60 Start of training with Vlad and Melanie III.

    While John was smiling both Vlad and Melanie doubted whether he was masochist after experiencing such torture from this training.

    Melanie thought, 'Is he also getting a hang and love for this type of masochist training? I hope he doesn't turn out like the rest of the muscleheads.'

    Melanie understandingly looked at Vlad and asked with her eyes. It was as if both of them knew what were they thinking.

    To this Vlad harrumphed and denied vehemently and tried to explain himself,

    "Don't, look at me like that, my only pleasure comes from conning people and my tendencies which include sadis..."

    "Oops, I said something unnecessary, anyway never mind. I am not a masochist, period."

    Melanie saw this reaction from him and concluded, "It seems you were correct regarding this, maybe he likes this training because he is observing and experiencing some effects of this training."

    Jake on the side was not faring well but he was struggling his very best and took this training very seriously. The book which John gave him earlier had quite a good effect on him which helped him train for more time.

    Vlad saw Jake fall down and said, "This was unexpected from this Kid. I never thought he would even last 10 mins of this training never mind a full hour."

    Vlad then brought him back and laid him down in the hot spring full of medicinal herbs, Melanie had already prepared this bath for both of them in case of an emergency with the use of poisons.

    Melanie said in a serious tone after watching Jake fall down, "That's true, I didn't think this kid would have lasted more than 10 mins while 20 mins were his max limit was what I felt. Quite a tenacious kid and some good fortune to meet John. However John also has quite a good fortune meet this boy who has already considered him as his Lord, Anyway put him carefully in the bath, he still has to train tomorrow."

    Meanwhile, John completed his routine of 2 and a half hours, Vlad was quite surprised that John was able to finish his first routine and the same was the case for Melanie after she watched John's training menu.

    'It seems I would have to make a special training menu for both these kids. No major mistakes, only a lack of experience, I wonder what kind of monster he will become after he completes his training, I wonder whether it will be good or bad for the world. However heroes have always walked on the path of numerous graves and as dice had already been cast a long time ago, what we have to do is watch, observe and pave the path.'

    Vlad sighed a bit and said after John completed his training and said in a low tone, "I wished he became a full-time assassin, he would have moved the underworld and gained unmatched power."

    Melanie heard him, then she smiled and said to him, "This kid is different from all the ones you met previously, he has an unmatched thirst and appetite for knowledge whether it is theoretical or practical and it won't matter which subject it is related to. That is what I concluded from his behavior today, However, I wonder whether his thirst for knowledge is a good or a bad thing."

    Vlad said to Melanie in a nostalgic way, "Well isn't that our responsibility? And haven't we done enough in our past to be well known, whether for good or for bad."

    Melanie remembered and said, "Yeah, that's true Heath was always like that as well."

    She then continued and conversed about an important matter, "Recently, I heard that mad kid sent one of his men to John and John served him quite well, I wonder how I should handle this situation. never mind, from the rumors I heard you knew that kid for some time, didn't you?"

    "Well it is John's personal matter, I won't interfere in his personal matters and it is his choice and decision. whatever the choices he makes, as long as he sticks to his values and has bottom lines I am fine with it"

    "That is why I wonder whether his thirst for knowledge is good or bad, however from what I have observed, I know he is a good kid."

    Vlad said in a serious tone, "The same was true for that mad kid from the time I knew him, however, he made his own choices. From what I know he is an emotional guy when it comes to experiences and also insane when he decides to act so he is that sort of guy. So I find him quite amusing when he acts." Vlad ended with an amusing smile when talked about the mad man.

    Melanie sighed and replied to John and didn't mention the other guy anymore.

    "Okay, John you can go to the bath prepared and remember to follow all the procedures for before and after the bath."

    When John entered the bath he was quite surprised because he saw this medicinal bath for the first time in his life, there were a lot of unknown herbs used he didn't know about.'

    Watching this Melanie was quite amused and said to John, "You don't have to worry, it won't kill you, this was specially prepared by me for increasing the performance for both of you in your training period."

    Melanie said proudly as she displayed her collections from all those years, 'I coughed up quite a lot this time around.'

    To this John replied to Melanie, "No, I was just wondering about the herbs used in this medicinal bath, as I wasn't able to recognize a lot of herbs from the smell of this medicinal bath."

    Hearing this both Vlad and Melanie were surprised as didn't expect John's senses of smell to be strong enough to recognize even the herbs he worked on and touched.

    However, she still smiled and answered him, "Well they are some herbs which are used in advanced potioneering and some of them were from my personal collection when I traveled the world in the past. Since you are my only disciple I have to obviously display my best and not to lose face."

    John got quite used to this scene after some while now, however from her words he still understood that Melanie was going to use a lot from her own personal collection when he heard her.
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