45 CH45: Food in mouth solves everything!

    "So long you have food in your mouth,

    You have solved all questions for the time being."

    -  Franz Kafka


    Delilah sighed as she leaned back against her seat. She was alone in the office. And ever since Firah had left the company and now, Deegan, it had become more quiet. People next to her cubicle were both gone. And there was no one Delilah would talk with. And she became quite lonely. Aubree's cubicle was a bit further, near the back of the office. So Delilah could not chat with Aubree as much as possible.

    It was time for lunch but Delilah had no mood to eat at that moment. Though, the possibility of her eating her lunch earlier might be one of the reasons why she does not have the mood to eat. In order to not get bored, she decided to watch a television series. She was watching a Japanese drama about historical family affairs. She wasn't really into this kind of genre but there was nothing else to watch.

    As she was getting engrossed in the series, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked up and her eyes widened. "What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise, whirling around in her seat to face the newcomer.

    Amy grinned, her smile brightening her whole face. "Deeeeeeeelilaaaaaah!" she squealed.

    "Shush!" Delilah said, placing a finger over her lips, shushing Amy. "Again, what are you doing here?" she repeated.

    Amy grabbed a chair from the cubicle where Firah used to work and pushed it inside Delilah's cubicle, cramping them together inside. She sat down and giggled. "Ah, I'm here for an interview."

    Delilah frowned. "Interview? What interview?" she asked, looking confused. She hadn't heard about anything regarding interview. Aubree did not even mention about it either when they saw each other earlier that morning.

    Amy nodded. "Yes," she said. "Apparently, Howard had texted me earlier before lunch. And told me to go straight to HQ to interview some admins."

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    Delilah frowned. "Did someone left the company?" she asked again, still confused. She did not received any resignation letter nor did Howard or Aubree told her about someone getting fired. And if someone was getting fired, there would be news all over the company.

    Amy shook her head in answer. "No, Howard told me to interview some people to replace me. I'll be working as Howard's assistant now. So, I would probably be too busy to do other admin works."

    Delilah clapped once in glee. "Oh, congratulations, Amy," she applaud, looking pleased.

    Amy furrowed her brows, looking troubled, rather than happy herself. "Thanks, I guess."

    Delilah tilted her head in confuse again. "What's wrong?"

    Amy sighed sadly. "I don't know whether to be happy or not. But this is just a 'promotion' from Howard and it's not really official. And additionally, my salary is still the same," she admitted.

    Delilah frowned. "What do you mean?" she asked.

    Amy sighed again. At first, she looked hesitant to talk about it. But then, she began to pour out all of her worries. "I mean, Matt doesn't know about this 'promotion'," she said, raising her fingers to make a quote sign. "But Howard was dead set on making me his assistant. I already told him that I'm packed with admin work. So he had this brilliant idea to make me his assistant while I interview another person to take over my duties."

    "Does Aubree know about this?" Delilah asked, still frowning.

    Amy shrugged. "Don't know. All I know was that he already called some people to come over here to be interviewed. And he's giving me the all-go whether to choose them or not. He wanted me to interview them so that I can ask questions from my own experience."

    Delilah let out a long breath. Sometimes, she really could not understand what Howard is doing and what is he planning to do. Unfortunately, she could not do anything but to lament her concerns to Aubree, who, too, finds herself in a quandary as well.

    "I guess all you can do is just to follow what he says," Delilah advised. "I mean, you can't do anything. But if Matt asked you about another new employee at the other branch, I do hope you can voice out your concerns to him. I'm worried that he would get angry as to why we are hiring another staff when he specifically told Aubree that we are not hiring anyone."

    Amy nodded. Then she stood up and returned the chair back to its cubicle. "Anyhow, I better get ready for the interview."

    Delilah nodded back. "Do you need some company for the interview?" she offered.

    Amy shook her head, declining Delilah's kind offer. "It's alright, D. I can do it alone. But thanks anyway."

    She then walked out of Delilah's cubicle and headed towards one of the smaller meeting rooms at the back of the office. She was greeting hello to Aubree, who had just entered the office, back from lunch.

    After Amy was out of their sight, Aubree quickly walked over to Delilah's cubicle and grabbed the same chair Amy had just used. She sat down and raised an eyebrow. "So, what is she doing here?" She knew that Amy was from the other branch. And she hardly comes to the HQ unless there was a meeting or she was called by the top management.

    Delilah sighed and told Aubree what Amy had told her earlier.

    By the time Delilah had finished talking, Aubree was frowning with her eyes narrowed. "Wow, just wow," she said slowly, as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "And who is going to pay for the new employee? The company? I don't think Matt would allow that since he himself said that there's no vacancy."

    Delilah made a 'duh' expression on her face. "That's what I've been saying!" she pressed. "I really don't understand your boss."

    Aubree chuckled and shook her head. "No, he's your boss."

    Delilah shook her head too. "If he's my boss, he's your boss too!" she said, laughing.

    Then the two of them sighed in unison. Again, they really could not understand this certain boss of theirs.

    Delilah abruptly stood up, with her hands on her hips, startling Aubree. "Okay!" she said loudly. "Rather than us thinking about it, let's go down and eat!"

    "But lunch hour is already over," Aubree said.

    "No!" Delilah denied. "Lunch hour is over when my stomach is full and I'm hungry!" she exclaimed, rubbing her stomach.

    "Didn't you just--"

    Delilah immediately shushed Aubree into silence. "That was a late breakfast. This is a late lunch," she reasoned as she crossed her arms over her chest. She then leaned down closer to Aubree and said, "And you're coming with me."

    "I already--"

    "I know you've already ate! But I need a partner in... I mean, I need someone to accompany me so let's go," Delilah said, as one hand grabbed her purse and phone and another grabbed Aubree's hand.

    She dragged Aubree down to the cafeteria on the ground floor. She greeted hello and joked with some of the employees who teased her for being 'late' to lunch. Aubree just rolled her eyes after she pulled her hand from Delilah's grip and followed her from behind.

    Since Aubree had already eaten her lunch, she only accompanied Delilah. Though, she ordered a drink too. Delilah helped ordered her drink while Aubree waited for her at their table.

    Delilah decided to eat fish and chips. The fish that the cafeteria had used was dory fish, which was one of the best fish to eat. And it has been awhile since she had fish and chips and she was craving for it.

    After placing her order, she went to the table where Aubree was waiting for her. Soon after, the two of them talked about their personal lives. Both of them were aunts with nephews. Though, Aubree has more nieces than nephews, whereas Delilah only has a nephew. They laughed at each other's stories about the antics their nephews and nieces had done.

    Shortly after, Delilah's fish and chips has arrived. It was still piping hot. And when Delilah cut into the battered fish, there was still some hot steam from the fish, indicating that it was hot. The fish and chips came together with tartar sauce. When Delilah sliced some parts of the fish and ate it, she had to fan her mouth from the heat. But the fish was crispy and delicious. The batter used to coat the fish was perfect. The fish itself has a flaky texture yet also a mild and sweet taste. When she added tartar sauce to the fish, it added a tangy flavour to the fish. She liked how the white fish tasted a bit smooth in her mouth with a tangy and succulent consistency. And the chips itself was oven baked. So, it wasn't too oily. But it was a bit crispy and the insides were moist. Also perfect.

    Watching Delilah eats made Aubree drool that she 'steal' a chip from her. Delilah narrowed her eyes, glaring at Aubree for 'stealing' a chip without her permission.

    "It looks so good!" Aubree protested.

    Delilah nodded. "Of course. Eating good food solves everything," she said proudly with a smile.
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