27 Auction and Vlads Conclusions Part II.

    This Old man was appointed by Diana's father so he could help her at all the times and secretly protect her from assassinations as well which she didn't know and shouldn't care about. He was one of the most trusted guys from Duke Bluesea's people working in information collection and assassination. He was a slender guy with a handsome look on his face and two white gray curled horns, Black and white hair neatly combed. He was what you call a perfect handsome butler. His name was mostly famous by Vlad of the Dark in the underworld. However, he was currently only Vlad.

    The maid's name Maurice, she was a woman with 2 black horns, height of 5 feet 7 inches and she was well endowed on her curves, she had lived with Diana from her childhood, her parents long followed Bluesea family and same was the case with her and hence she was with Diana and training as a maid from her childhood. She had black hair, black pupils and a busty chest and wore normal maid clothes while following orders and accomplishing her tasks.

    Meanwhile, Diana smiled from Vlad's deduction and remarked as well "It seems this time our journey was quite good at this auction. In the first place, I was looking for the producer of those unique soaps after I tried them. Maybe we can profit from this encounter back at home and we can anyway have an excuse to meet him since he bought our sword. Selling this sword was quite a profitable venture this time around, don't you think so Vlad?"

    Vlad smiled and replied to Diana slyly "That's certainly true young miss. Your instincts were quite on the target since I always wondered you were only selling that sword to show-off to the nobles in Aelius kingdom."

    Diana furrowed her brows a bit but didn't reply as she knew she would be in this old man's trap and make a fool of herself.

    Meanwhile the maid Maurice was giggling by the side and stopped only after she saw that glare from Diana.

    One of the nobles who was the patron for the prince bid for the sword but John won the sword by again raising it to 1500 gold coins. He and many nobles thoughts that this sucker was only buying this sword to please Miss Diana and thought Miss Diana won't pay any attention to this non-aristocratic boy as that amount of gold coins simply amounted to nothing for her.

    After the bidding, John bought some Herbs for 1000 gold coins more and left the Auction as Joseph had warned him that they were attracting more gazes from the nobles. After they left Diana's Butler chased and stopped them after they left the auction. John's reactions were quite fast when he sensed Vlad's presence nearby. Watching John's reaction even Vlad was quite shocked by it because he thought these were like the reactions of most alert animal however that was not the case for John since these were his normal reactions.

    However, Vlad continued and Stopped the duo and introduced himself without any malicious intentions and asked them in a polite manner with a smiling face.

    "Would the two of you mind stopping and meeting our Miss Diana, she hopes to meet both of you and have some conversation with you, I hope both of you don't mind"

    Joseph immediately recognized this man as he had seen this man's dealings with his family however none of his siblings knew about the dealings their parents did with this guy.

    Joseph looked at John and John understood from his gaze that he knew this guy.

    "Okay, we will meet Miss Diana as John was quite grateful for this sword being auctioned off."

    Vlad smiled and told to Joseph,

    "It seems you still remember me, little boy. Hasn't it been quite a few years already?"

    "Well, you were standing out quite a lot when you came to our house so it's not surprising that I remember you, by the way, why don't you introduce your name already," Joseph said to Vlad.

    After thinking for a while Vlad replied to Joseph,

    "Well that won't be a problem, my name is Vlad. I am quite surprised that your elders still kept their promise to not reveal my identity"

    "Anyways it seems that this is the boy who is making and selling those unique soaps to you. Would both of you mind considering a deal with Bluesea family?"

    After hearing his name and the sneaky dealings of his family Joseph understood that he was one called Vlad of the Dark. Most possibly his parents hired him and his assassins to deal with some of their enemies. It seems Vlad deliberately revealed his name so that he can show his own value and there could be a good deal between them. He was quite shocked at first that he recognized John to be the one making soaps but he still kept his calm. While John still maintained his calm as he didn't feel any malicious intentions from his six sense body technique so he was quite at ease but he still understood that Vlad was much stronger than him plus Joseph knew him as well so he was at ease for a while.

    Afterward, they came into the Auction from the back and got into a room made for important guests in the Auction. Diana was already waiting for John and Joseph with her maid. She was drinking tea and snacks bought from Fire Abyss kingdom which was served by Maurice. Maurice carried most of Diana's luxuries as she knew Diana was quite a picky character when it came to certain things.

    Vlad first greeted Diana and introduced John and Joseph to her. Vlad quite knew where to shoot off his tongue and where not to as the face of Bluesea family was more important to him than his sly jokes on personal occasions so he behaved as a butler should.

    Diana maintained her loftiness as it was important to maintain a noble demeanor in front of other people and waited for them to speak first. Vlad understood the situation and hence he decided to speak first on everyone's behalf.
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