32 Marquis Ray Part III.

    Both the Marquis and Frank looked at John very curiously this time around as they didn't expect John to have a partner who had such a detailed network when it came to information gathering and decided not to probe further as everyone had their secrets and got back to business.

    Frank then said the terms after Marquis signaled to him "I will get straight to the point so here is the deal, you guys will solely provide soaps in bulk to us in the southern domain of the Aelius Kingdom, at the same time we will meet up with market demands and use our connections to advertise in upper circles of nobles and merchants in return of a contract for southern domain."

    "Last time you guys talked about your problem with Baron Mendez, right? We have already negotiated with them and they will sell you the Town if meet a suitable price. From our predictions, he will most likely settle at 15000 to 20000 gold coins. As we had thought earlier, he wanted to milk as much as he can from the injuries of his son Antonio and this was the price he agreed. But there is a catch that if you guys fail to protect your domain then Baron may try to invade your domain and soap factory in the name of reclaiming land from beasts because of your incompetence. However this time it will be quite hard for you if you want to protect North-Frontier town so our advice still remains that you should leave the town. Meanwhile, the Royalty of Aelius Kingdom have the same rights to reclaim a territory lost by any noble to foreign invaders."

    So it was decided that they would first buy it from Joseph first, he would later sell soaps in his capacity in other domains while if more were needed then Marquis and Morgan family can directly buy it from John at the same price which Joseph's sells to them but most probably it would be Joseph providing them the soaps.

    "Okay that sounds good but I would like it if I can buy more slaves whether it is for labor or warriors since I would need them in large quantities later on." John thought for a while and expressed his thoughts to Marquis.

    Marquis Ray took out a token from his pocket and gave it to John while instructing him on how to use it, "Okay that won't be a problem, take this token and show it to Slave dealers so other nobles and people in authority wont question you if you anything where it is warrior slaves or labor in large quantities. Meanwhile, I think you guys weren't able to buy any better warriors this time around, am I right?"

    Marquis had already expected this problem to occur as most of them were already bought by Rich Merchants or Nobles while they had already expected John to buy more slaves for labor and protection as there was low population in North-frontier town and John was going to North-Frontier town so Marquis and Frank were already prepared to clinch the deal.

    Both Joseph and John smiled as they had already expected this type of thing to occur before they arrived and hence this was also one of the reasons they had decided to Collaborate with Marquis. The most unexpected deal this time at Pearl city was actually their meeting with Diana and Vlad.

    "That's true, it would be quite helpful if Marquis and Mr.Frank can solve our problem this time around" John replied without hiding his intentions.

    "We were already prepared this time around so you don't have to worry, we have prepared 50 warriors slaves and 5 instructors from my knight order to accompany you and help you at North-Frontier town if you want. But I can't guarantee you that they will be useful in deterring the beasts outside however we can help you in other ways.", Marquis said to John.

    This was how both the parties sealed the deal and now was the time that they decided to relax and tour the mansion. With the passing of time, it was time for lunch.

    Everyone then went to the dining room, During this time Aine and Eva were looking at the artifacts and paintings which the Marchioness had recently acquired. During this time Marchioness also got to know and was very shocked to hear that Eva was Melanie's Great Grand Daughter while John was her student who was proficient at the mid-level pharmacy and about how he had defeated Antonio in a duel at East sea town.

    Later everyone gathered at lunch, during the lunch there was a lot of new cuisine's which were prepared for everyone, from the looks, it seemed that Phillip and other servants of Joseph's Mansion helped the chefs and other servants of the Mansion.

    Both the Ray couple and Frank were very surprised after eating the new dishes provided by the servants. After inquiring from the Butler they got to hear that it was Joseph's chef's and Servants who helped the chefs of mansion today and gave new recipes and cuisine to increase the variety of food. Ice-cream was especially liked very well by Marquis and Marchioness.

    "Joseph which one of your servants made such a delicious dish in your Mansion?", While eating Marchioness asked Joseph in a blissful tone.

    "Well, it was John who introduced this dish after we had a banquet at his house. So it was later found out that John was the one who created this dish and taught it to the servants in his mansion so I too made my servants take the recipe without hesitation after the banquet. I had the same reaction which you guys are having right now", Joseph laughed and replied to Marchioness pointing towards John.

    "This dish was quite a surprise, I am sure if it makes its way towards the Imperial capital it will create quite a sensation that it made at the mansion today, what do you think Steve?" Marchioness asked Marquis and gave her opinion.
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