54 Jakes Decision and meeting the new Architect in the town Part III.

    Taylor invited Ryfon and brought snacks made by the chefs on the table in front of them.

    After looking at some of the documents on the table John asked Ryfon,

    "Okay, I understand from your information that you studied at imperial capital and have a lot of interest in architecture so what encouraged you to join us here on the borders of the northern domain."

    Ryfon scratched his head and said to him in a mild tone, "Actually I was only here for a trip to re-discover myself and nature, however as I was traveling North-frontier town, I noticed this particular Mansion here and it was work of art from my perspective and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to meet the creator of this piece of art. And recently I have noticed that this town is rebuilding and bringing in a lot of people so I hoped to work here as one of the chief architects here.

    This here is one of my previous works which is quite famous in the capital and when I visited this town I felt a resonance and made a portrait of this mansion and people in their surroundings."

    John asked him after watching his works, "From what I understand you can easily be employed by various nobles in any of the kingdoms, I wonder why you would want to join us here"

    Ryfon answered without much thought to John, "Well they aren't interesting enough is what I felt and hence my decision to join North-frontier town. I wouldn't have traveled to wilds here if I was satisfied with my life in the capital. Someday I hope to make one legendary structure which people all around the world would remember for ages to come and this place seems interesting enough where I can see my works of art and fulfill my dream here. Additionally, don't you need an architect for your town so how about hiring me?"

    John pretty much liked his answer, then thought for a while and said to him, "Well its quite true that I still require an Architect for the planning of this town to transform it into a city. anyway since we are in a shortage of personnel you can work for us now. You will be in charge of the planning of the North-frontier city for now at least. Anyway, join us for our meeting now since we are going to discuss important things which are related to the construction industry."

    After some time all the people gathered at the previously set time,

    All the officers were present in the hall and it was Tornwall first who started reporting of the day's events,

    "There is the report present in everyone's desks, I have already taken in the required personnel from all the slaves however we would still require more people if we want to support the town at full scale. Of all the dwarves half are focused on creating the prototype of the ballista and another half of the dwarves and other slaves are first focused on making the forge which was discussed yesterday.

    Since this forge is quite different from all the forges I have seen and built that is why I have focused on using more people to make this forge as it would be our first forge."

    "As for labor I had later discussed with Joseph and he has said that they will provide more slaves from Marquis Ray's Pearl city and their cost will be deducted from their soap trade. He told us that they will try buying more dwarves from the market and prefer to not buy any criminal slaves so it would solve our problem for labor in the long term."

    After Hearing Tornwall's report, he added, "Good Work, focus on completing the forge first as it will help us to develop the town faster. And make sure not to make any mistakes when you are making the Forge."

    "Jay, Continue"

    Jay gave his report, "We have started training all the warriors from today in archery and some have displayed exceptional talents. They are also given the new training techniques which would suit our needs. later on, they joined Josephine and Alan to train their melee combat"

    John today announced the important things which he got to know after coming back here yesterday, "Okay I first wanted to announce to everyone that our paper making factory is completed after a long time so I wanted you guys to keep a few people at the paper making factory. And I wanted to introduce you guys to a new member. He is from Imperial capital and a half-elf, he will be one who will plan with me to build North-frontier city in the future."

    "For now we will focus on building a brick and cement factory so it can solve our problem of housing, As you might know only the transportation of stones cost us a lot so I have decided to make a brick and cement factory which will help us to accelerate and improve our building of infrastructure. I have already ordered Joseph to bring Clay and Limestone in huge amounts which will help us in making cement."

    John then demonstrated the importance of cement in small amounts to everyone. Ryfon opened his mouth as soon as he saw the effects of cement. He thought, "This thing alone will change the whole landscape on how fortresses, palaces and other important infrastructures are built in the future. I guess my decision to come and work here was right after all."

    A lot of people here didn't realize the importance of cement in this meeting but Ryfon surely understood its importance as soon as he saw it because he knew how much difficulties were faced when making a grand structure.

    Tornwall was also one of the people who realized the importance of cement after watching its effects and directly raised a proposal, "Lord I would like to order this cement as it would help us in accelerating the building process of our Forge."

    John thought,

    'Good that both of them instantly realized the importance of cement.'

    John has been waiting for this reaction from both Ryfon and Tornwall as he understood the importance of building infrastructures.

    Ryfon looked meaningfully at John and added a proposal, "Lord, are there any proposals on how to keep the production of these things a secret because these things would very much change a lot of things in the whole of the Aelius Kingdom including the surrounding countries."

    John thought 'Well those will be handled by both Vlad's men and my men when it comes to keeping secrets from now on'

    John smiled and said to Ryfon and everyone present in the hall, "You guys don't have to worry about it. I have already taken that into consideration and those production secrets will be kept guarded by our men as well as men from Duke Bluesea as I have already reached a deal with them earlier."

    Most of the people in the room understood that deal would have most likely involved providing them with weapons that he presented in front of everyone yesterday.

    'It seems he intentionally presented those weapons in front of Vlad yesterday so he can exchange some benefits with them until the time he and his domain gets stronger.'

    This was how Tornwall thought after today's announcement.

    Many other people in the hall also thought that John intentionally presented these weapon designs in front of Vlad and Diana so he could exchange some benefits with him.
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