75 6. Ryfons new discovery.

    Martha noticed them after they entered the establishment, seeing the looks on their faces, immediately she let out a sigh of exasperation.

    "I guess Jay is footing the bill tonight..."

    Meanwhile, Hague calmly sat at his table as he watched the comedic scene happening before his eyes. Laughing slightly, he thought.

    "Damn, their eyes mean that the food here is more attractive than their observation target. Hahaha, who would have thought! They are professional at protecting and observing me huh. If I didn't notice them earlier, even I would have thought that they were just here as customers..."

    A few hours after Blacktiger's assassination...

    Grey and his men were scouting the area where Jake assassinated Blacktiger and his men. Astonishment filled their eyes as they noticed that the area was barely even damaged at all.

    The big bearded man quietly remarked to Grey, with an obvious tone of happiness and pride.

    "Heh, the little bastard did a pretty clean job huh. If not for the injury, it would have been a perfect job well done."

    Overhearing his words, Grey turned around and commented.

    "It's all part of the learning process of being an assassin... Only with experience will perfection truly be achieved, but remember, experience isn't usable most of the time. Only through honing your instincts will your battle sense improve, and will you be able to deal with your enemies faster. Many at times, it's usually your instincts that tends to decide the life and death of you or your enemy... Hmph, he is young and just needs time to train."

    The big bearded man, Martin thought a bit,

    "Guess you are right. The more talent you have, the better your chances of survival will be in this survival of the fittest world... Well, he is doing great for just a beginner. Anyways, regarding the completion of Jake's mission, I already informed my men about it. He is currently traveling to the north to say, any other orders other than that?"

    "... For now, just keep a look on the men over there, like you said they might be related to the masterminds behind the previous incident. We can't let it happen again!"

    Grey then looked at Jake's room with slight emotions brewing from within, he walked away and spoke,

    "Keep a look on that kid's situation, I'll be out to take a look at that situation for a while."


    Meanwhile, a meeting was held in John's mansion between Ryfon, John, Tornwall and Taylor as they were personally called by John a day before.

    Ryan reported his recent accomplishments and works to John, happiness filled his heart as he began to speak with excitement and pride,

    "The construction of the brewery has already started after I met Taylor and heard about Tornwall's amazing performance previously. After starting it, the only thing now is the distillation machines which you mentioned before and given to Tornwall to handle. Now it's just on his end and we are waiting for him in order to finish the project and start the brewery operations."

    "Luckily, there is a piece of good news this time. After checking out the cement and experimenting with a lot of materials for construction, it seems that when the cement is mixed with Mulberry Glue, the results have proven that the toughness is 200% stronger! Its solidity can allow us to construct stronger structures too! It was an unexpected discovery that we learned about after an accident happened at the construction site."

    John was quite surprised after hearing this and happily laughed out loudly

    "Never expected that useless fruit actually being so useful, quite an unexpected discovery that Mulberry Glues actually increased the properties of cement. Ryfon, reward the person who contributed to the discovery!"

    Ryfon smugly replied,

    "Already ahead of you, we rewarded the person who discovered this shocking effect of the fusion between cement and mulberry glues. This also sped up the construction speed by quite a fair bit too... Most of this newly found trick has also been implemented in various industries and quite a lot of it was useful in the road constructions, due to the increased speed of construction, the need for labor has reduced.

    John nodded in agreement and seemingly satisfied with the way that Ryfon handled the situation, and immediately gave his orders.

    "This discovery must be kept top secret and classified from others. The people involved in it will be under a gag order and rewarded appropriately in order to prevent any information leak, though make sure the involved officials know about this. Though it won't affect us as much since cement making is a secret, but the prices of mulberry fruits for sure will increase if anyone ever knew of its useful ability to increase the properties of cement... Ryfon, from now on stock up on as many mulberry fruits as possible. It will be one of the strategic resources for us in the long run. Furthermore, continue experimenting with various tests which would give us better results."

    Ryfon smiled a bit and said,

    "I already expected this and had immediately ordered my men to buy as many mulberry fruits as we can, since we require these materials in large quantities for the construction from now on."

    After Ryfon completed his report, Taylor came and said to John,

    "Lord, Jake has completed the mission given to him earlier and Mr. Vlad ordered me to inform you about his current situation. According to the letter, Jake was injured during the mission. He is currently recovering at one of the bases of the Bluesea family in Redwood City near the imperial capital."

    After hearing this John said,

    "Hmm... It seems that problems occurred while he was on the mission. Anyways, it's good that he is back safe and sound. Are there any movements from the other Nobilities?"

    After saying so, Taylor handed over a document that contained information as he summarized the report.

    "Currently, the only movement is from Prince Hector's side. He is preparing for a big banquet that he organized for the Sun Festival after this month. There are also movements from the Duke of the west. He is funding more pirates to interrupt our trade routes, recently Joseph's fleet was also under the attack of pirates... If not for the high defense abilities and the fact that Joseph and co were prepared for confrontation like that to occur, they would have probably lost their lives from that attack..."

    John said in a small tone,

    "It seems that Duke Blackwolf has already started moving against us huh, I guess we need to arm Joseph or else it would be bad for us."

    John smiled a bit and continued,

    "What do you think about arming them with half powered ballistas? We can also demonstrate it in front of the other officials of the kingdom in order to showcase our power and wealth. This will pull some of the officials and nobles in to try to get us to their side and we will be able to get better backings and stature. What do you think would be the perfect time for such a show?"

    This time Tornwall smiled as he understood him and said to everyone present,

    "I think the best time would be to test our weapons before Prince Hector's banquet, we should also announce the sales of the Ballistas to Joseph's fleet on the same day too. It would be quite a scene for the aristocrats supporting Prince Hector but drooling over our Ballistas, We can at least deter Duke Blackwolf if not Prince Hector because of his Royal connections. However, it would at least make other aristocrats take a position on the fence since they would like to acquire those Ballistas."

    John smiled and said,

    "We think so much alike, As proposed by Tornwall, we will announce our official tests of Ballistas 5 days before Prince Hector's banquet. In addition, I will announce about the sales of those weapons to Joseph's fleet as a goodwill gesture."

    Tornwall nodded in agreement and said,

    "A good decision, Lying as ducks won't take us anywhere, we need to show some strength if we want others to respect us, the same is the case if we want power and wealth."
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