111 42. News of Evans Death.

    Pallet exclaimed as he asked, "Don't we need to follow them?"

    Simon spoke gravely, "They are most likely going to their own hideout. Tailing them would be riskier as they are assassins, it is better to note their presence. Go and help him report Evan's death."

    After some while,

    Henry came up ashore to the river downhill as he was completely in a coma.

    After a long time, Jake and Dearil were able to locate Henry near the river.

    Jake and Dearil came near Henry as they checked his body, Dearil spoke, "He is in a coma and his body is completely poisoned. Do you really want to save him?

    Jake nodded and took out a potion from his body and poured it in Henry's mouth, "This can at least help him cope with the poison. This was given to me by Grandma Melanie for dangerous events, I am sure this would work on him. Come, lets bring him back to North-frontier town now that he won't be poisoned anymore."

    Dearil rebuked as he heard Jake, "Hey, I ain't carrying him, it's your baggage, you decided to save him. I thought you had already matured after you killed that knight and now this. Can't you decide to be cold or be fully sympathetic."

    Dearil sighed and said, "I am really disappointed in you Jake."

    Jake dissed as he heard him, "Stop your bull** and bring me a rope. No one said that you will be carrying him."

    Dearil watched him as he thought, "Damn, he is already acting like an old grandpa and I wonder if I am really older than him. Am I still in puberty?"


    Meanwhile Duke Sapphire witnessed the firepower of runic Ballista as he spoke,

    "I am really surprised by the firepower and range of this weapon, I can already guess why the royal family acceded to your demands without even blinking an eye. It was good that you agreed to help them or else it would have gotten more complicated for you as they would have actively started to conspire against you to get the tech of these weapons. You really got a good Forgemaster this time around. I really envy you having Tornwall."

    John smiled as he spoke, "Well, I understood that fact and hence I decided to show one of my aces to at least get Royal family's support even if it is in name's sake. As for Tornwall, I guess it was fate and also our agreement."

    Duke still nodded and reminded him, "However, I would still remind you to be careful of Dwarven kingdom's spies as they would try to assassinate him, you should at least keep him under protection as they are quite aggressive these years."

    John nodded and spoke, "Okay, I will make sure to keep him under my protection. However, I am only worried about my men's privacy."

    Sapphire smiled a bit gave him his advice, "Remember this, Lord Count, People in positions of power don't have any privacy. And Tornwall is someone who is in the position of power."

    Sapphire continued, "Well, it was good meeting you Count John, it was really refreshing coming to this place and have a new experience in this town. From now on Our fleet will also come with Ray's fleet to this town to increase our trade. So I guess we will be increasing trade for the whole duchy with North-frontier town."

    John nodded and proposed, "It was nice meeting you, I would like it if your fleet can trade more in food as the size our town will only increase so I hope to keep food security from all the sides as I don't trust the royal family fully to keep their promise. It would be better if you can help me contact with Elves bring some nature magicians to help our town. I heard that this nature magic is hereditary to Elves so I wanted to see it in action, I will meanwhile be offering all of our new products to them if they decide to trade with us. If you are successful I will also sell you Ballistas enough to install it in all of your naval fleets. You will meanwhile be having an edge on Duke Fjord who is always raiding your merchant ships in the sea. Wouldn't it be great for both of us?"

    Duke Sapphire smiled as he commented, "It seems you really are a good politician, John. Striking 2 targets with one arrow. Well, I will not reject your offer as it will benefit me more to project more power at sea. I cannot guarantee you that they will bring the nature magicians but I think our talks will bear some fruit."

    John too gave a meaningful smile and spoke, "Well, you too are a good politician, weren't you also waiting for me to sell those ballistas to you?"

    Duke Sapphire spoke, "Well, it's true that I was waiting for you to sell me those Ballistas because of my relation with elves in the south across the sea. Well, I will be leaving now that we have concluded the talks."

    John nodded and called Taylor, "Taylor, go and escort Duke Sapphire till he stays in our town. Make sure he doesn't face any problem during his stay."


    Meanwhile at the Imperial City Church, the Current Pope of Radiant church, David said to one of the Templar knights

    "It's good that I already noticed the relation between that Count and Lukav previously when they started smuggling all those soaps in the west."

    David was quite young as a pope of the Radiant Church. He was only 38 this year and rose to power thanks to his relationship with one of the 11 cardinals and Prince Felix.

    Calvin the Templar knight said, "Master, don't we need to stop the assassination now that they have this weapon. We should atleast stop till we get our hands on that Ballista. If the assassination fails then it will be more troublesome to get our hands on them."

    Pope shook his head and spoke, "Nah, we are already at loggerheads with that Count and from the way he is increasing his relation with Demons and those other inferior species you can't expect us to change our codes because of that one man. And that man is already covered by enemies on all the sides, he can't do anything even if we try to pull anything. Continue with his assassination. Meanwhile, continue to provide information to Felix as we will be supporting him in his fight for the throne."


    Grey said as he read the letter and information that was provided by Jake and Dearil, "It looks like Evan is dead. It seems we need to move as we would be needed more at North-frontier City after this event. Just keep some men at all the branches so that they can give us periodical reports."

    Martin then gave an envelope to him, "It looks you won't be able to join us, you have another mission. Join us up at North-frontier city after you complete your mission."

    Grey sighed as he read the letter, "It looks like Master Vlad wants me to kill that spy on the day they inaugurate their new soaps. Well, I will join you up after I complete my mission."


    Meanwhile, 2 days later, almost the whole country got to know the news of Evan and his entourage's massacre while it was also reported that Henry was missing. The whole country was in turmoil as this indicated a lot of things.
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