30 Meeting Marquis Ray Part I.

    Diana agreed to Vlad's evaluation as she had got instructions from her father that she should trust Vlad at most of the times as he was one of his father's right-hand man and helped them many times and she too thought that they weren't the scheming kind additionally she also liked the fact that John could cook and she could try new cuisines later on. Later they decided to leave the auction and pay the Manager of the Auction and decided to see the market. Meanwhile, John and Joseph met with Jay and Eva's team. Jay had already met them after Phillip saw him in the market looking at poisons. While the women were looking at new jewelry and magic equipment.

    After meeting with Eva and others they decided to spend their day together. While conversing Joseph described about their day to Eva, Sally, and Josephine. While Jay was looking at his new hunter's trap which he had brought previously. While it was Phillip who helped him buy a potent poison for wild and magical beasts.

    They were quite interested when it came to the part where they discussed about Vlad and Princess Diana of Bluesea kingdom. While Eva and Josephine furrowed their brows and had an angry expression on their face which said everything while Sally was giggling from the sidelines. However, this didn't stop their curiosity and they dug out as much information as possible from Joseph later on. They were very irked about the fact that Princess Diana was going to visit John's mansion to see his mansion and try his food. While John as usual acted dumb and said that it was important to receive her as a guest since it was a big business deal and a potential source of information and it would be a good olive branch for them in the present and future. Watching this Jay, Sally and Joseph couldn't help but smile from the sidelines.

    While they were traveling Vlad spotted their entourage from afar, as he knew John had very high sensing capabilities he didn't try to hide himself from John and acted as if he was going with Diana and her men and coincidentally spotted the team. This exchange took place only between John and Vlad while others were unaware of it as it was hard to spot people over long distances.

    Both of their entourages were going into different directions so they didn't bump into each other however Diana's entourage still gained a lot of attention because of how grand it was. Many people thought it was some noble or Royalty going through the streets. As it was a common case in this world so Eva and other's didn't pay much attention to it and went on their way.

    After going through the whole market for the day, they reached home and decided to take a bath and then have their dinner. Because of John, the varieties of cuisine's had increased recently in Joseph's mansion. While they were relaxing, the servant who had gone to deliver the letter had returned and gave the letter to Phillip addressed towards Joseph and John.

    During the dinner, Phillip approached and said to Joseph while handing him the letter,

    "Master, your father has replied to your letter which you gave him earlier. And an appointment for tomorrow is set with Marquis Ray and your father for further discussions. Do you have any special instructions for tomorrow's meeting?"

    Joseph later replied to Phillip,

    "Since we will be visiting Marquis as well, prepare a suitable gift for Marchioness. Prepare the bathing soaps which we had in stock for her since there are none in the market and I saw that it is very popular with noble women so it would be a good gift."

    "John, what do you think?" Joseph then asked John.

    "Sounds good. Maybe we can prepare ice-cream as cuisine for her which would at least have a good impression and Marquis and Marchioness." John thought for a while and replied to Joseph.

    "Okay, we will go with your proposal. Phillip go and prepare according to the arrangements discussed here." Joseph agreed and immediately ordered Phillip.

    "As you wish Master," Phillip replied and then immediately got busy with arrangements and started ordering the servants to prepare the carriages and other necessary things which would be required next day.

    While it was also decided that Eva and others would join them and visit the Marquis tomorrow. No one had problems and all of them got in their rooms to get some rest.

    The next day in the morning all of them had lunch and started preparing for the visit to Joseph's father and Marquis Ray. Phillip prepared everything with food, soaps and other gifts required.

    Joseph's father Frank was one of the heads of the family while most of the power was concentrated in the hands of his Grandfather, Carl. He had 3 uncles and several other cousins. Today Joseph and Phillip briefed John on the details of his family as they were going to meet them. At the same time, he briefed them on Marquis Ray and their family.

    Everyone later headed to the Mansion of Marquis. In the letter, it was written that both Frank and Marquis would be meeting them both at Marquis's Mansion. Phillip headed to the center of Pearl city. Today's entourage was very grand with 7 carriages, unlike the normal times where there were only 2-3 carriages for travel.

    It could be seen that Marquis Ray's Mansion was one of the biggest Mansion in the city only compared to the ones with royalty. It was made from Stone and was 4 floors tall. There were several servants working in the Mansion. After reaching the Mansion and giving the invitation letter at the entrance, the butler of marquis Ray came and invited them quickly.

    Today he was already informed that one of Frank's sons would be visiting them and therefore he was already prepared.

    Joseph, John and their team came inside the mansion and waited at one of the guest rooms while a maid was serving them tea and other snacks.

    The butler had gone to inform Frank and the Marquis of Joseph's arrival so that they can get to business earlier.

    Marchioness came in first and greeted Joseph as she was familiar with Joseph from a young age.

    "Joseph, did the sun come from the west today? you hardly come by the mansion nowadays. So what business did you have with Steven and Frank today? I bet they won't call you brats unless it is something where they could make profits or gain somewhere else."

    Marchioness Aine was middle age woman with beautiful features, it seemed that she maintained her beauty regularly with herbs, potions, and other items. She was brunette with brown eyes with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She also had a son named Julius who was 18 recently but he was in the Imperial capital's knight academy completing his initial training.
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