35 Jakes hypothesis and Tornwalls past Part II.

    Jake told his father and asked his opinion, "Dad, I think this time we are quite lucky to be noticed by that merchant, how do you feel?"

    From his tone, it could be seen that he had matured quite a lot and that last event had changed him completely on how he viewed the world.

    Taylor sighed after watching his son and thought how he changed, later he shared his thoughts with everyone, "We can't be sure for now, who knows what he is planning but regardless of that, we won't have a choice so your hypothesis is mostly right and we are lucky this time around to be bought by that merchant, what do you think Martha?"

    Martha meanwhile thought that it was little too late for them after the previous incident and so she said to them in a serious tone after listening to the father-son duo, "to be very honest, we will have to wait and watch so we can decide later on. but the situation is good for now as he bought all of us and we won't be separated so from this I can assume that he sees something of value in us and that's why he bought all of us so there isn't any ill-will later on."

    Taylor and Martha had the same opinion on slaves like normal people before when they were merchants, it was only now that they sympathized with them after watching themselves in a hopeless situation where they can't do anything to become free-men.

    While Jake and his two Brothers Stephen (13) and David (10) always thought that it was wrong when it came slave trade. Most of the countries had their own interests in the slave trade and hence they always tried to rationalize the slave trade and made propaganda in these forms: War slaves who were captured in wars.

    Debt slaves who couldn't pay up their debts and hence became slaves.

    or the criminal slaves (who could be freed if enough money was paid and could be manipulated either way).

    However, behind the scenes, there was always the ugly truth of profits triumphing conscience while there were mercenaries and nobles who were always ready to increase their profits and forcibly slaved people during wars.

    Meanwhile, Tornwall was in a trance and thought of his past while all of this was going on,

    he saw his very friend giving him some documents about a certain noble and that was the last day he saw him.

    "Tornwall, You see I am being chased by some strong people and I don't have much time to converse with you but promise me that you will keep these documents in a safe place and not let anybody get their hands on them, you must only pass these documents to ******."

    As his friend was in a hurry, Tornwall didn't even get to ask questions from him about what was going on that made him so much worried.

    As soon as he got the documents from his friend he immediately buried them near the biggest tree of the forest when he grew up.

    On the next day, he saw that there were wanted posters of his friend which was issued by a certain prince.

    To fool everyone, his friend met a lot of people and hence Tornwall escaped death but due to their close relationship, there were suspicions and hence he too got implicated and was sold as a slave.

    This was done very attentively and hence most people thought he got kidnapped by mercenaries.

    As killing on such a large-scale would have created a very big scandal, all the people who got kidnapped were sold as slaves to make it more authentic that they were indeed kidnapped by mercenaries and sold in slave markets across the world. While their prints could still be seen behind these mercenaries.

    Tornwall didn't blame his friend as he knew he wouldn't do things if there wasn't a need. He didn't know what became the fate of his friend but he knew something big was brewing.

    After a while, he came back from his trance after listening to the Head of the Guards and he thought that his new owner was very interesting as he treated all of his slaves equally. As a dwarf, he was an elite blacksmith even among dwarves but those mercenaries who sold them never inquired about them. While they selling them in a hurry and hence he was taken as a normal man, Tornwall also never intended to show his capabilities and had given up his fate because their enemies had planned too thoroughly so that nothing could be spilled.

    After the commotion settled down, John and his party arrived at the main hall, they were already waiting and Tom was entertaining them while Tom ordered Jacob the head of guards to calm down the commotion which was taking place at the cafeteria.

    Today John came with the token Marquis gave him but after looking at the commotion, he understood that the Ruling class controlled the slaves via dividing them based on hierarchy.

    This time John signaled to his friends and he first decided to meet all the slaves. So they understood John's meaning and remained in the guest hall while John walked with one of Tom's men to the hall where all of his bought slaves were kept.

    While Tom kept company with his friends,

    Jacob was in the room waiting for John with all the slaves, he had already seen him last time when he came, it was only when John was leaving that he remembered him after Tom's reminder. Tom usually only reminded Jacob when it came to important customers.

    After John came, Jacob greeted him first and said to him "Mr.John, as you had instructed previously we had taken diligent care of the slaves you bought while you were absent. I hope you liked our services. What are your opinions?"

    John was satisfied with the outcome he had intended for his slaves. He replied to Jacob, "Discipline of your men is quite good when it comes to controlling people and executing orders, I was very satisfied this time around after listening and watching your performance first hand."

    Hearing this, Jacob was very satisfied so he nodded and proceeded to the temporary platform made so that matters could be dealt with as fast as possible, watching this, all the slaves became quiet and paid attention to him. "As you can see, this is Mr.John, he is your new owner and on his request, he wanted to meet you guys personally. Most of the time, buyers won't care about their slaves but you guys are lucky that Mr.John wanted to converse with you guys about matters which would take place in future."

    John signaled to Jacob and he left the room. He was first worried about his safety after looking at his physique but he still remembered Tom's reminder that he was a strong man himself so he shouldn't worry and hence he left the room immediately. Additionally, there were runes engraved on all the slaves so there was not much need to be worried about.
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