23 Heading South and Josephs concerns Part II.

    "It seems that they came to probe this time around after hearing the profits we made after 2 trips," Joseph said to Eric in a serious tone.

    "Well, it was expected anyway. maybe one of your siblings or cousins informed them of the source of soaps this time. I guess most of your brothers and sisters couldn't wait to get their hands on the soaps you brought this time." Eric replied to Joseph.

    "Well, that's true as well. Plus my standing has increased this time after I made this deal with John. But I already have Dad's backing for this business relationship. For him, Morgan family interests always come first so we don't have to worry for some time." Joseph said to Eric.

    "But what about your uncles? I don't think they would be happy watching your business grow day by day" Eric asked Joseph.

    "We don't have to worry for now since dad is backing us but we would have to be careful of their conspiracies and then there are nobles backing them as well, hmm..." Joseph said.

    "Well, this problem would have arrived eventually. Plus this deal was too good to be thrown, you should know that aristocrats don't mind spending on luxury and you should already know the potential market for these soaps, whether in the country or outside the country. The Elf and Demonic domain have already shown a good response and so has the nobles from imperial capital. We should take things as they come. Plus dad has already negotiated with Marquis Ray." Joseph continued.

    "Since your father has already negotiated with Marquis Ray then a lot of our outside problems are solved then that only leaves us with internal problems of your brothers and cousins. I guess your father hopes you solve them on your own to prove your worth in the family." Eric replied.

    "Well for now just plant more spies on my siblings and cousins end and try to bribe their men so that we can get important Intel at the times they are conspiring. I think that will do for now. I just worry about my uncles helping them behind the scenes." Joseph said to Eric.

    "Since you betrayed me last time around I would need the Red Feather Bow you bought last time from the auction for this job as compensation," Eric said laughingly to Joseph to lighten up the mood.

    "Well that won't be a problem, But I would still not help you peeping at women you know." Joseph smiled and replied to Eric and continued to their usual conversation.

    During these days on the ship, John was quite aware of the change in the feelings of Eva and Josephine but he deliberately acted dense as he was quite scared by his previous relationship on Earth additionally it seemed that his increased brain abilities had toned down his emotions a bit. But on some occasions, he would show his emotions, like the time when Antonio was aiming for his life or his time with grandma Melanie as he felt quite affectionate from her care as he was an orphan on earth and yearned for such affection.

    Meanwhile, Sally also joined them in training as she didn't want to get left out. It was also during this time that she understood what was going on between them. She deliberately teased both of them in front of John which forced John to act dense on these occasions.

    For which John improved her close combat effectiveness. As John didn't have much knowledge about her magic he couldn't offer her any pointers on them.

    Normally John would be carefree but he would always keep his guard up when he was in the presence of Sally. Her instincts were quite good when it came to judging characters which he had already seen on previous occasions.

    During these days John understood that pirates usually didn't attack the Morgan family fleet after watching their flag and the one that attacked them was only probing them for future endeavors. From this, he understood that family connections and strength was very important when traveling via sea as Nobles didn't like merchants bypassing through the sea to conduct trade and save their taxes. So many times they resorted to robbery to give a lesson to those who harmed their interests and for a quick buck as well. Even the Imperial family kept their eyes closed when it came to pirates in the sea as they knew it was the Nobles doing it.

    While Joseph and Eric were conversing in the cabin, John joined them for a drink and saw a little bit heavy mood between them. He understood maybe it was related with pirates because from one of the sailors earlier he got to knew about how big fleets weren't usually attacked unless there was prior planning and they were mostly done by Aristocrats.

    So at first John thought that maybe it was related to aristocrats.

    So Joseph later told him about his family politics and how they wouldn't have to worry about other nobles for now as Marquis Ray supported them. Only Dukes could most probably attack them but even Marquis Ray had a Duke to support him so it wasn't that easy for other Dukes as well.

    However, there was still a jolly mood as they didn't let these things bother them too much and they had their drinks later on.

    After 4 days of travel, beyond the Horizon they saw a big port Town unlike the one at East Sea city, it was currently sunny and they didn't have any problems at the sea from the weather this time around. The city's name was Pearl as its very foundation was based on pearls harvested from the seashore long ago by Marquis Ray's ancestors.

    It was a very big city and the port was flourishing with lots of Mercantile boats as well as fishing boats with Coastal guards patrolling the nearby area.

    After watching the Morgan family flag they were immediately allowed to land on port and unload their goods at the hangar and warehouse.

    After arriving the first thing Joseph ordered was to report to his family about his arrival via his men and let the other men have rest at the nearby bars.

    Eva and others first looked around the market while Joseph was following them waiting for his butler and men to arrive with carriages.

    While going to the market Joseph introduced them the various specialties of Pearl City. The Pearl and precious stone market was monopolized by Marquis Ray while metals were in abundant and hence various families were given rights over their mining and export.

    This city was 7 times bigger than the East sea city and this showed how much developed Pearl city was.

    After going through the market they returned to the bar where everyone was resting. Later an old man who looked to be in his 70's came with Eric and greeted him. It seemed that they were already waiting for their arrival. The old man wasn't very tall but was filled with energy when he greeted all of them. This old man's name was Phillip and was Joseph's butler since he was young. He is used to handling all the business affairs of Joseph and counsels him regarding certain situations. After the greetings, all of them headed towards the guest house Phillip had prepared for them. After which they headed towards the west of the city in the carriages prepared.
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