88 19. Changes in Town and the Day of Testing Part I.


    The day of Testing ballistas and Announcing new laws,

    John asked Taylor as he was busy checking the documents which were given by Tornwall and related to the ballistas, "Are all the preparations ready for the announcement of new laws as well the launch of our police force?"

    Taylor gave one of his reports about the current situation in the town as he heard John, "Yes, preparations are already made and people were already informed about it in the previous 3 days, A lot of people in the city are already excited because of the invention of a new weapon in our domain. However, a lot of people from outside the domain as well are especially traveling today to observe the current events that are related to new laws, the police force and the ballista testing in the name of trading and touring the city. I guess a lot of spies specially made a trip today to see the current events."

    John took the report and gave his opinion, "Well don't worry about them, it is natural for spies to infiltrate when major events take place. Master will handle them so we don't need to worry much. Has Jake started preparations to create the spy force which we needed?"

    Taylor nodded and spoke, "Yes, he has already started, I have already given him the initial funds that he required to start the organization. I have already given him the rule book which his men would have to follow in times of emergency. Today, later on, we have a meeting with George, I guess the situation really is important from how he is asking for an appointment these days."

    John thought a bit, "Okay, there won't be a problem. We will see what is the matter when we talk to him."


    Jay instructed Joe and Marsh at the newly established police headquarters, "Marsh from now on, you will be the commissioner of North-frontier Town's whole police force, you will be directly answerable to me or lord. While Joe will be in charge of training the new recruits while at the same time he will also be the Cheif Crime Scene Investigator of this town. You will be handling all the Major cases as well as report to me about anything unnatural you notice in the town. Since I am going to be the Minister of Internal Security affairs from on I will be trusting you guys and it will be a lot of work for everyone, however, you guys can enjoy Today, I will be treating all our men. You guys have to remember that you have to follow the laws and not take your decisions based on your emotions however if it is something serious you can inform me on how to handle the matter. It will be the courts which will decide the punishments of convicts and criminals. Come let's go to the square to witness the announcement of our force and the new laws."

    Joe cheered as he heard Jay and headed to give good news to all his mates, "You are the Best, Jay. I will immediately call all of our men to get ready for the ceremony."

    Marsh asked Jay, "I can see that you have mostly picked Local men or slaves from Lord's Mansion for our force this time, I guess Lord is cautious when he is hiring men for important forces, right?"

    Jay nodded as he said, "Well it is good for now, We will have to work hard for the well being of this Town So I expect no one to slack on their Jobs and this is also one of the reasons I have taken local men or slaves from Lord's Mansion who wished to join the armed forces who can't be bribed easily to betray their homeland or John himself."

    Joe arrived with all the men as they headed to the square where the ceremony was going to take place.

    Jay ordered as Joe arrived, "Okay, let's Go."

    Meanwhile, Joe acted as he didn't hear Jay and headed to the square. Watching this scene Marsh and a lot of men giggled as they knew Joe was quite dense on certain things.

    Jay sighed at this scene and spoke, "I guess this works as well. Anyway, lets head out."


    At the square, all the officials were arriving for the upcoming ceremony, the ceremony was currently held in the whole street with Hope restaurant as the center-stage.

    Currently, Taylor was welcoming all the people who were coming in for the ceremony.

    This time Marquis Ray and Frank Morgan both came to today's ceremony after they heard from Joseph that John was going to upgrade the Naval fleet of Morgan to protect his own interests.

    Marquis Ray asked Frank this time as he arrived at the city, "Frank, What do you think about Joseph's letter where he mentioned that there was a newly developed weapon that is going to be presented today at the ceremony. Do you think the matter is as serious as he is portraying?"

    Frank, "I know for a fact that he won't be making a ruckus if it was only a minor improvement so I think this time it would be quite worthwhile for us to come here. Though Father was skeptical as he thought that because of reduction in resources, Joseph might be trying to pull something foolish to gain attention however he thought this might as well give him a chance to further reduce his resources and teach him a lesson. However, that seems impossible from the way I am watching this town because those resources won't affect him much."

    Marquis: "Quite true, this place has changed a lot from the last time I came here when we were asked by the Royal family to clear the magical beasts in the North. This time I was quite happy with the roads and transportation which were recently made by Gordon and his team. I heard from my spies that this road was made by mixing a certain agent called cement and made into smooth roads which we are watching right now. What do you say we employ them to make our roads from next year?"

    Frank, "I think it would be quite a good idea to have these roads built in our domain as it would attract more traders from nearby the domains to come to our cities because of low maintenance costs as well as the low taxes which we could provide to them. I propose we employ them immediately if these roads are affordable. currently, I am looking to find a good building to make an office-headquarters in the north for Morgan family in North-frontier town. I only came to this decision after looking at the reports from my men as well as watching this city first-hand today. If John showcases his real power from what is indicated by Joseph then prices over here would increase as more small traders would be willing to shift their headquarters over here as they would believe in the protection of John. I think this is also one of the reasons, why John has liberalized the real-estate policy 2 days back in North-frontier town.

    His idea of making big buildings to conserve space was quite novel, I wonder what sort of things are they using to make those huge buildings. The sheer amount of labor required to build this would be enormous unless you found another way that would require low labor."

    Marquis thought and said, "Now that you mentioned real-estate, I too was quite surprised by the size of the Learning institutions which John has recently made. I didn't think he could make his universities bigger than the Imperial University in the capital. I wonder what those people at Imperial University think after watching this spectacle. I think this recently made cement is one of the reasons they are able to make bigger and stronger buildings."

    Frank had other thoughts as he spoke, "Hmm... Quite true, but I don't think it is only related to cement but many other factors with which they are able to construct those buildings. The newly created forge in the industrial area has impressed me quite a bit. From the looks of it, I think it was made by the advanced technology of the dwarves since it was that dwarf named Tornwall who managed all the work over there."

    Marquis Ray thought and said, "Well, If the Dwarven kingdom in the east gets the wind of it, they may try to kill that dwarf who disclosed those technologies. Well, there should be no worries as most of us aristocrats have those dwarves who sold out some of the technologies in return of freedom not to mention the royal family. Well, let's head to Hope and meet Joseph and John for now."
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