42 Heading to Dolores Part I.

    Inside a very luxurious room, his highness Lionheart as well was pretty much pleased with Rose soaps he used after bathing for a few days,

    Today before going to the courtroom, he asked his butler, "What do you think about these new soaps which are quite popular among the aristocratic circles nowadays."

    Butler replied, "Quite unique and they are of better quality from the previous ones which were made by other nobles and merchants. From our information, it is being made by a commoner of the North-frontier town in the northern Domain of Baron Mendez."

    King thought and remarked after hearing about some of the information relating to these soaps, "North-frontier town, hmm... so that's the case, anyway keep a watch on them and try to keep a neutral position of the royal family in the front and if there is a chance to snatch the soap making techniques then do it covertly, we are anyway running low on finances because of all the yearly wars and maintenance of all our industries and priorities.

    Meanwhile, on John's end, Today they were preparing to leave Pearl city and visit Dolores, while Tom the slave dealer was preparing to send all the slaves to the port for their transportation.

    Transportation of Slaves this time was handled by Eric. Joseph had already given him explicit instructions about the treatment and lodging of slaves which would be required at North-Frontier Town.

    John, Joseph, and others meanwhile headed North of Pearl City by Land and decided to travel towards Dolores city for their Negotiations with Baron Mendez for the sale of North-frontier town.

    One of the Guard Order of Marquis Ray had also escorted them to Dolores city of which some 50 odd people would follow John to North-frontier town to help and train other people for the protection of his domain while others would leave after reaching Dolores.

    The knight order was headed by a man named Alan Lopez.

    During these Five Days of travel, they bypassed the Imperial City where they only stayed for a day before leaving for Dolores in the northern domain. During their stay at the Imperial city, Sally was quite upset and had an irritating mood. While Eva too didn't like Imperial City because she would have to face her relatives here if she stayed any longer and that was also one of the reasons, why they didn't stay for long at the Imperial City.

    After a few days, they reached Dolores without any problems, This time Baron Mendez knew that Joseph and others were going to visit him and talk about the agreement on the sale of North-frontier town, which the Morgan family talked about earlier. As a noble, he couldn't lower himself to visit John and others even if he knew that a big piece of meat was coming his way. So this time it was one of the servants who went to receive them.

    The servant was quite surprised after watching the 50 knights of Marquis Ray which were traveling with John and Joseph. The remaining knights already left after reaching Dolores.

    This was also one of the moves by which Marquis Ray intended to show his support for John to Baron Mendez and others who were aiming for John and his business.

    From this, he intended to show everyone, that, anyone moving against John was as good as moving against him as it would harm his interests.

    Most of the people in the political circles would have already come to the conclusion that John and Marquis Ray have reached an agreement that would benefit both sides. Because most people tracking those soaps and John already knew about Joseph and John's meeting with Marquis Ray when they visited Pearl city. They also got hints from the behavior of Tom on how he treated John after his meeting with Marquis.

    The scene of Knights marching in the city was quite a sight for most of the people in Dolores, many people thought some noble had arrived today but after watching Baron Mendez's servant, everyone concluded that some rich merchant or son of a noble arrived here today.

    After some shock, the servant headed towards John and others, after some talk, they decided to head towards the mansion prepared by Baron Mendez.

    After waiting for an hour, Baron Mendez came to the room where Joseph and John were staying. Joseph and John had already expected to wait for a long time when they arrived today to seal the deal between them. As Baron Mendez was in a superior position of the negotiation table so they already expected such an outcome because they were the ones who proposed to buy the town.

    Baron Mendez was a middle-aged man who looked in his 40's-50's, he had Brown hair, a Burly body, and a height of 5 feet 9 inches, he was wearing luxurious and imposing clothes. He wore imposing clothes intentionally for their meeting today so that he could squeeze as much as possible from John and Joseph.

    Meanwhile, Diana and her entourage headed towards North-frontier city after they finished their business and Tour in Pearl City.

    During her Journey, she got various reports from Vlad and Maurice, during this time she was quite accustomed to food recipes of John which was always by prepared Maurice, Vlad too took a liking towards these recipes.

    Vlad meanwhile always gave her reports from her domain and all the matters which concerned her, one of the reasons Diana was traveling Aelius kingdom was because she was fleeing the various suitors who were pursuing her in Fire Abyss kingdom, this included one of the princes of Fire Abyss Kingdom. To keep the face of the royal family she always kept traveling whenever she got reports that the prince was coming to the place she was staying. And so fleeing to other countries was always the best option for Diana as princes cant travel to other countries easily as they would require very high security which would cost a lot of money and their lives would still be in danger. Because of this she also became to be known for her adventurous and exploring spirit.
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