning when Delilah arrived at the office, with her hands full of folders and files that she brought home the day before. On her back, laid a backpack that has her personal stuffs. She did not use her normal sling bag, opting for a backpack, instead.

    As she walked inside the HR office, the incessant sounds of the tapping on keyboards can be heard. Although, it was still early, but it looked like everyone here has started working. Placing the folders and files on her table and her backpack on the floor, she took off her light jacket. Today, she decided for a more comfortable outfit. She wore a casual loose shirt with a lenox black skirt and white sneakers.

    As Delilah was arranging the files and folder, she heard a beep sound from her backpack. But she decided to finish arranging her items first before grabbing her backpack from the floor. Rummaging through the other stuffs inside the backpack, she took out her mobile phone.

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    Swiping on the screen, she saw a message. It was from Aubree.

    'Hey, Delilah. I'm sorry. I got to take an emergency leave for today. I have a diarrhea and I'm on my way to the hospital. I already texted Howard and the peeps at Finance dept. Take care of the office in my stead, okay? And sorry again!' it reads.

    'Ooof. OK! Take care, Aubree. And don't worry much about the office and take a good rest!' Delilah replied back.

    Delilah immediately went to Aubree's cubicle and checked her little whiteboard that was placed on the wall. Aubree usually wrote her 'Tasks to do' on the board. Scanning the tasks written on the board, Delilah felt a bit relief to see that there was nothing much she needs to do. Especially when it comes to meeting customers. But there were lists of people that Delilah need to call and arrange meeting times for some of the customers. There were also lists of forms that Delilah need to check, such as the budget and the inventory list.

    Delilah quickly grabbed a post-it from Aubree's table and wrote down the names of the customers who would like to meet with Matt. She also switched on Aubree's computer and shared the documents inside to her emails.

    Once she was done, she went over to her cubicle and switched on her computer. While waiting for the documents to finish download, Delilah also did her work. Fortunately, her own work for today was not much either. Luckily, she had the initiative to do some of her work back home.

    She was inputting some data in the computer when her phone beeped. She looked over and saw Aubree's 'Everything's alright?'

    Aubree can be a worrywart. She tends to worry over things, which sometimes made Delilah and Firah frustrated. Though, sometimes they do joke over it, saying probably Aubree does not trust them much. Which was understandable. Because sometimes, Delilah and Firah would be like, 'Ehhh, were we supposed to do that?' And then they just laughed it off, much to Aubree's exasperation.

    Delilah smirked. And just ignored the message. She will reply to it later, once she was done with inputting the data.

    As she continued to work, every now and then, there would be a notification beep from her phone. Sighing, she grabbed her phone and saw 8 unread messages from Aubree. Most of the messages read 'Wooi! Is everything alright?' and 'Delilah, did you mess things up?'

    Delilah rolled her eyes. Such a dramatic woman. 'Wow, nice to see your confidence in me is waning. Everything is alright here! Just get off the phone and relax! Take a rest, bish!' she replied back.

    'Sure?' came the reply from Aubree again.

    Delilah rolled her eyes again. 'Yes, yes. Now, get some rest before I block you.'

    Once Delilah was sure that Aubree was not going to text her again, Delilah continued on with her work. After she was done, she opened up Aubree's document and skimmed through it. She first checked the budget document and cross-reference it with the document sent over by the Finance department and the heads.

    While working on the two documents, she was also writing some notes on a piece of paper. She took note of the small mistakes and some inquiries on the phantom digits (Meaning where the money came from or went to).

    Delilah also sought for Firah's help, asking her whether she can help contact Matt, in regards to meeting, as well as arranging the meeting rooms with the General Affairs department.

    At that moment, the two of them were working hard with no disturbances. And Deegan was not at his cubicle as he was still busy working with the Safety department. It was less than a month until the quarterly team building activity. Hence, Deegan had been busy that he hardly worked in his cubicle, opting to work at the office where the Safety department were at.

    Though, every now and then, he does email Delilah on his updates and what he has done.

    After hours of working, with Bella constantly coming up to their floor to send over more of Aubree's work, Delilah realized how big Aubree's responsibility was to the company. Delilah was amazed at how Aubree can still survive.

    Delilah was currently looking through the papers that Bella had send over and rearrange them into piles. One pile for Delilah and another pile for Aubree. This was because there were certain documents that Delilah cannot touch and can only leave them to Aubree when she returned to work.

    Few minutes before, Delilah had received another text from Aubree. She told Delilah that she was given an MC (Medical certificate), where she was excused from work for two days. Delilah replied back, telling her to get plenty of rest and have someone to send over the MC to the office if possible.

    Working on Aubree's and her own tasks were going smoothly.

    At one point, Delilah's stomach started to grumble, making loud noises.

    Delilah's face went beet red when she saw Firah looked over with her hand over her mouth, holding onto her laughter. "Hungry?" she asked.

    Looking at her wristwatch, Delilah was surprised to see that they had missed lunchtime. "Oof! We missed lunch! No wonder my tummy was making noises."

    Firah began to rummaged through her handbag and took out a chocolate bar. "Here you go," she said, holding out the bar to Delilah. "I seem to remember that you didn't eat your breakfast as well."

    With thanks, Delilah took the chocolate bar from Firah.

    "Do you want to take a break for lunch or...?" Firah asked.

    "Let me DEE-vour this chocolate first before we take our late lunch."

    Firah nodded and turned back to her computer.

    Crinkling open the chocolate wrappers, Delilah took a huge bite. She closed her eyes in bliss. The sweetness of the chocolate melted fluidly in her mouth. The chocolate tasted thick, milkier and smooth. She waited for the chocolate to melt in her mouth before chewing it. She loved chocolates. She always felt content and warmth whenever she ate chocolates.

    She was using her fingers to eat the chocolate. Thus, there were some chocolate that sticks to her fingers. It looked like a beautiful mess, with chocolate melting on her fingers.

    Watching Delilah eat, Firah handed her a wet tissue, shaking her head in bemusement. "I can't never understand how you could eat chocolates like this."

    Delilah licked her fingers, not wanting to waste a single drip of it before wiping her fingers with a wet tissue. "That was DEE perfect way to eat, you know." Delilah said, smirking.

    Throwing away the dirtied wet tissue at her small rubbish bin, she swiftly saved all her documents and put her computer to sleep. She grabbed her purse from her backpack and her mobile phone and stood up." Let's go for lunch, shall we?" Delilah asked, smiling.
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