4 Visiting the Rose Soap factory and starting its operations Part I..

    Grandma Melanie had actually acquired these skills after who knows how many experiments and concocting of medicine making and potioneering. While John seemed like a natural at doing these things.

    He even improvised on some of the practical skills used for medicine concocting and potioneering.

    After two hours were completed

    at 11 am it was time for john to go on Soap Factory and meet other people,Grandma melanie also allowed him to access middle pharmacy books from next day onwards as she determined that he didn't need basic pharmacy and potion books so there was no problem.he then left for the soap factory site.

    After 20 minutes he arrived at the site.

    people there were already waiting.Sam,jay and others were there and were having some serious discussions.

    it seems they were talking about agricultural yields this time and there were problems this time.it seems after repeated use the soil it had become less fertile and hence lower yields.

    People mostly sowed wheat as it was the staple food of people on this continent in Arkon.

    After John arrived they stopped discussing about yields and instead focused on the present issue.

    The place here was quite big it was around 3,500 sq.meters which was more than enough.there was a warehouse in the middle which could be used as a factory and there were 30 more people apart from jay and sam.there was also a small workhouse near the Warehouse.

    These 30 people included arnold and gordon.all the people bought here were young and had age ranging from 16-21 years of age.

    It was good aswell since young people were quite trustworthy.

    John was then introduced by Sam and Jay to others.They were already informed that their employer was a young men so they didn't show any surprise.

    Sam then turned to people and said "This is John, he will be the one instructing you guys on what to do and how to operate this place.your salary will be 50 coppers per day as agreed before.i hope all of you will do your work sincerity and make north-frontier town proud."

    Jay and others had already bought all the necessary materials here at the factory site.

    And Hence started the Rose Soap factory in North-frontier town for the first time.

    Slowly and steadily John allocated all the required work in 5 batches of 6 people.he would not have to worry for the time being about people spilling the secrets.

    He had already made lye one of important ingredients for making the soap.

    and Hence for the 2 two days he distributed the processes which included using the molds,pots for heating and mixing the ingredients and then waiting for solidification to these 5 groups.

    And then 3 types of soaps were finally made,

    1.Toilet soaps made using animal fats.these soap used local sweet and acidic flavors which suited soaps.(510 pieces)

    2.Bathing soaps made using vegetable oils with 4 flavors of Orange,Rose,Strawberry,Cherry these

    fruits had similar smell to these items mentioned above.(1120 pieces)

    3.Soaps used for washing clothes. (521 pieces)

    it seemed that an extra 150 soaps were made,well it was good news to John anyways.

    After successful making of the soaps he decided to give them a bonus of 20 coppers on the fourth day.to which everyone one was cheerful.

    during these days he always practiced his martial arts techniques.after refining his body he didnt had to face the same problems which he did on the first day.

    now he didn't seem fragile nor did he seem muscular.what you call was a normal build,

    during these four days he always visited Grandma Melanie and during these 4 four she became sure that she had dug a whole bucked of gem for herself after witnessing his talent for herself.

    Because she was sure that he previously didn't know anything about middle pharmacy books which she had written herself based on her theories long ago and potioneering so she became sure he didnt know about middle pharmacy from earlier.what shocked her even more was how he also improved some of the potions and medicines of her own books aswell.

    However after watching his pace of learning she was very shocked in a sense that it became very hard for her to believe that someone could memorize and understand so much information in such a short amount of time.

    During these 4 four days he learnt 3/4 of all the middle pharmacy books while also making medicines,potions and doing the personal experiments.almost all the experiments were right on mark.

    These observations were recorded by Grandma Melanie as she thought they would be very beneficial for her in the future.plus she was quite pleased that she gained such a genius student.

    Perhaps John might not know but she is one of the top 20 potion makers in this continent compared to court potioneers of Aelius.She was here because she liked to experiment in peace.

    only potions requiring magic support were sometimes off the mark for John.it seems that He and Sarah didn't have a understanding of magical elements.

    Eva didn't came home during these 4 days it seems that her team had visited a nearby town to the east and continued their hunt on the eastern side of the town.

    This news was delivered to them via a postcard to them.Postcard services are normally used via the Merchants Association.however many times it wont guarantee that it will reach to the destination on time.

    however they the receiver always gets the postcards even if there are accidents on the road.Merchants get a commission for providing their delivering services.

    Merchant associations are only located in Big towns and cities.

    Today was the Day Jack snake was coming back to the village to sell his goods.So John thought that he should try to sell his newly produced soaps to jack and get his reaction.

    John then left for the market after taking all the samples of his soap to show jack as he thought about paying him a visit at the market.

    After some time he arrived at the market with a bag in his hand,

    When he arrived at the market.he saw that this time jack was with a Fat man with luxurious clothing and was discussing something with him.

    he guessed they were doing some business deal.

    As John approached Jack,Jack already noticed him and greeted him in a cheerful mood this time "Ohh its john again this time,So what brings you here this time??Btw this Fatty here is Joseph,he is a big businessman in south at Marquis Ray's domain."

    Joseph was at first surprised with the tone Jack was talking with John because he knew Jack was usually hard to talk to even if it came to family members.He thought maybe john could be an interesting person as he can make Jack talk to him in such a cheerful tone. So he thought he should calmly watch from sidelines after greeting John.

    "Hello i am Joseph Morgan from Morgan Company.So what do you do John" Joseph greeted to John.

    "I was actually here to show some of my new products from my factory.i thought Jack would give me right price as i did some deals with him earlier."John replied to Joseph's question.

    John thought that as Jack seemed to be in friendly terms with Joseph so it would be bad if he didn't reply to him.

    "So which new items did you bring this time around.i am very much looking forward to it."

    "Your items last time were pretty much useful, especially the Wallet you brought last time.a nobleman bought for it quite a price at 12 gold coins." Jack said to John in a very enthusiastic manner with his hands.

    What surprised jack even more was that when he patted john's back he didnt even made a budge.

    From John's outer appearance it didn't seem that he was strong but it the turned out differently.He could only guess that John's was atleast at knight level as he himself was a strong man with knight's level of strength.

    Even john himself didn't realize that he got so strong just from 5 days of training.he guessed it was due to his improved body refining method.however his super human computing ability also helped him which he didnt know.

    "Actually i started a soap factory here in village and our batch of goods have been produced recently so i thought i should visit you today and get a price of soaps from you since you were visiting the village today."

    Both Joseph and Jack were quite surprised after hearing that John started a Soap factory in this small town.Because usually people would collaborate with big business or nobles and later start the business in big towns or cities.many times merchants would also get an incentive in taxes aswell if they have enough strength.

    John then opened his bag and placed the various types of soaps in fronts of Jack.

    Then both Jack and Joseph took the soaps and then tried to make a value of it.After scrutinizing the Product for a while.They decided to use it and then see the effects of the soap.

    After using the Soap,

    Both Jack and Joseph were quite stunned watching the texture of soap and how clean their hands were after using it.plus the fragrance of the soap just made it better.

    So the thing was these Soaps made quite a good impression on the minds of both of them.They had already that they will buy these soaps no matter what.

    After watching their reactions,

    John smilingly said to them "So did you like these soaps?"

    John already knew the answer but he still asked the question just to tease them.

    To which both jack and Joseph knew that John already guessed their intentions after watching his playful tone.

    So this time both jack and Joseph were straightforward and gave him their own offers.

    Jack gave his offer of 2.5 gold coins per soap while Joseph gave a offer of 2.7 gold coins per soap.

    They both intended to sell these soaps to high end market after watching it effects and they also thought that making this soap wouldnt have been easy and its costs would have tremendous aswell so they thought of a reasonable price.

    If people knew that he made these soaps for less than 6 gold they would certainly puke endless amount of blood.

    After hearing Joseph's offer Jack too increased his offer, In the end it was decided that they would buy these for 3 gold and would divide it equally.

    it was also decided that they wouldn't infringe each other's market.Morgan family businesses operations were in South east while Jack's family business operations were in north east.

    After hearing that there were 2152 pieces of soaps the duo instantly became excited and the first thing they did was to hire a carriage and take it towards his factory warehouse.

    Before selling them the items he had one condition for them before selling.

    he had already decided that since he wanted to brand his items.they must be more presentable so people would like it at a first glance.

    "You see i hope you guys sell the soaps in packed Small Wooden boxes carved with a Rose pattern which was on the soaps.so it becomes more presentable."John said to them in a serious manner.

    Both of them thought for a while and agreed to him since they thought it would have quite negligible costs compared to the soaps.

    "okay it wont be problem if that's the only condition for buying the soaps." Said Jack.

    As both of them agreed, they first headed to the Warehouse in the carriage.

    After reaching the Warehouse all the workers in the factory loaded the remaining soaps inside the two carriage's equally.

    Both Jack and Joseph checked the number of soaps multiple times so that they dont miss out.

    then they went to a wood working shop and placed their order of making the Wooden boxes.

    After dealing with all the issues.

    John received a total of 6450 gold coins from both of them.

    [Ding....!Congratulations to host on conducting a trade worth 6450 gold coins]

    [Reward: 7500 WDS points and 11200 experience]

    [There are some offers which host would like ....]

    John shut Sarah off without even listening the offer.as he knew she was into her usual habit of scamming him of his points.

    Before leaving John bought all the magic and martial arts techniques which Jack brought this time around which costed him 500 gold.

    He was most interested in Blood Refining body technique in Martial arts and

    Time and Space magic books which Jack bought time around.

    He also reminded them that they could always come to Rose Soap Factory to place their orders in the warehouse to either Gordon or Arnold.

    so both of them already placed an order of 5000 soaps each again for the next time they come again.

    Joseph had come via the sea in east port to north-frontier town.the sea port town to east was known as east sea city.

    Jack and Joseph became busy with their preparations on handling the soaps and so all the three guys bode their farewell.

    all the parties were quite happy with deal they made and hence John's problem of selling the soaps were done.John had also decided to sell his soaps to Jack and Joseph because he thought that those guys had some backing when conducting this trade.so even if some people eye his business he can alleast take their help when the time comes.

    After selling the soaps he called Arnold and Gordon to go and purchase the supplies for more soap materials.he gave both of them 50 gold each.

    He then returned to his work house in the factory and took some papers from his cabinet and started drawing some designs with a pencil.

    he wanted to make the soap machine blueprints so that even if people wanted to steal his secrets they cant do it easily.

    After completing the blueprints of the machines he then set out towards the shops of two blacksmiths for both of them to make various different parts of the machines.

    After reaching the Blacksmiths shop.he headed inside the shop to meet the owner blacksmith Ron

    he was a Middle-aged man with muscular features.he was safety gloves on his hands with a mask on his face as he worked on making the armor recently ordered by one of his customers.

    He wore a white t-shirt and brown half-coat on it.with brown pants.he had brown hair and a fair complexion with a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

    Inside the shop there were other apprentices and colleague doing their own work.

    After waiting for a while.John got to meet him.He show him his designs and asked him if he could make the machines with accurate measure.

    He looked at the machines blueprints and then thought that these machines were pretty much manageable.however he couldn't understand the workings of the blueprints.it was because of was only given half of the blueprints.

    Then he looked at him curiously and said to John in a very serious manner,

    "I can make them but it would cost you quite a fortune to make them,do you have this much to burn on some random machines?these machines would cost you at 500 gold coins plus i will take an upfront of 300 gold coins for my materials and labor."

    Hearing this John became quite overjoyed at the fact that he could begin the process of industrialization in this world without a lot of problems.

    "Well recently i made a quite a fortune so i wanted to use some my ideas and apply it in different things."he gave him an answer in roundabout way.since he didn't wanted others know about it too much.

    Ron didn't bother much about it as he didn't care if this silk pant wanted to spend his money without thinking.

    John then gave him all the money upfront however he still warned him that he wanted to the machines with accurate measurements.

    Ron noted John's demands after receiving his money as he didn't wanted to such a fat customer plus the other guy shouldn't have any excuse to ask for refund if he didn't like the made product.

    Then he made his way to the other blacksmith shop and made his order.the other guy charged him 550 gold coins for the other half.He gave him the same warning to him as he did to Ron.

    The owner of this blacksmith usually made weapons for others and it was quite popular with the people.

    The owner's name was George.he had a physique of 6 foot 3 inches.he was quite muscular.he was wearing full black and it seemed quite luxurious unlike Ron.From the patrons he heard that he gets orders from Baron Mendez and his order of knights and makes their weapons.

    Although George was quite sceptical at first but he still didn't bother about the blueprints and accepted his request.

    As John was looking through the shop he also bought a good quality sword from George for a price of 15 gold.

    John couldn't buy those knight swords as he didn't have recommendation letter from a high enough authority.

    In the end John had a total of 4800 gold remaining and had a total of 11900 WDS points and 15000 exp points from all the trades of the past.

    Now he felt like he was a rich man ready splurge on the system and take heed to its offers.

    then later he decided to meet and go towards Village chief's house for buying a land,discussing about the problem of low yields in village and then visit a craftsman working on wood to make him a house and other required things.

    And hence he headed towards Village chief's house after dealing with the workings of rose soap factory.
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