10 Meeting Sally and going to the Forest Part I.

    The next day he prepared all his supplies and went to Grandma Melanie's house to meet Eva and her Team.

    As he arrived at the Pharmacy, It was Grandma Melanie's roar which greeted him from inside after she learned that Eva actually persuaded John in coming with her to the forest for the ingredients he needed for his medicine potion and medicinal pastes.

    "How dare you corrupt my student with your dangerous adventures." Roared Grandma Melanie to Eva inside the pharmacy.

    This time Eva was quite happy after watching her grandma's angry expression. she always disliked herbology from her young age and hence her repulsion to anyone studying it as well. She even thought she should bring that nerd to the forest just to make her grandma angrier. She only smiled at the roar and didn't say anything while whistling and packing her supplies for her travel in the northern forest as if she didn't hear anything.

    After coming to the pharmacy John first greeted Grandma Melanie who had a very angry expression on her face.

    John was quite nervous but he didn't show it on the face. To calm down Grandma Melanie he promised her that he would make up for this by coming for extra time of 1 hour every day later on.

    After completing their packing, both Eva and John headed for the northern village Gates. Her team was going to wait there.

    After arriving at the gates both Josephine and Sally were already prepared. They didn't know about John coming as it was decided later on yesterday by Josephine on a whim.

    Sally was 5 feet 10 inches in height, she had long sky blue hair, blue pupils, a full chest. right on the curves. She had a fair complexion. We wore a white skirt with dark blue designs in the middle. She wore a white shirt with blue buttons.on the shirt, she wore a magician coat which looked quite grand and it was dark blue in color it seems it was filled with yellow runes. On her hand was a wand made by Blackwood and on the top, it was to dark blue jewel however the jewel was carved in a wand shape. So it seemed like the wand had 2 colors 3/4th part black and 1/4th part dark blue. She was a beauty with long legs. It seemed she was right on the curves. She also wore a magician hat which was blue in color.

    Sally was a Light and Ice Magician. Her main role in the team was a support as a healer.

    As Josephine saw John she first went up to John and called him out "Hey John its been quite a while before we saw each other. Are you going to the forest as well today??"

    "It's been a while. Well yeah, actually Eva asked me out yesterday to join you guys as it would be better hunting for me as a team rather than going out alone." John said to Josephine scratching his head.

    Hearing this both Josephine and Sally were astonished and looked at Eva in a skeptical way. While Josephine showed a slightly irritated expression, she too didn't understand why she was irritated while Sally was more interested in how John managed to make Eva ask them on a journey in the wild forest. Because she knew Eva would never invite or let guys join their team.

    Today John was in a Red full armor with his new swords, Bow and quiver on his back with Knives hanging on the waist and other supplies in the bag behind him. He had a unique bag that was never seen before it seems that he made the bag himself for more mobility.

    From John's attire they understood that he was a warrior or hunter however from looking at John's body they doubted whether he can fight close combat and judged that he was most possibly a hunter wearing armor just for his safety.

    John was later introduced to Sally by Eva and he greeted her with a smile.

    "Hello, I am John. I will be in your care for the journey ahead this time"

    "Okay Okay, Tell me, John, is there something going on between you and Eva. How did you make her invite you to the team?" Sally said to him in a hushed tone.

    To which John made a confused expression and didn't know how to reply to Sally.

    Both Josephine and Eva had an irritated expression on their faces. Even if it was said by Sally in a hushed tone they still heard it.

    To remove to awkward situation Sally then said to everyone,

    "Okay okay let's prepare all the things and set out as quickly as possible"

    After readying all the things needed to prepare, they then later set out to the forest. After traveling in the for more than 15 kms they came in the range of wild and magical beasts that roamed in the forest.

    The First Encounter,

    This time John already sensed that a wild firefox was around them 1500 meters ahead but he waited for a while and hence later he informed them that there was a wild firefox ahead. They were surprised by the fact that John had such acute senses that he could even sense a wild animal 600 meters ahead of them because they could mostly sense the presence of others only when others were in a range of 200 meters.

    and hence they already prepared all the necessary things required to hunt the Firefox. While they were preparing John sensed that there was a Snake that came from inside a hole in the ground.

    He made necessary preparations for the time if that wild snake ambushed them if they were too focused on fighting the fox. It was Josephine who started out to attack the Fox while Eva would hurl fireballs at the Fox however it won't work much as it was FireFox so this time they thought it would take a fight of attrition to tire the fox out and then kill it.
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