27 CH27: CV clinic

    "The only time to eat diet food,

    is while you're waiting for the steak to cook."

    - Julia Child


    It has been a busy week for Delilah and Firah. For weeks, they have been going back and forth between the office and the local university, where Deegan studied. A couple of months ago, the university has sent an invitation letter to conduct a talk.

    Graduation day will be coming up soon in a couple of weeks and the university had planned to hold up a job fair for the fresh graduates and the unemployed people. They had invited the Kang Company to give a talk on how to write CVs and how to improve their writing. At the same time, to showcase their company and introduce themselves to the public.

    Initially, it was supposed to be Howard's job to give the talk and do the CV clinics, however, it clashed with his time in Malaysia. He was assigned to go with Travis to Malaysia to watch the robotic competition. Hence, he had to pass the task to Delilah and Firah.

    And that was why Delilah and Firah had been busy the past few weeks. They had to meet up with several people, as well as contractors for their booth.

    Aubree had suggested to bring Deegan along during the talk since it will be held at his university. Other than Deegan, Howard had also discussed with several heads of the department on whom in their team will join the talk. These employees would not be giving a talk on how to write and improve their CV writing but rather, to manned the booth.

    At that moment, Delilah and Firah were sitting at the visitor's room, the same place where Fawkes and Travis met them the other day. The two had just finished with their discussion and had decided to call it a day. The talk will be tomorrow and the two women were satisfied with what they have done.

    Delilah collected all the papers that were on the table and arranged them in order, before placing them inside a folder. She then handed the folder to Firah and asked, "Do you want to bring this for tomorrow?" The two had decided that they will go straight to the university since the event will start at 8am in the morning.

    Firah shook her head, rejecting the folder. "No, no. You carry it. It will only messed up in my backpack," she said, pointing at her backpack.

    Delilah peered inside Firah's backpack and grimaced. There were a lot of crumpled sheets of paper inside. "What the heck do you put inside?"

    Firah took some of the sheets out and scrutinized each paper one by one. "Uh... This is my car's insurance paper... Oh, some certificates that I got from previous events... Probably, from last year," she mumbled, as she reads them aloud.

    Delilah facepalmed. "Never mind. I'll bring it myself, then."

    Firah grinned. "Okay!" she then shoved the papers back into her backpack and zipped it close.

    "Makes me wonder how you got to be an HR," Delilah commented.

    Firah frowned. "Hey, that's just rude," she pouted.

    Delilah giggled. "I'm just kidding," she teased, patting Firah on the shoulder. "Come on and let's go. We got to prepare for tomorrow!"

    Firah nodded as the two of them walked out of the office, signing out for the day.


    The day of Job Fair

    Delilah was arranging the flyers at their booth when Firah arrived, carrying a small box. Inside the box, there were several pens, which were for the people who have come to their booth. The pen will be given to them as a free door gift, each time anyone hand in their CVs.

    Minutes later, more of the Kang company's employees came and Delilah briefly gave them instructions on what to do and what to expect. She handed each of them a couple of flyers to pass to the people.

    Then Delilah had a quick talk with Firah for their talk which will be happening in an hour.

    While waiting for the talk to start, Delilah went to double check her script and notes, making sure that she has memorized the important points that she wanted to present during the talk.

    When the talk finally started, Delilah had walked up to the front, facing the audience, with Firah standing by her side as support. She first congratulate the fresh graduates on their graduation, she then talked about the importance of CVs and how to write a good CVs may attract potential and interested employers. She also talked about how to find jobs, especially in small country as theirs.

    Once she was done with the talks, she invited the audience to ask her any questions. She calmly answer them one by one. Firah joined in, helping Delilah with the answering of the questions, as well. And after she was done with the question and answer sessions, Delilah invited the audience to attend her CV writing clinic if they need further help.

    It took them more than two hours to wrap things up. It took longer than their allocated time but the organizer had given Delilah and Firah some extra time. Deegan were also there, where he helped with welcoming those who needed help with their CVs.

    After they were done, Aubree had come over to help with the cleaning up. Since it was a one-day event, it had been a hectic and tiring day. Aubree did not joined the event because she had to stay in the office, since Howard was not in the country. She can only join them after office hours.

    Once they had finished with the clean up, Aubree invited Delilah, Firah and Deegan out for an early dinner. Deegan, who felt awkward being the only male in the group, tried to decline. But Aubree and Delilah kept persuading him, which in the end, he accepted. Delilah discreetly texted Fawkes as well, inviting him to dinner, which he replied 'Sure, just text me the location.'

    Firah was craving for some chicken and beef satay so they decided to go to a popular Indonesian restaurant nearby. Delilah suggested to carpool since it would be convenient. The three of them agreed. Deegan volunteered to be the driver so they went to his car, which was a Toyota Corolla.

    Few minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant. The place was not as packed as it usually was, which was good for them. They do not have to look for an empty table. Delilah had already texted Fawkes where the place was, which he promptly replied back with a 'I'll be there in a few minutes. Otw now.' [Otw = On the way].

    They had just placed their orders, when Fawkes arrived a few minutes after. Luckily, he had already texted Delilah earlier on what he wanted to eat. So, they do not have to order again.

    The five of them began to talk with one another, with Delilah and Firah munching on the free peanuts, served on the table.

    Shortly after, their foods have arrived. They had ordered satays and chicken penyet with rice. They decided to share the satays among them, where they had chosen beef and chicken.

    Delilah took a quick picture of her chicken penyet with rice before cutting the chicken into small pieces. Most chicken penyet were served, using chicken thigh, where it was deep-fried to give a crunchy texture. It was usually eaten with its sambal, which was spicy and sometimes sweet. Delilah loved how she would bite into the luscious and juicy chicken, which also has that extra crunch from the deep fry. When she ate the chicken together with the sambal and the rice, it was fulfilling and satisfying because her tastebud was bombarded with many tastes in one time; savoury, filling, spicy, sweet and a bit sour. It was so satisfying that it made her feel content.

    And apparently, the event had really worn Delilah out that she ordered another chicken penyet, without the rice.


    Weeks later after the job fair event.

    "Hey, Delilah," Bella greeted as she walked over to Delilah.

    Delilah was in her cubicle, chatting on discordance when Bella walked up to her. She quickly minimized the discordance window and turned around to face Bella. "Heyo, what's up?"

    Bella handed her a couple of papers and said, "I received this from the mail. Seems like its a letter from the university where you all did the CV talk."

    Delilah frowned. "Oh, I wonder how come they don't just email?" she asked, confused.

    Bella shrugged. "Don't know. Probably they want it to be more official and still in old-school?" Bella assumed.

    Delilah gave a soft laugh. "Ah, ok, I guess so. Thanks."

    Bella nodded and waved goodbye as she walked out of the office.

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    Delilah turned back around and read the document. The university had sent a letter of appreciation and had written lots of feedback. But most of all, they loved how the company was really helpful and all.

    She smiled. Thinking how glad she was that the talk had gone so well. Delilah set the papers aside. She will give it to Howard once he returns. For now, lets just savour the fact that they all did a great job, even if Howard was not around!
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