63 CH63: One should not just stop at one buffet table

    "If we're not meant to have midnight snacks,

    why is there a light in the fridge?"

    - Anonymous


    It has been weeks since Delilah had joined the Korean language class. Although it has been helpful, she was still struggling with the class. Probably because she was bad when it comes to learning languages and doesn't have enough practice.

    She should try to find someone to practice her Korean language with. But she hasn't been making friends with the people in her class. It was not because she was unfriendly. But more like, she was too busy. Once she was done with her class, she immediately set off for home, instead of hanging out with them.

    They did invite her to hang out once in a while but she always rejected them since she's always been tired after class.

    All she wanted to do was to go home and sleep.

    That night, she decided to not come for the class because she had a family function to attend to. She sent her message to the admin of the school, sending her apologies and question of whether she could request for a replacement class.

    Luckily, they do offer her a replacement class but it will be on a weekend. She liked the fact that the school was flexible when it comes to classes and timings.

    She sighed. It looks like she's going to be studying on a weekend. She doesn't really like having classes or work on a weekend because she always believes that it was the day for her to relax. Though, it seems like she won't be having any rest next week.

    She was in her cubicle, rearranging her notes after she received the reply message from the school.

    She doesn't have much work to be done so she decided to pass the time by rearranging her notes and files. She did not want to spend her time just watching drama series on her phone or playing games. She wants to, at least, be more productive. She did ask Aubree and her other colleagues whether they needed help with their work. But it seems like they have none that they needed help with.

    She nearly died of boredom hence why she resorted to cleaning her cubicle and rearranging her notes and files. She even began to water the plant that Matt had placed in the office. (She nearly forgot about the plant!)

    And speaking of forgot, Delilah also nearly forgot about the family function that she has to attend. Apparently, her cousin's daughter has just given birth to a baby daughter. And to celebrate the birth, they decided to invite their family members and relatives to the occasion.

    Although she wasn't that close to her cousin since there was a huge age gap between them, she recalled him saying that there will be lots of food. Huge age gap as in her cousin's daughter was only two years younger than her. So, meaning to say, her cousin was nearly the same age as her parents.

    Knowing that it will probably be a huge event since the baby was the first grandchild of her cousin, she knew better than most that she has to sacrifice herself to look good. She never did like to dress-up. But for this event, she has to wear her formal dress, wear makeup and fancy shoes. She ought to bring her flip-flops just in case.

    She sighed as she thought of the hours and minutes that she has to prepare ironing her clothes, wearing makeup and so forth. If it was up to her, she'll probably  just wear a tee-shirt and jeans. At least, that would be more comfortable.

    Unfortunately, her sister had already warned her that there will be other people and she shouldn't embarrass herself by wearing simple clothes. Delilah did not really care much about her image (even though her sister scolded her that she should since she worked in the HR department) but she did not want to hear her sister's nagging if she wore simple clothes.

    She just rolled her eyes at the time but heeded what Miya had said.

    She was still rearranging her physical notes and files when Aubree walked over to have a chat. Delilah had already asked for her permission to leave work early since her cousin's place was a bit far. And since they don't really have much work, Aubree had allowed her to. Delilah also texted Howard, just in case, who also has given green light.

    They chatted for a while, talking about the upcoming work and so forth. They had a few laughs here and there as well.

    In less than an hour, Delilah was already packed and ready to go. She waved goodbye at Aubree, who was standing near her cubicle, and her other colleagues.

    After she left the office building, she immediately set off for home, not stopping by at any place since she did not want to be late.

    At home, her sister, Miya was in her room, together with Kael, apparently giving him a bath as Delilah could hear him screaming not wanting to have one. In the kitchen, her father sat at the dining table, watching videos on his phone. He was shirtless but it looked like he had already worn his formal pants.

    Miya's husband, Mellan won't be joining them since he was working late at the bank. Munier, too, won't be joining because of work. So, it will be just Delilah, Miya, their father and Kael.

    Soon after, the family of four was on their way to the function. And when they arrived, they were greeted with fairies lights, decorating the lawn of the house. It appeared like the function was in full swing as there were a lot of people standing around in front of the house, chatting and laughing.

    After they had parked their car, they got out and went towards the house. They then meet up with the host and hostess, who were Delilah's cousin and his wife. They then thanked the couple for the invitation and congratulating them for the birth of their new granddaughter

    Then, both their father, Miya's son and the women went their separate ways. Their father walked straight to their uncles who were talking at the other side of the house. Delilah, Miya and Kael went on the other side, searching for their other cousins.

    It was a beautiful event. The exterior of the house was beautifully decorated with fairies lights adorned on the walls and pillars. At the front lawn, there were several open tents with chairs and tables covered with pretty cloth and the tableware was also covered with cloth and more.

    The 'princess' of the event was inside where she was cooed and admired by her many grandaunts and other relatives. It was then Delilah realized as a thought just occurred to her. She's a grandaunt now too!

    She then calmed herself down, saying that she was still young and beautiful. That was just a title. Nothing more.

    After meeting her other cousins, she went with them to meet her cousin's granddaughter. She was only a few months old but Delilah could tell that she looked like her mother. They took pictures with the baby and talked with one another, laughing at each other's jokes.

    Once everything was done, it was time for Delilah's favourite part of the event. It was time to eat.

    Everyone headed towards the front lawn where the food was served. There were several waiters and waitresses, waiting to serve the guest. But what attracted Delilah the most was the whole lamb leg that was stationed at one of the tents. There were two men manning the station, cutting parts of the lamb for the guests.

    Delilah was one of the first few guests who queued in line. She rushed over before it became crowded. Seeing that the other guests were distracted by the buffet spread, she took the chance to queue in line for the lamb leg.

    She DEE-finitely wouldn't miss this for the world. Her older brother, Bryson, who also attended the event was queueing behind her.

    The two of them bickered back and forth as Bryson tried to cut in. Unfortunately for him, Delilah held her ground. Even stomping on his foot literally. She scolded him for trying to cut in, saying that if he tried to cut in line again, she would give him hell.

    When it was finally her turn, there was a bright smile on her face. She can't wait to eat it. It has been a long time since she had eaten lamb.

    The lamb leg looked tender and scrumptious. As the man who was working on cutting the meat from the lamb, Delilah took her time, picking on the meat that had already been cut. She then poured sauces on top of them. She loved mixing mushroom, barbecue and black pepper sauce together.

    Once she was done, she went off to look for an empty seat to eat. She sat next to her cousin who was already eating.

    Delilah glared at her cousin who tried to sneak in a bite. And told him to get his own lamb. She had waited in line for this, she wouldn't let someone else take advantage of her hard work.

    As she sliced the meat with her fork and knife, she could feel the smooth and tender meat sliced open softly. As she bite on the lamb, she could taste the strong, fatty and meaty flavour of the lamb in every chew. The sauces made the taste more succulent and savory as she could feel the burst of flavours exploding in her mouth. The soft and tender meat has that gamy taste as well, making it irresistible to chew.

    Just eating the meat itself was enough to make Delilah satisfied and happy.

    While she was eating, her sister took a seat beside her, together with Kael. She watched her sister happily eating her lamb meat and asked, "Are you just eating that?"

    Delilah rolled her eyes at her. "You think this is enough? Since there's more food that was being spread out there, why should I just stop to eating these? There's words that was named, second helping."

    Miya just rolled her eyes.
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