98 29. Astonished Reactions around the kingdom Part II.

    Chris smiled as he spoke, "I wonder, as I think I would have liked this situation as I would try to squeeze as much as possible and then side with a more powerful side in the end. I am quite sure, there are a lot of conspiracies still going on behind the scenes that we don't know."


    Prince Hector was in a very angry mood as he threw a fit to his butler Alistair, "What the ** is going on, explain to me clearly. How was that upstart able to make such a deal with the courtiers and father. Were they unaware of my conflict with that upstart?"

    Alistair directly gave the report and spoke, "This came directly from Ambassador Luke who was given the right to take over if any changes took place. Your father was quite happy with Ambassador Luke after watching the effects of the weapon and the meager amount that they paid unlike the previous time when they coughed up quite a sum when they bribed the elders of Lorr family. They also coughed up quite a sum to convince the head of Lorr family as there would only be chaos for Lorr family if they rebelled."

    Hector rebuked when he heard Alistair while he didn't even bother to read the report, "Well, Lorr family had a lot of power and hence the price, there would have been a civil war if we didn't give anything. I don't think there was even a need to deal with that upstart."

    Alistair stated the current situation to Hector as he tried to calm him down, "Lord you are forgetting that Duke Bluesea's men are currently stationed at North-frontier city and recently the Duke announced their full support for them. From their elders, we got to know that they already made a big deal of ballistas with them, however, the details are not clear. I guess the Royal family at least wanted to acquire the technology of this ballista instead of someone else. Lord, we still don't need to worry."

    Prince Hector raged in anger as he heard Alistair, "How can I calm down, I prepared so much and all for nothing, that madman might already be laughing as his men delivered us his letter confirming that he is coming to this banquet. Can't you see how much face have I already lost? And that pussy Baron is already showing signs of not following our orders in hopes of not getting burned in this tussle."

    Alistair still had a calm face as he spoke, "Well, we can still turn this situation around, you might have already known that Duke Fjord's son Evan was injured and poisoned by Count John's slave at North-frontier city. We can make use of this situation."

    Hector interrupted him and rebuked, "Hmph... you think it would be this easy? Duke Fjord and Blackwolf have irreconcilable differences and they would never work with each other against an upstart at least. And that Buffon Evan also has his brothers who would block him from doing anything. Nothing would come out of it. We at least can't make a coordinated attack."

    Alistair smiled as he laid out his plans, "What if Evan accidentally dies because of the poison from that slave's knife?"

    Hector thought as he spoke with a big smile, "Hmm... now this seems interesting. However, I think he has a big guard that protects him while we don't even know where he is currently. I don't think it would be possible?"

    Alistair continued with a mysterious smile as he bought a letter, "When I mentioned our dilemma to his eldest brother Ralph, he first came out and gave us the suggestion as well as Evan's travel route as he didn't like the idea of supporting that upstart. Even though he might want to oppose Evan but one of the big reasons that he didn't like Count John was that he made too many enemies in such a short period of time so he is unlike the usual aristocrats and takes decisions more with his emotions unlike his head. So what do you think master?"

    Hector nodded, "The plan is good. However, he is too far away, isn't he? I don't think the plan might suffice."

    Alistair gave a proud smile as he heard it, "Well, our assassins were near North-frontier town when that incident took place so I instead told them to tail Evan and his entourage. I would only need your permission to kill him and we might as well have a grand Alliance. At the same time, all the blame will be shared by that upstart and his slave. with 3 dukes against him, even the Royal family might think twice and I am very sure that your father wouldn't even bother about that upstart. He might as well try to take a bite out of him. As for the other conspirators, we don't have to worry about them, we only have to pressure that Baron so he heeds our orders and doesn't ruin our plans as North-frontier City is only connected via his domain and we should vary about the plans of other countries."

    Hector gave a hearty laugh after he heard the plan, "hahaha, as expected of my chief Strategist, you never let me down. I might as well announce about the new soaps we got from our spy to rub salt on his wounds."

    Alistair smiled as he heard Hector's praise and immediately asked for confirmation, "I guess my plan is well liked by Lord. I will immediately order Simon for assassinating Evan, his men are also escorting the spy who managed to get part of the blueprints of the soapmaking machine from Ron's factory."

    Hector nodded satisfactorily and gave his orders, "Yes immediately bring that spy and tell Simon to Assassinate Evan, I will see how he escapes this ordeal after offending me. We will also announce the production of our soaps from now on. Even though that upstart managed quite well to ruin my plans however he is too naive to think we won't try anything."


    Duke Blackwolf was at his court in the western capital, Arctos Midland, He looked like a buff man in his 50's with brown hair. He was wearing his armor as usual at his throne.

    Blackwolf seriously asked his finance minister, Justin, "So how are the sales of our soaps from now on?"

    Justin nervously answered whenever this question was asked to him, "Well, 20 percent of our sales have mostly been affected by those new soaps in the kingdom and it is particularly those big nobles who have reduced their orders."

    Duke Blackwolf with a scary face asked another question, "What about the pirates that we have funded recently in the east? are there any breakthroughs on their trade routes?"

    Finance minister sighed as he reported but this time it was less stiff as he had some good news, "None from our information, Morgan family and Marquis Ray have increased their funding and the protection of their fleets. It is particularly hard to penetrate eastern waters because of the influence of Duke Fjord and southern waters because of that Half-elf. However, there is some good news."

    Blackwolf ears perked as he heard his last sentence because these days he only heard bad news, "Continue, what is the good news?"

    Justin smiled as he reported, "From our sources we got some information, It looks like that upstart has yet again offended a big aristocrat and this time it is Duke Fjord's Son Evan over protecting his slave. I think this might be our chance at disrupting the north-south trade.

    Blackwolf sighed as he heard that, "Nah, I don't think we can still ally and coordinate our attacks against him because of our differences with Duke Fjord after the last war where I ruined his chances to get more merit."

    The finance minister gave both the letters as he smiled and said, "However, there is an interesting emergency letter that I got from Prince Hector just a while back and I think this may be our chance to make some breakthrough, It was written by Alistair and personally stamped by Prince Hector. What do you think of this plan Milord? There are two letters, one is particularly addressed to you only."

    Duke Blackwolf laughed hysterically as he remarked, "hahaha, good, good, such an incredible turn of events, it seems that gods still haven't abandoned me and my stars, however, there is some bad news as well. From the looks, it can be seen that Prince Hector changed his plans because of the upstart making quite a significant weapon that even the Royal family was compelled to buy it."

    Justin asked hesitantly, "What would be our answer this time?"

    Blackwolf smiled as he gave his decision, "We won't be directly involved in his assassination, we will only give them support from the sidelines with information and supplies, Prince hector's assassins would do the actual killing. It looks like Evan is heading to one of our communication points because of his fight with Count John."

    With a confused face, Justin asked Duke, "Count John? I think he is a Baron."

    Duke Blackwolf gave a mysterious smile as he gave the other letter to Justin, "Read it yourself, you will understand."
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