73 4. Black Tiger and Jakes Confrontation.

    Black Tiger said to Jake as he watched him observing the surroundings and his movements, "I guess you still haven't made a move on me because you intend to extract more information out of me like all those people in your organization."

    Jake nodded and said with a smile, "You are quite perceptive, Well I have this habit of collecting information wherever I travel, so I guess you are spot on. However, It won't bother me much if I can't get information from you since my job this time around is only your assassination to complete my test."

    Black tiger said as he remembered those men from the past, "As expected you are one of those men from that demonic organization. However, I wonder how were you able to join them at such a young age and how were you able to go on the field this early? From what I know they don't send kids this young to do missions."

    Jake said with a sharp tone, "I guess there were special circumstances when I came on the field."

    Jake continued as he said, "However. From your previous information I wonder which person gave you the order when that incident took place,"

    After not getting any answer from Black tiger. Jake took out his rusty knife and charged at Black tiger without a moment's hesitation.

    Black tiger was in a defensive position as soon as he detected Jake's presence after he had arrived,

    The rusty knife clashed with the sword that Black Tiger was wielding from the start.

    Both of them clashed heavily as sounds of metal and sparks could be heard after their frequent clashes. Rustling sounds of movement could be heard everywhere in the room.

    Jake was moving at fast speeds with a faster momentum as he attacked Black Tiger continuously without stop. Black tiger got scratched for the first time on his body after a few clashes. Little did he know that the knife was poisonous and his movements were getting paralyzed faster as he moved more.

    After a few moments, Black tiger began to realize that he would lose the battle if he didn't do anything as Jake was faster than him and more aggressive moments suitable against him.

    Black tiger thought, 'My movements are getting slower, I guess it is because of the poison, I wonder which potent poison is working on me. This situation is very tight, I think I need to pull that last trick.'

    As Jake approached him for the last strike to completely paralyze Black Tiger, at that moment Black tiger did an all or nothing attack to Jake without even considering if he would get stabbed in the chest after that attack.

    Jake was completely flabbergasted and shocked at this turn of events as he watched Blacktiger attacking without any care however he still followed his training and moved forward to attack Blacktiger. After this exchange, Jake was injured in his shoulder with a sword stabbed on it, while Blacktiger was completely paralyzed and immobile after that last attack. Jake Breathed heavily as the sword stabbed him on his shoulders.

    Both Blacktiger and Jake were bleeding heavily, Jake took out one of the potions which were given to him by Melanie, meanwhile, after drinking the potion he also started to treat his injuries.

    Jake then carefully approached Black Tiger, gave him a syrup and started his interrogation after confirming his body condition.

    Jake asked him patiently, "So were you ordered by someone during the incident where you ransacked the village after the war?"

    Blacktiger nodded his head in agreement a bit before trying to maintain his mental state.

    Blacktiger thought, 'Damn, this guy has poisons which have effects even on my mental state, I won't spill the beans even if it means death, if not, all of my sacrifices would come in vain. If not for Damien I would have been safe.' Blacktiger sighed as he thought about his past and the blunder of his teammate.

    Blacktiger had a determined face when he faced Jake and his interrogation.

    "It seems you were indeed ordered by someone. Even under such a potent poison, you are able to resist this truth syrup I wonder what is giving you the strength to keep this secret. You know you would die if you don't answer my questions, right?"

    Blacktiger laughed a bit and said with a mocking tone to Jake, " I will die either way, it's better if I die protecting something."

    Jake said as he understood something and said, "Maybe, you may think you are dying to protect something, but are you really sure? Who knows that guy will go back on his words and who knows how many more of Blacktigers will be created in the future this way if his identity isn't revealed yet. Tell me his name and I can at least promise you to protect the guy who you intend to sacrifice your life for."

    Blacktiger didn't believe him as he pretty much knew a lot about Jake's organization.

    Before Jake could say anything, Blacktiger already popped a pill hidden in his teeth and bit his tongue as he started bleeding profusely. Blacktiger knew that Jake would extract more information from him if he stayed more under his captivity and it would be fatal for them so he decided to pop the pill and bit his tongue after making a tough decision which would cost his life.

    Blacktiger began to lose consciousness as he remembered his brother from the past who hated him.

    'I wonder how he would feel after hearing about my death.'

    After watching this, Jake thought, 'Truly a stubborn fellow, a man with no morals if it comes to his loved ones. I wonder if I would become someone like him one day? Anyway, I still got something out of this mission.'

    Jake began to hurry as it had been too long since commotion began at this building, he knew that people would begin to worry and come here so he left hurriedly as he was already injured and it would be suspicious if he remained and tried to tail them any longer.

    Jake thought, ' It's better that I leave right now or else I will get in trouble. Blacktiger's death would be a big matter and most probably people would try to search for the killer. It's better if I don't tail their men who would come to investigate. I will first inform of the success of the mission to my contact and other details which I got earlier to them.'

    Jake cleaned the room for any of his traces but the poison in the bodies of people would still remain and they could most probably guess how Blacktiger and others died.

    Jake didn't return to the bar but to the place of contact for supplies. This was one of the bases of Bluesea house which was directly controlled by Vlad and his trusted men.

    In the slums near a certain dwelling, Jake knocked on the door in a certain pattern a few times. After entering, a middle-aged man could be seen smoking at the counter, Jake had entered this place from a backdoor. This guy's name was Grey, he handled all the affairs in the central of Aelius kingdom for Bluesea family. Earlier he was called by Vlad to come over here at Redwood city to look after Jake if anything happened. He was pretty much surprised after watching Jake's patience over these days and after watching his movements over the days he was pretty sure, Jake could handle Blacktiger and his men all on his own as long as he didn't fell in their trap.

    Grey wore white and grey robes like a vagabond, he had a straw hat on his head with a fox-grass which was being chewed by him. He had 2 long white Blades besides him with their sheaths. He had rugged curly and small white-greyish hair on his head. he had a small tattoo on the left side of his face which happened to be some sort of symbol. Jake had never seen this type of symbol. It seemed to be written in a different language that Jake couldn't recognize.

    After Jake's arrival and watching his condition, Grey said to him in a bland and nonchalant tone, "It seems you are quite injured this time, its good that you have those herbs and potions or you would have leaked your whereabouts just by the leaking of your blood, I guess it was your lack of experience and the desperation of a cornered rabbit which harmed you, as you only have one wound and that is on the right of your shoulder I guess it was the last attack. Okay, so what do you want to report, I don't have much time for a kid, I already wasted much time looking after you in this city these days. so spit it out."

    Jake saw and thought, 'haven't you already waited 8 damn days already, a mere 10 minutes wasted won't bring the world to its knees.'

    However, he still detailed the matter of how he tailed them, on how he heard their conversation and only took action after there was a need.

    Grey thought a bit and said, "Hmm... it seems you used your mind quite brilliantly this time when you decided to tail him, however, it won't end this way all the time as many times there is a lot of surveillance if someone even suspects that they are being tailed."
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