43 CH43: Radio Talks

    "After a full belly,

    All is poetry."

    -  Frank McCourt


    It was a fine Thursday morning as the sunrise slowly spread its pinkish glow across the sky, announcing a brand new day. Delilah was on her way to work, driving her grey silver sedan car. It was like any other day; traffic was everywhere. She only drove out of her residential area and she already caught in a traffic jam. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as some jams in other countries as she was still be able to drive her car a bit.

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    She was listening to the radio and right at that moment, the radio djs were Nathan and Dillon. She loved to hear them on the radio because they usually play nice songs and were kind of funny. They do not play pranks but rather, they usually play games on the radio, which made Delilah laughed. One of the games that they usually do was what they called, 'Thriller Thursday'. The segment was a guessing game, where one of the radio djs would describe a certain movie, giving riddles and the other dj would have to guess it.

    However, they usually play the game at 8 o'clock in the morning. So before that, they were discussing about Dillon's holiday. A couple of weeks ago, he went to Portugal for two weeks. Nathan was asking him questions of what Dillon did there and what are the tips he would like to contribute. Then Dillon talked about how he used to dislike egg tarts. But then when he went to Portugal, his wife had persuaded him to try the Portuguese egg tarts. At first, he told Nathan that he was adamant about not wanting to give it a try. But knowing his wife's persistence of saying how good it was and him not wanting to reject good food, so he tried it.

    Nathan laughed, as if he knew what was going to happen next. He continued asked Dillon, "How was it?"

    Dillon was quiet at first and then he reluctantly answered, "I then ate at least two egg tarts everyday when I was there."

    Nathan had laughed out loud after Dillon had admitted that. Dillon then talked about the differences between the egg tarts made here and the ones in Portugal. He talked about how the pastries were so good; it was crispy yet melt in your mouth. The egg tarts there were a bite-sized so it was easy to get addicted to it. He described how moist the inside of the tarts were and how it was not that sweet.

    As she listened to the two radio djs talked, Delilah began to burn up with jealousy. How she wished that she was in Portugal right now and eat what Dillon had eaten. But alas, her wallet and bank account does not approve her traveling needs. Not wanting to hear more because she was worried that she might crave for some egg tarts, she switched off the radio. Instead, she switched on her mp3 player. Little did she know, she was already craving for one.

    Arriving at the office, she quickly parked her car at a nearby parking lot and went into the office building.

    She had just arrived at her cubicle when she heard a text notification from her phone. She placed her handbag on the table and grabbed her phone from inside. She swiped the screen and saw it was from Howard. Reading through the text, it seems like he wanted Delilah to conduct a class of CV writing for next month. He wrote in the text that he wanted Delilah to set up the registration and get some admins to help out. He also suggested to ask for help from the Marketing department to help promote it.

    Delilah shot a quick reply of yes and continue to prepare for the day.

    She decided to create a document where it will be for registration and make it open to the public. It will create more publicity for their company and increase their brand name to be known in the country.

    After a few minutes, she was done with the document and had reviewed it; testing it out to ensure that there were no mistakes. She also decided to create an online registration form to make it more convenient. Once done, she send the document and the online form link to the admins and the marketing department via email. She added a request to the marketing department, to whomever was in charge of the social media of the company to share it there. At least, it will gain more publicity and popularity.

    Receiving agreements from both parties, Delilah forwarded the email to Howard, just to update him on what has been done.


    Few days later, Delilah had just arrived at the office. However, before she went up the stairs to her office, Bella had rushed out of the reception desk and rushed towards her. Confused, Delilah stopped walking and waited for Bella to reach her.

    "Is there something wrong, Bella?" Delilah asked, tilting her head in question.

    Bella nodded. "Someone had called in yesterday and they asked about the CV writing class."

    "And what about it?"

    Bella bite her lips nervously, as if she was worried about how Delilah might react to her answer. "Well, that person asked whether he can get in for free since they went to the class before."

    Delilah frowned darkly as she narrowed her eyes. "So? Why does that matter? Do you have his number? Let me give him a call."

    Shortly after, Delilah was in her cubicle, with the office phone in her hand. Bella had passed her the number of the one who had wanted to get free registration fee. Delilah dialled the number and then a male voice came out. 'Hello?' he said.

    "Hello, sir. This is Delilah from the Kang Company. I'm returning your call in regards to the CV writing that you have inquired earlier before. I was told that you would like to get in for free because you went to our previous class before?" Delilah asked politely.

    'Ah yes,' the man answered. 'I have already been to one before and I would like to join again.'

    "I see," she said, nodding. "May I know which class you've went to?" she asked again, still being polite.

    'I went to the one during the job fair, months ago.'

    Delilah inwardly face-palmed. Outside, she murmured, "Ah, I see. Actually, we do not give any free class, regardless of whether you have been to one because every class would be different. And during the job fair, that was, of course, free. But that was under the government labour department. And this is a private class. So, you still need to pay for the registration fee."

    'Oh, I see,' the man said. 'Even if I already went to one.'

    "Yes, sir."

    The man went quiet.

    Delilah then quickly added, "So, if you are still interested to join our class. Please do check out our website to download our registration form or you can come to our office and apply. And yes, we also accept walk-ins. Oh and also, do not forget to follow us on our social media."

    "Uh, sure," the man stammered. He sounded nervous now.

    "Thank you again and hope to see you soon!" Not!

    Delilah hang up the phone and sighed. 'I need a snack!' she thought.

    It was still early at the office and she had already eaten her breakfast at home. Yet, she still feels hungry. The feeling of being annoyed at someone but at the same time, trying to hold it in was tiring. She grabbed her purse from her handbag and walked over to Aubree.

    Aubree was inside her cubicle, typing something in her phone. She looked up when she heard Delilah knocking on her wall.

    "Hey, Aubree. Good morning!" she greeted. "Do you mind if I go out for a moment?"

    "Where are you going?" Aubree asked.

    "I'm going to the nearest bakery. I need some snacks," Delilah answered.

    Aubree stood up and grabbed her purse and phone. "Okay, can I join?"

    Delilah raised an eyebrow. "Well, from the way you already brought your purse and phone with you, it seems like you're DEE-finitely joining me."

    Aubree just laughed.

    The two of them then walked down and out of the office building. Delilah was driving so they immediately walked over to her car.

    It only took them ten minutes to arrive at the bakery. It was a small bakery with a cute red and white striped awning. After parking her car, the two women get down from the car and went inside. They were greeted by the fresh smell of newly baked breads and pastries. It smells heavenly.

    Delilah quickly walked over to the counter that serves the pastries and puffs, whereas Aubree went to the shelves that holds the bread and savory breads. She then noticed that there was some egg tarts. She quickly grabbed a tray and picked three since the price of three only cost about two dollars.

    After she was done with hers, apparently, Aubree was done with hers, as well. The two paid for their food and returned back to the car with a happy smile on their faces.

    Back at the office, instead of going straight to her cubicle, Delilah went to the pantry, together with Aubree.

    Inside the pantry, she sat down at the table and began to eat her egg tart. Biting into the tart, a moist and sweet taste of the custard explode beautifully in her mouth. The flaky yet soft exterior of the tart melts as she ate it. The sweet custard of the egg tart was still warm. It tasted like perfection in a dessert. The golden yet gooey interior melts together with the flaky exterior, making it more sweet and delicious.

    As she inhale more of the tarts, she thought that this tarts were probably not as Dillon's but it was still so good!
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