71 2. Morgan family Dilemma and Josephs decision.

    Joseph thought about his quarrel with his grandfather who was against him permanently taking a position as he thought this would be suicidal if John didn't succeed at North-frontier City and he was putting all the eggs in one basket, however, Joseph felt he would be too late if he took a late decision. He was still glad that his father supported his decision however he too was against making such an early decision.


    Joseph and Frank's discussion a few days ago,

    Frank seriously said, "You do realize that if you move there so early you will be taking an early stand and all your interests would be aligned with John permanently, even though he is your friend you should take rational decisions when it comes to your future. If he falls then you would fall as well, at least wait till the passing of this winter disaster and then make a decision. You should already know that this year's winter is totally an eye of the storm at North-frontier town where a lot of people from the north will be involved and he would most probably be isolated by lords over there as most of them are aligned with Prince Hector.

    Even I, as your father wouldn't advise you to take such a big risk and an early position. Though you may think that Vlad will help him, you don't know what he is thinking all the time, at one moment he may smile at you while he is stabbing you from the back. He has always been an odd character, we only have business interests with him right now and not a tight-knit relationship, it would be better to wait and understand them a bit and make your bets."

    Joseph said to Frank, "I think I need to take an early position or we will always remain business partners and not someone who can trust each other when it comes to sensitive matters whether it is John or Vlad. After thinking a lot I have made my decision as this would show my sincerity to them. This country would be at war in no less than 15 years when all the princes compete for the throne with each other and nobody knows what that madman Lukav might do if he chooses to participate in this spat between Dukes and Princes. We don't have any connections to Prince Felix. Our only backers are Marquis Ray and Duke of Southern Forest. I would rather trust on John who can become big, and if he succeeds then I too will succeed."

    Frank sighed and said to him, "Since you have made a decision I hope you don't regret it in the future."

    Frank smiled and continued, "Anyway, I will be fair to all of you brothers however your Grandfather would be quite mad. Well don't worry about him he has always been like that. This can be best as well as the worst decision for you."

    Joseph smiled and said to Frank, "Haven't you taught me already that risks and gains are always linked to each other whether you are conducting business or other ventures? And I truly feel that My close friendship with John will be helpful in the future, unlike the fake ones. And this decision of mine will further solidify our trust and express sincerity from my side."

    Frank nodded as he thought and said, "Since you have made your decision, I will accept it, the same was for your father when we brothers took our own decisions, however, you have to be prepared for conspiracies from your brothers and cousins, this happens to even today. Anyway, I will give the same advice to your brothers as well."

    Frank felt nostalgic and sad when he remembered how one of his brothers died to his blade in the past because of competition and power grab. It was either his death or his brother's death and in the end, he chose the latter.

    'I hoped that this didn't end in a bloody massacre, however, I can't control everything. Maybe father thought the same when I made my decision years back.' Frank thought irritatingly as he saw that Joseph had already made his decision.

    Joseph too understood the meaning behind Franks last words and said to him as he left, "Yes father, farewell, take care."


    Back at John's Mansion,

    John said to people present at the meeting, "Okay since the Police force and militia have already been formed we will immediately announce the formation of the Police force with our new laws and the creation of courts to settle civilian disputes as soon as we are ready."

    John continued as he said to everyone seriously, "This information is only for people present in this room, I intend to create another force who would help us gather information on foreign spies and take missions outside to help us keep updated on the current events, we can't always hope to get help from Vlad every time, we need to be self-sustainable. Jake will head this department. Currently, he is out on a mission and doesn't know about this information and developments. In the future, he and his men will help us keep updated and they would only be directly answerable to me. The name of this organization will be Ghosts, the keepers in dark and it will be headed by Jake and it would be under my direct control. If there are any conflicts of interests and disputes with them then bring those issues directly to Taylor who will later inform about them to me and I will try to resolve those problems. We will also be setting up a military court with Military laws for both the army and Ghosts."

    Many people thought that Jake was too young to keep such a post but then they thought about his Master, Vlad and immediately kept their opinions to themselves. it was because they remembered about him and his men who would always be able to control the miscreants who roamed around the various factories which generated income for the City.

    While Tornwall thought on the contrary to what people were thinking and said, "Quite a good choice to make his first knight to serve this position. experience can be gained but people who you can trust are hard to get. I guess it will be better for future considering Jake is still too young."

    Many thought and understood why John chose Jake for this position, Jake already made an oath to John while both are disciples of Vlad which made sense why he would make this decision.


    Jake was in the east of the imperial city right now, where he was doing a mission handed over to him by Vlad, originally Vlad was given this mission by one of his clients, which he thought Jake could handle. This was also one of the tests which Vlad gave him so he could evaluate his performance.

    Jake was in a bar in the Redwood city which was east to the imperial city, this city was a transit hub for people and traders from southeast heading towards the center of the kingdom for trade and migration. This city was also a haven for Slave trade as the Royal family usually conducted their business from nearby cities or via their henchmen when it came to the slave trade. Here Jake's mission was to kill a mercenary who went by the name of Blacktiger.

    Jake was careful when he asked questions to people, he already had most of the information regarding Blacktiger from Vlad but what he didn't know was that he had a bit of wrong information which was purposely given by Vlad. Vlad wanted to teach him this lesson of never to blindly trust anyone whether it was a friend or a foe when it came to important missions and do your own research as well.

    He was already here at Redwood city for a few days already. This was a town which was always full of people. Jake had made quite an acquaintance with the bar owner in these days he was here.

    Like usual Jake was drinking at the bar again today and looking for Blacktiger which was mentioned in the information given by Vlad.

    The bar owner today decided to ask Jake as he saw him for quite a few days already looking for someone, "I have seen that you have been looking for somebody at this bar for quite a few days already whenever you here come for a drink. I don't know if I can help, you can ask me if you want any type of information."

    Jake understood and removed some gold coins and put it in front of the table, he finally felt that the wait was worth it, meanwhile, he smiled a bit and asked him, " I am looking for a man with Black tiger's tattoo on his face and he goes by the name Black tiger."

    It seemed that the Bar owner knew him and asked about Jake's purpose over here, "What kind of business do you have with him?"

    Jake smiled as he laid out his guesses, "I am only paying for information over here, not the other way around and from your expression, it looks like you know a lot about him."

    As soon as he heard Jake he could feel a dangerous vibe coming from Jake if he lied to him. he understood that this was a dangerous man if he wished to play around and con him.

    The bar owner hesitated a bit but then saw Jake's cold glint and decided to say the truth, "We can't talk about him here, we need a quiet place because he has a lot of eyes and ears around this town.?"

    Jake signaled him and both of them went to a room in the back, Jake cautiously checked the surroundings and room before entering it.

    The bar owner said after he saw him entering, "Well, that guy Black Tiger usually comes to our bar and a lot of his men are mostly present over here as they treat it as their base of operations. You were quite lucky that you waited patiently for a few days before curiosity got the better of me and you met me. You don't look like a local, I assume you are here for the same thing as all the previous people who came here. I can tell you that all of the people who came before ended up dead, do you still want more information?"
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