48 CH48: Questionable work ethics

    "Food is part of our contract with life."

    -  Byrant H. McGill


    It was Saturday morning and as usual, Delilah was working half-day that day. She would usually come in the morning and went back home at lunchtime. But this time, she decided to stay longer because she has a plan with her friend after lunch. Instead of going home, she would rather stay in the office since the place that they agreed to meet up was nearer from her office than from home.

    Relaxing inside her cubicle, she decided to read an online novel called 'His Human Mate' while waiting for time to pass. The story was a shifter romance, where it depicts a story between a werewolf and a human being. She liked this kind of story because anything supernatural seems interesting to her. It only took her a few minutes and suddenly, she had already reached the latest chapter. She sighed. Seems like the author doesn't update daily. 'What a lazy author,' she complained inside. 'She probably spend her time just eating and sleeping. Such a lazy glutton.'

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    Closing the app, she leaned back against her seat, sighing. It was then she recalled the day she had met with Amy. She was complaining about Howard and it seems his work ethics were getting worse. And this was getting serious.

    She was surprised when Amy told her that they will be cutting off the sales early for that month, under Howard's orders. It hasn't even reached the end of the month yet. What surprised Delilah was that they were going to cut at both branches.

    From what Delilah had remembered was that Matt had given Aubree the power and right to supervise and manage the monetary activities in HQ. As for Howard, he will only supervise and manage the ones in the other branch. This was because Howard had spent more time in the other branch, compare in HQ. So, it seems right to let Aubree handle the ones in HQ.

    And seeing Aubree was in charge in HQ, why does it seem like it was Howard who still managed the ones in HQ? It was true that Aubree still report to Howard but then again, comparing with Matt, who co-owns the company, Aubree should first report to Matt, not Howard. And this baffled Delilah. She, too, suspected that Howard probably did not tell Matt about the cut off.

    For Delilah, the cutting off the sales were a waste of time because she knew that Matt was away until the end of the month. Even if they want to cut off early, they still need Matt's signature to sign the cheques.

    Delilah did asked why Howard wanted to cut off early. Amy had shrugged and replied lazily, "He probably needs those money because he's flying off again."

    "Where to?"

    "I heard that this time, he will be going to Malaysia. And in the next two months, he will be going to Bangkok for the water festival."

    Delilah had cocked an eyebrow at countries that Howard was planning to go. Although the countries weren't that expensive but if you count the budget that you need to go there, a hundred bucks wasn't enough. You have to consider your transportation money, food money, hotel fees, plane tickets and more. Not only that, Delilah remembered that Howard only has twenty-four days of annual leave. Minus the days that he already took leave, he should have less days left of his annual leave.

    She sighed again. Oh well. This doesn't really concern her at all. Even though, its just not fair. Especially to others who had worked for a long time in the company, such as Aubree.

    She turned around in her seat and grabbed her phone. She decided to read other novels to pass the time. This time, she had chosen a fantasy novel where the main lead character was deemed as trash but actually was not. She liked these face-slapping types of novels. It makes one satisfied seeing some arrogant people being put into their places.

    She was engrossed reading the novel that she did not realize how much time has passed by. She only realized the time when she heard a text notification from her phone. Startled, she swiped down on the screen to read the message.

    Eyes widened, she quickly grabbed her handbag and walked quickly down the stairs. Luckily, she had already switched off her computer earlier on. So, all she needed to do was to bring her handbag and phone with her. From the message that she had read, apparently, Trixxie was already on her way to the restaurant. Yes, she was meeting up with Trixxie. It has been awhile since she last saw her.

    Few minutes later, she finally arrived at a pizza parlour. It was a local restaurant that had been in the food business for more than ten years. It was owned by a couple who had loved eating pizzas and had turned their passion into business. Their restaurant wasn't big with only a few chairs, tables and a couple of counters. But they do have those black and white floor tiles, making the restaurant look like those restaurants in the 70's, giving out a classic look.

    Walking inside, she saw Trixxie had arrived. She walked over to where Trixxie was waving. Both women did their greetings to each other of 'Hello. Long time no see.' Then Delilah began to sit comfortably while Trixxie passed her the menu.

    Trixxie had told her that she had already ordered a pizza and her other food. Delilah nodded and called for the waiter to place an extra order for herself. She doesn't have much preference when it comes to pizza so she would take whatever Trixxie was ordering. Moreover, the two of them had the same taste when it comes to food so Delilah wasn't worried.

    For her extra order, Delilah had placed an order for clam chowder. She remembered how she used to order the soup at the restaurant and she was kind of missing it.

    Once she was done ordering, the two women began to chat animatedly, both were happy to see each other again. The last time that they had met up with each other was during their trip to South Korea. Since then, they only talk with each other through text messages. Thus, it was kind of nice being able to talk face-to-face.

    Soon after, their food came; pizza, lasagna for Trixxie and clam chowder for Delilah. She was amazed at their fast service. At least, she won't grow hangry (not a typo. Its hungry + angry) waiting for the food.

    The broth was still hot that Delilah had to blew on it to take a sip. She loved how thick, creamy and savoury the broth was. There were also potatoes in the broth, which add a starchy taste to it. And even though it has that distinct seafood taste, it doesn't have that fishy flavour. The croutons were perfectly toasted as well. When it immersed with the broth, it softened, making it more silky and mushy. The clams inside the broth does not have any taste but the broth helps make it a bit sweet and chewy. Just a sip of the broth made Delilah feel warmth all over. It gave out that comfortable feeling when one eat the broth. How she missed eating this.

    As she ate her broth, a thought came to her. 'InDEEd, eating this makes me feel more alive than ever.'
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