25 Pearl City Part II.

    20 archers/hunters and some educated individuals for handling his mansion and business smoothly.

    John was really surprised that Slaves only cost 5 gold coins since his soaps cost 3 gold coins. Joseph later explained that it was only his Rose soaps that costed 3 gold coins and above since they had a better quality and there was no competition in the market and there was this thing about nobles who didn't think when they spent on their luxuries other factors which resulted in slaves being low cost was because of a very high population in the continent. John thought for a while and understood, so came to the conclusion that maybe it was because of his previous value of humans from earth which muddled his head here at Arkon.

    From John's conversation and demand of slaves, Tom got to know that he had gotten a big fish this time around to sell his slaves additionally it costed money to maintain slaves so it was good for him. It was only the knights, warriors and magicians which were useful since they always got sold early.

    While looking at the debt slaves he looked at the bunch of people who were fragile but seemed quite knowledgeable from their behavior and clothes. After inquiring Tom he got to know that they were from a well-known family who got their family fleet hijacked and looted by pirates after they offended a noble's son. Additionally, they were in debt when they were doing the last venture so that was how their family became slaves because of losing their last business.

    It was a family of 5, with a Middle aged man and woman, there were 3 kids with the oldest being 16 and the youngest being 10 and the second one being 13. All of them knew how to read and write and it seemed that it was the 16-year-old boy who had offended the son of noble. From his eyes all John could see was his determination.

    The only problem with buying them was they would offend the noble if they bought them. However, this could be solved if people didn't know plus someone would anyway have to buy them. They costed a total of 40 gold coins since they were educated and it was rare for common men to get educated during this era. Mostly Nobles or Rich merchants used to get education privately.

    Then he proceeded on to buy dwarves as they would be helpful in building machines later on. There were no experienced dwarves as they were mostly bought early on by nobles and merchants. But there were still apprentices. These Dwarves were brought by Big Mercenary Guilds. The Slave trade just facilitated these mercenary guilds to earn more. Many times they were used by the Nobles to do their bidding in the dark. But Mercenary guilds were a powerful organization but as there were conflicts of interests, they weren't united. Many Mercenary guilds were just a cover for Nobles.

    There was a Middle-aged dwarf in lying over the corner. The thing about this dwarf was that he was the most violent of the slaves they acquired. Tom only knew that he was violent towards everyone, whether dwarf or not. So many people didn't buy him because he would be hard to handle and it would be less efficient for work.

    This dwarf's name was Tornwall. John didn't care about it though as he only cared if he made his machines. The circumstances in which he was sold was rather peculiar as well. He was sold by Dwarves royalty themselves. It seems he had a story that was hidden for now.

    Jay helped him pick up 20 archers for now, they weren't expensive like the knights or magicians. and later on he picked up 100 slaves, of all of them 80 were humans and 20 dwarfs were for his smithy. So In total, he bought 127 slaves for which he paid 1500 gold coins. If he wanted Elves for architecture and building he would buy them later on was his thought.

    "Meanwhile you don't have to worry about their transportation. When my fleet comes to North-frontier town we will deliver them. We would anyway get commission and since my family has connections to Marquis we would mostly get the transportation job." Joseph said to John who had a face filled with a dilemma.

    "Let's go to Auction for now. Since there is nobility here today I think there will be some good items sold today."

    "You don't have to worry about slaves for now. They can be controlled via Runes engraved"

    John didn't know that Runes can be used to control life and death of slaves it was his first time watching runes to control them. However many slaves sometimes were violent who didn't fear death and for Slave dealers, they were goods who were worth money so they always try to keep them alive.

    "Okay let's go to the auction, I will talk to the slaves later on," John said to Joseph and moved on while Tom did all the preparations for the slaves and made sure they were in good condition when they reach North-frontier town as they were the instructions of John. Tom understood well that John planned to cultivate loyal slaves so he wanted to treat them good like normal people however this came from John as a natural instinct from his life on earth.

    Soon they got out of the Slave market and got into one of the biggest buildings in the Pearl city.

    The auction was 3 storey tall, with the highest floor reserved for Nobles, Middle floor reserved for Rich merchants or those who had invitations and ground floor for normal men who planned to see the auction and buy something, these men also served as a platform for free advertisement.

    After entering the Building they were greeted by One of the Managers of Auction.

    "Aah Master Joseph you came after a long time here and it seems you brought someone new this time around." The manager greeted Joseph as he saw Joseph entering the auction.

    "Well, that is true. He is my friend as well as my business partner, you can call him John. He came from the north with me to settle some things and tour south at the same time. Right now we are only coming to look at the auction and see if there is anything interesting today." Joseph said to the Manager in a carefree tone. It seems both of them knew each other for a long time.

    "That is no problem. Today you will be quite surprised by the items we have brought this time around. I am very sure you won't be disappointed. But you have to be careful when you bid today since there is royalty from other countries as well." The manager replied to Joseph after greeting John.

    "Okay let's head inside" Joseph thanked and agreed to the Manager and headed inside the Auction.

    The manager then led them to the second floor. From this interaction, John understood that Joseph was a regular here and hence allowed to sit on the second floor. There was a huge platform in front of them in the Auction hall and all the three floors could see the Auction platform from their floors.
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