9 Farming solutions and meeting craftsman Paul Part III.

    This time he didn't get all the materials plus this time it was not the basic techniques but some high-quality techniques which sometimes required more resources for better effects of them.

    He still needed the body of Tiger magic beast, Purple snake blood, wild white elephant blood, and three-legged black crow's blood.

    Of them, 3 legged black crow was the most difficult to find.

    "Okay, I need to anyway get those ingredients and it's better to get it in a team."

    John thought for a while and agreed to her offer as he thought that he would anyway need those ingredients and it would anyway be better for him if he was with a team rather than alone finding the items plus he might as well find those rare items mentioned in the book.

    Eva was quite surprised at this development as she didn't expect John would accept her proposal so easily after thinking for just a few seconds. She also thought he might be making a brave front so that he doesn't lose face. However, it couldn't be seen from his face that he was making a brave front.

    "Farewell. Someone is really going to Miss someone. But, it is not going to be me!" John smiling said to her before hurrying out of the pharmacy with his items.

    Too which Eva this time wasn't angry but irritated and slightly red on her face. Let's see how he deals with those monsters tomorrow at the forest.

    After John left,

    Grandma Melanie came back and saw that John was already leaving in a hurry, she went into the Pharmacy. She saw that Eva was quite irritated and jolly on her face this time so she understood(misunderstood) what happened.

    "It seems you had quite a good chat with my disciple. You usually wouldn't even glance those guys from imperial capital how come you are fine while talking with John" Grandma Melanie asked Eva in an all Knowing tone.

    "Its nothing like that. Grandma, you are just overthinking it." Eva reacted in a fierce and irritated manner.

    "Okay, okay I understand"

    Grandma again nodded in an all-knowing tone and went back to her lab.

    After returning home, Jay today proceeded to take a look at books which he could learn.

    This time he took out magic books which he hadn't touched practically all the time.

    He first started reading the main magic element books of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth.

    Suddenly sounds of Notifications came from inside his head

    [Analyzing basic water magic...1%.....}

    [Analyzing basic Fire magic...1%.....}

    [Analyzing basic Wind magic...1%.....}

    [Analyzing basic Earth magic...1%.....}

    Then he did the same for other Time, Space, Dark, Ice, and Light books.

    after analyzing the books in two hours he tried to use the magic for the first time.

    [After Analyzing Host's body it is discovered that host has a very low-level Magic root and hence would be unable to upgrade his magical abilities

    However, it is also found that the host has aptitude in all the low-level magic. And has Supreme level aptitude in Spatial magic due to XL-380]

    From his own conjectures, he found that his body had mutated due to XL-380 after getting all the magic information. People in his world didn't have magic aptitude due to low magical environment and hence were unable to use even tiny spec of magic.

    This time he also opened the second gift which was left there for a long time

    [Ding...!Congratulations on obtaining papermaking skills. System hopes that the host doesn't reveal the paper or it might lead to other unexpected situations]

    John was now in a dilemma on whether he should Buy gun making or upgrade the system.

    Then he thought that the gun might be useful so he thought of buying it. He saw that the prices of Gun making had changed from 10,000 points to 11,000 points in front of his eyes.

    he angrily inquired again to Sarah why the points had changed when he received an answer.

    [It is to be noted that it was only a limited time period offer] a Bland tone came from Sarah

    You certainly did that on purpose John thought in an irritated tone inside his head. Although he had 11,000 WDS points he didn't want to spend them after the prices.

    So this time he immediately chose to upgrade his level authority to level 2 before she could even change the prices.

    Then suddenly came the notifications

    [5 days remaining for upgradation. The host can choose to accelerate .....]

    he cut her off before she could even finish her latest offer.

    Today he decided to make food for jay which he had bought and hence got busy with preparing the

    Roasted turkey, Lamb chops and Chicken Wings and a bowl of Vegetable soup.

    After 2 hours of preparation, he made them according to Spices available here and went back to preparing the things for tomorrow's hunt.

    After waiting for a while, Jay came home.

    Food was already there on the tables this time, He didn't decline as he understood that John meant goodwill to him by preparing the food. They conversed normally and how their day went and had their dinner.

    The next day he Prepared all his supplies and went to Grandma Melanie's house to meet Eva and her Team.

    F.N: He gained some points from trading with Paul before

    [1400 WDS points 16000 Exp points

    4480 gold coins]
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