96 27. Meeting Lukav and George.


    Lukav entered John's room and sat on the chair without any formalities meanwhile his Butler Duncan greeted John and stood on the side,

    John didn't mind it as he already knew about Lukav's personality. Taylor prepared some snacks for Lukav.

    Lukav sat leisurely and commented, "Looking at that scumface Robert leaving and your grave face right now, I guess he pulled a fast one over you from the way both of you are reacting. Well, I won't talk about others and since everyone has left now so we can chat in leisure without any headaches. This town of yours has surprised me quite a lot, unlike other domains that I know of. This city of yours is cleaner than the imperial city as I can say this with experience. I wanted to know if you are interested in making a deal with me."

    John seriously said, "May I know what kind of deal would it be before giving my word. However, you can be rest assured that I won't have biases when dealing with anyone, I only make judgments based on my interactions. As for you guess about Bishop Robert you were quite right. I am only going to confirm his news with my men later on."

    Lukav signaled Duncan to bring some documents and spoke about Bishop Robert, "Well, if it is to break up your alliance with Royal Family then you can trust him because he only breaks up alliance via using facts and multiple investigations that help him instilling doubts regarding their partners. Duncan, bring in those documents and brief him on our deal."

    "Well, after watching your papers that were circulating among the academicians at your institute. I guess you have a pretty good source of making them so I hoped to buy those papers and sell them at a premium in the Western part of Aelius kingdom in the Black Market. Although Duke Blackwolf has a lot of power. He can't control the black market that we run. Would you be interested in selling us those papers? From our rumors, A lot of nobles were interested in those smooth white papers so I guess it can pretty much become a luxury item among the upper class, and as we saw an opportunity to raise more funds we hoped to make this deal with you that would also help you cover the western market. And when it comes to the workings of the Black Market in Aelius, no one would claim to be better than us."

    John nodded, "Well that won't be a problem, and as Duke Blackwolf isn't allowing me to penetrate the western market, I might as well take your help since he is already killing our men in the seas via his pirates."

    Duncan only asked him now after completing the previous deal as he thought it would be quite rude if he laid his eyes on the Ballista's straight away, "We are also very much interested in those Ballista's that we saw earlier. So we also wanted to buy those Ballista's I don't know if it is possible?"

    John thought a bit as he laid out his conditions, "Hmm... If I can get access to more information about Duke Blackwolf and Prince Hector then I won't take anything off the table."

    Duncan looked at Lukav before confirming anything,

    Lukav laughed as he saw Duncan, "hahaha, What are you looking at, does this even need my approval. Go on and agree to the deal. I just want to arrive at Hector's banquet and see his face later on. It would be quite amusing to watch his face after this debacle at North-frontier city."

    Lukav then amusingly asked John, "John, previously I heard one of your Slaves killed Evan's Knight Captain Marcus just a few days ago, is it right or these are just some rumors spread by people?"

    John smiled as he asked Lukav, "Do you really not know about this incident? Well, he is not my slave but my first knight so I intended to protect even if you or the king wanted to kill him if he was guilty on baseless charges."

    Both Duncan and Lukav were quite surprised after hearing John's answer and got some gist of his personality and thinking.

    Lukav laughed loudly as said these words, "Hahahahahaha... You are quite an interesting fellow. I won't blame you for protecting him even if I tried to kill him. I guess we do have something similar when it comes to certain ideas. Well, from the way you are distributing this Weapon I guess you have a better weapon."

    "As we are quite similar, I will warn you earlier, Keep this deal about me buying your Ballista's secret because the Royal family might implicate you for selling me these weapons. I intend to use them for a certain incident so I hope you will be prepared with your stronger weapon later on if they come for you. And if you are ready to sell me those ballista's then I can sell you some precious Information which most people wouldn't know or wouldn't dare to sell after knowing it. I will bluff the Royal family and others to make them think more, that you sold me the ballistas while you only have to remain quiet."

    Duncan was quite surprised after Lukav said the previous words, 'It seems Lord has certainly taken a liking to this kid, I wonder how long can it last.'

    John asked, "I wonder what are you going to use it this weapon for, mind if you can divulge a bit?"

    Lukav showed a mysterious smile as he said, "I want to use it to bring a certain mouse out of his hole. I guess it is to invade a castle, even I am not sure and wondering which mouse should I bring out first. Well, you don't have to worry about it since I will take my sweet time when it comes to planning."

    John nodded, "Hmm... okay, I don't think there would be any problems selling those ballistas to you guys, I wonder what sort of information it would be this time around, You gave me a lot of surprises last time around."

    Lukav signaled Duncan and spoke, "Duncan, give those papers to him and brief him the details about the assassination that would take place in a few days. Meanwhile are you interested in collaborating in making drugs with us to counter to the Radiant church? If you are interested then only have to contact Georgio as I have given him all the rights. Georgio will also be our point of contact here at North-frontier city from now on and you can ask him if you have any queries. You can also send me letters via him. We will be leaving as I want to attend Hector's entertaining show this time around. Come, Duncan, let's hurry up."


    It was evening now after all the events finished at North-Frontier City, However, the city was full of brim and festivities.

    At the evening same day after all the nobles left,

    John asked Taylor, "Is George already here?"

    Taylor replied without any hesitation, "He is already waiting at our guest house in the Mansion. It seems he wanted to have some serious talk."

    John sighed and commented as he heard Taylor, "Bring him in, I guess he is worried about spies infiltrating his Workshop nowadays, I guess I took notice of this information too late."


    John met George after getting some confirmation from Bishop Robert about the spies that infiltrated their workshops.

    George met John this time unlike previously, he was quite respectful to John. After watching today's event he was quite sure that John would lead his domain just like the second Lorr Family. He was quite relaxed after watching John's show of power unlike previously where he felt pressured a lot.

    John sighed, "I guess I already know why you are here today, I just recently got news of the spies. Anyway, tell me why were you so anxious to meet me previously."

    George sighed as he agreed and narrated about his previous month, "The incident first started after I was able to easily hire a blacksmith from Imperial city One month back. Previously due to those weird machines you previously asked me to make and as I wasn't able to make it So I thought about training my men into magic Blacksmithing to ease our operations and cope with situations for the future So I decided to hire them. At first, I thought It was quite normal to be able to hire a high-quality Magic Blacksmith at mediocre prices. However, it was only later that I noticed the differences."
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