84 15. Evans Arrogance.

    Henry meanwhile stealthily moved towards Jake as he thought, 'I have to kill that kid, Lord won't budge unless he sees his blood. And from the looks of people, this kid and his family seem quite important to this Baron. While from the way he demonstrated his battle capabilities, I am sure that this domain lord won't give up on that kid and his potential.'

    Dearil came behind Henry with his blade when Henry wanted to make a move on Jake from behind, Dearil mocked Henry as pointed his blade behind his back, "Tch Tch Tch, it is quite dishonorable to interfere in and after a duel, don't you think you so?"

    Henry let out a dry laugh and raised both his hands as he heard Dearil, "I am just a regular knight following orders, do you really think I can even come close or manage to land a scratch on that monster? And about honor? Who cares about honor when your life is at stake."

    Dearil smiled cunningly as he saw Henry, "You may fool others, but you can't-fool me, I can see that you are using quite a high-level technique to conceal your true aura as well as your mana. And the very fact that you don't have care about any honor implies that you are more dangerous than the other muscleheads over there."

    Henry sighed at Dearil's answer as he spoke to him, "Hmm.. it seems you have quite outstanding and unique eyes if you can even detect my aura and magic. Very few people could actually detect my aura."

    Without saying anything Dearil immediately charged towards Henry as Henry dodged Dearil's attack and both of them got locked into an intense confrontation with each other.


    After a while,

    Jake removed the arrow that was stuck on his back. He looked at the direction from where the arrow came from.

    Meanwhile, Evan saw that Henry was confronting Dearil and he was pretty much frustrated at the turn of the events.

    Evan then prepared to shoot another poisonous arrow at Jake so he thought to nip the bud while he is still growing.

    Jake saw that another arrow was coming towards him, he again filled his rusty knife with dark magic and threw it towards Evan's direction with great killing intent while he dodged the arrow this time.

    Watching this Henry was pretty much very alarmed as he saw Jake throwing the knife at Evan's Direction. Henry whistled to give a signal as he confronted Dearil, one of the knights came to defend Evan as the Knife thrown by Jake pierced his arm and scratched Evan's hand who was being protected by him.

    The man protecting Evan collapsed on the ground grabbing his right hand while Evan had a pretty scary face where he faced death for the first time in his life. He screamed hoarsely as the Knife scratched his hand.

    Jake thought in frustration, 'It seems that his poison was quite potent.' Jake fell on the ground with great reluctance after this encounter.

    John saw this scene as he ordered Taylor, "Go and tell Jay to keep him safe, bring him to Grandma Melanie's Pharmacy or Master's Vlad's men just so we remain vigilant."

    Henry backed off as he saw Jake falling to the ground and came back to Evan's side.

    Henry saw the scene as he thought, 'hmm... It seems Lord used a specialized poisonous arrow from the start. Good, this at least reduces my work. I hope Lord isn't too stubborn and pursues this matter for retaining face. I guess he will be very angry to find that Marcus is dead.'

    Henry saw that the guy who was protecting Lord was wreathing in pain and the same was true for the lord who was gritting his teeth so he doesn't lose face in front of commoners. "I guess that Slave aimed to make a mockery of lord before trying to kill him. Hey, come and bring one of those potions to alleviate Lord's pain."

    Henry ordered one of his men.

    Evan roared towards John as soon as he saw him, "How to do you intend to solve this matter. I hope to get a satisfactory answer or else this matter won't be forgotten by house Laguna. There will be big consequences since you can't even control your slaves."

    One of the knights gossiped, "I guess Lord is quite angry at the death of Marcus, I don't think he will leave this matter even if he gets the heads of this slave's family. I am expecting him to humiliate this lord and extort the hell out of him."

    Henry laid out his thoughts as he heard one of the knights, "Well, I guess this is in favor of Laguna house as well since we would anyway want a reason to raid ships traveling north and south. This can perfectly stop trade between Southern Domain and this town where there is a massive amount of money involved nowadays, this would force this domain lord to trade via land and pay taxes which would inevitably increase his costs. Duke was anyways looking towards this big pie of North-South Sea trade. Even that Baron who sold this Town is quite happy as he is getting a lot of Taxes from his Port Town in the east."

    John scoffed at Evan's words as he rebuked him harshly, "Mind you this is my land and it is my laws which work here. And as for the incident, Even if we go according to Kingdom laws for nobles, from the current information, it was your men who started a duel and it was on your orders that they interfered in the duel, had it been other way round I wonder how much more enraged you would get hearing your knight's death."

    Henry interjected, "It is well within our rights for protecting a knight in a duel if his opponent is using coercive techniques to fight which included assassin techniques. It will only sully the honor of knight if he dies unjustly in a duel...."

    John interrupted him as he spoke strong words to Henry with an imposing manner, "A duel which was imposed on my men by your arrogant knight for which he paid the price by underestimating him. Speaking of coercive techniques, didn't your Lord used quite a Potent Poison arrow to injure my men when the duel was going on? And the word Honor doesn't suit you from the way you are hiding your aura or Mana."

    Henry seriously gave his defense, "Lord had already warned him before releasing the arrow, there was nothing dishonorable when he intended to save one of his knights from mindless slaughter. Your uneducated slave ignored his warning even after hearing him and continued to attack."

    John rebuked when heard his words, "Hmph... The duel had already started, It was either Jake's death or his opponent's death. I wonder what would have happened if the situation was reversed. I am sure your Lord would have tried to humiliate me or killed him in the most ruthless way in case I was not present."

    Evan waved his hand that signaled Henry to stop, "Enough Henry."

    With cold and sharp eyes, Evan looked at John, "So you intend to protect a Slave and Offend Laguna house over him even though we have legitimate reasons to kill him. Even if you wish to protect him, there will be consequences and you will suffer for protecting him. If you are regretting over previous statements because of false bravado in front of your people, There is still a chance If you still wish to undo the previous incident, all you have to do is beg for mercy and hand over that family to me as I am more pissed over that brat trying to claim my life."

    John laughed as he heard him, "We will see who will suffer, As for begging mercy and handing over my men, you can dream on."

    John thought as he heard his arrogant tone, 'Hmph... who will believe in me if I hand over my men. You think I am that naive?'

    Everyone watching this scene was quite happy as this further assured them of the previous promises given by John and co earlier because most of the people would have mostly given up the slave instead of offending a duke.
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