107 38. Start of the Conspiracy Part II.

    Simon and Pallet slowly approached Evan and Henry who were near the hillside.

    Henry immediately commented after watching Simon, "It seems a lot of people are involved in lords assassination. Would you mind telling us who all conspired against him including Prince Hector? I don't think Prince Hector would order Lord's assassination so easily even if it is for Duke Norman as this would escalate a war between dukes."

    Simon smiled and spoke, "You don't need to understand the happenings and conspiracies that take place in the palace at Prince Hector's courtroom as there a lot of intricacies involved."

    Pallet then laughed and said, "If this lord were to give you a hint then it is to escalate tensions between Duke Fjord and Count John. An Angered Duke Fjord would be good for us as a punching bag while we would be able to gauge the abilities of that new weapon and his forces meanwhile incurring minimal losses. Hahaha, isn't this plan wonderful? This plan was personally crafted by Lord Alistair, Prince Hector's right-hand man."

    Simon Slapped Pallet's back of the head and rebuked him, "Who told you to blabber and brag all this bull** in front of them, what if they survive and our plan goes haywire.

    You are still not an official member of our forces."

    Duke Evan paled as he heard and immediately anger rose inside him as he roared to Simon, "Just for that nobody upstart in the border, Prince Hector is even willing to kill me. What am I missing that Prince Hector is using my death and dealing that man with such great importance? damn, just for that small baron, is it really worth it?"

    Simon smiled at Evan's ignorance and spoke, "It seems you are out of touch from reality. Or you really haven't heard about the news of the Royal Family contracting Count John for his new weapons. so a lot of things have changed. As Prince Hector was badly humiliated with this announcement so you can guess what happened. So because of those weapons a lot of things have changed and everyone wants a pie out of that border City. And As previously Pallet said, Lord Alistair crafted this plan for Prince Hector so you can understand the intricacies of this plan. Additionally, he is not a baron but a Hereditary Count after the previous announcement of Ambassador Luke."

    Simon then ordered Pallet, "Pallet engage that guard. We had enough of chit-chat, Follow the plan."

    Dearil and Jake meanwhile were watching this from the sidelines.

    Dearil asked Jake, "What do you think about the current situation. Do you want to save that Duke or not."

    Jake watched the scene and rebuked, "It is as Lord said previously, we would be blamed either way. And it would be better to save him but it will also depend on his actions. Additionally, Lord isn't afraid of angering 3 dukes in one go so we don't need to be worried as well."

    Henry noticed Jake and Dearil and commented, "It seems we have some guests here. Master do you want to ask their help? They are men of Count John."

    After spotting Jake, Henry remembered how he conveniently ignored the conversation where Evan gave a hit on Jake's family.

    Henry sighed and thought, 'I guess I don't have any right to ask his help after all this time where I ignored Lord Evan's actions. Why did I choose to become a knight when I was young.'

    Evan said after a bit of thought, "Go ask them their help. And since both of us would get implicated when I die. They might already be planning to save me even without asking our help."

    Pallet then commented, "It seems we have some guests."

    Simon immediately replied focusing on Evan and Henry, "Ignore them, our mission is only to kill Evan and his entourage. And don't engage with that Demon over there. He has a different set of eyes. Just continue to attack them."

    Pallet continued to shower Henry with fireballs on Henry while Simon was waiting for Henry to separate from Evan.

    Henry still followed his orders as he roared to Jake and Dearil, "It would be beneficial for both the parties if we cooperate, Please help us."

    Dearil was going to save them but suddenly Jake stopped him indicating that they won't bother.

    Jake commented, "If he himself would have let go his ego and asked for help then I would have still helped him for the fact that he put down his ego for once, but no. And I am already pissed with the fact that he has put a bounty on my family.

    Looking at this, Henry understood that Jake has already taken a hard decision this time around. He thought nostalgically as he was the one who helped the girl in the past escape from Evan's clutches after Jake helped her with her debt. He however also thought about the times where he conveniently ignored a lot of crimes of Evan where he was helpless and could only watch.

    'I guess he already took a decision. It seems he still remembers me where I ignored him when Evan ordered Evan's family to be bankrupted and later slaved.'

    Simon this time moved and took out his sword as he began to engage Henry while targetting Evan. Henry was defending both of them while Evan was hoarsely roaring at the fact that he was rejected by Jake. He was attacking Pallet with his poison arrows.

    Henry started using water magic as he increased his guard to reduce the lethality of the attacks he was facing when engaging Simon.


    Meanwhile, John and Duke were at the Administrative headquarters where Duke Sapphire got to meet Ryfon.

    Duke exclaimed after watching the headquarters, "This is quite a majestic grand structure. I would like to hire Ryfon in the future if he is free to build a grand castle for me and my courtiers."

    Ryfon commented as he heard Duke's praise, "Nah, part of the designs were provided by Lord John and I mixed a bit of my own style."

    The administrative building had a lot of features resembling the white house but it was also different as it wasn't fully white. It was Yellow and white in color.

    Duke nodded and understood, "I am really pleased to see such a grand structure from inside and outside after it just opened. Come let's go to the theater, I heard a lot about this theater from the traveling traders who were traveling with me previously. And as a person interested in literature and arts. I always prefer dramas whether it is from the imperial city or the Southern Capital, Iron Rainforest."
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