114 44. Futile Path Part I.

    During this conflict between John and Fjord, The Royal family did not take any position publically.

    Ambassador Luke announced to everyone in the courts, "We expect both the lords to resolve this conflict amicably so that peace is maintained with the Kingdom. We hope that the lords don't get influenced by outside forces because of their rage and anger. The Royal family will not be concluding anything on this matter as it is not clear on who the real culprit is in this case."

    One of the officials murmured, "As aspected, his majesty is trying to please both of them as both of them are quite hotheaded as seen from their earlier interactions and their past."

    Earl Alex commented as he heard the officials, "Well, that shorty is quite arrogant because of his naval fleet, hmph this is just an excuse for that shorty to take those weapons legally from them. I heard that he suffered quite a few losses to his navy recently when his men tried to raid the Morgan trade fleet, I am sure his face is red just from that embarrassment of getting defeated by Morgan Family's fleet. This also proves that Lord Luke was right when he decided to buy those ballistas instantly from that count without considering any opposition from Dukes or even Prince Hector."

    Earl Alex was a blonde man with long hair. he had an average height and was currently 39 years old, he looked like a knight when he was present in the court.

    Defense Minister Plato commented, "I guess that is also the reason all those critics are silent nowadays. They are waiting for some good (bad) news hoping that those ballistas lose so they can point fingers at him. I myself am quite happy with the inclusion of these ballistas, these ballistas themselves have given us quite an edge at sea against both the Dwarves and the elves. If Fjord was weak then we could have at least extracted the method of making those ships from him instead of paying the sky-high prices for his ships. Hmph, he even dares to use the eastern waters against us when he is angered, However, he sure knows his limits." Plato sighed as he said the last sentence.

    Plato had an average height with red curly hair, a hooked nose, sharp eyes and a scary face. he looked like someone who was in his 50's with a cunning face. he was wearing the usual ministerial clothes which said that he was clearly civilian. He was the chief strategist of the king during wars.

    Earl Alex laughed and commented, "Hahaha, aren't we quite greedy, lets be satisfied with this ballista at least, this ballista is actually kicking the butt of that shorty, we should be happy with this."

    Plato smiled a bit and spoke, "I guess this is good as well. When he gets cornered we can get those Battleship blueprints from him and simultaneously kill two birds with one stone. I am quite afraid of all the dukes to be very honest while this count also is raising a lot of waves. To be honest, I believe that all of the power must be concentrated in the hands of a state and an emperor, unlike the current system where there are lords. Those Beasts in the west are good at power concentration but there is anarchy or they would have been a strong state because of their Physique."

    Alex didn't spoke but kept quiet and thought, 'I guess this is also the reason why lords never support you.'

    Alex then probed, "I guess you are the reason for that anarchy in the west, right? or we would have 3 enemies at our borders I think."

    Plato proudly claimed, "Of course, or do you think we could handle this many enemies at a time without compromising with the demons? those beasts in the west are quite stupid sometimes as they are also greedy and hence it is easy to divide them using a lot of means like wealth, women and power. It is a good thing that Demons also are in favor of anarchy at the beastlands."


    During this time,

    Darius's men were raiding the eastern capital Laguna to find the whereabouts of Henry's family.

    Lucy and Lucius were hidden in the slums all this time as they heard that Duke had declared Henry a traitor.

    Lucy was Henry's wife and the daughter of a knight. She had brown hair and a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She was wearing common civilian clothes with one armor inside so that she couldn't be recognized.

    The guy who rented Lucy the house at exorbitant prices asked the knights, "Well, I can give you the information if you provide me some money."

    Darius signaled his men who then gave that man a bag of silver coins.

    Darius pointed his sword to the man as he asked, "Will this do? I don't like greedy men very honestly."

    The guy raised his hands as he spoke, "Of course, Of course, this will do, she is in one of my houses at the slums. You can raid them over there." The guy spoke as he pointed out the directions.

    Henry's family faced a raid from Darius and his men. Watching this Ralph sighed, "I guess I will be unable to save them. Damn, Grim's men are already keeping a watch on me and my men."

    Henry's wife Lucy with her child ran as she saw the knights coming, In the end, Lucy and her boy were still surrounded by the knights.

    Henry's wife, Lucy shouted hoarsely as she protected her boy, "Why are you doing this to us, this is how you repay for my husband's loyalty and sacrifice? He is not a man who will abandon his lord even in the most dreadful situations."

    Darius mocked her, "Loyalty? Huh, he ran away like the coward he was. He was unlike my brother who made a real sacrifice for Lord Evan, Henry was a traitor and hence you are being punished for his sins. Blame the fact that you weren't able to run away after he was declared a traitor. You are quite a beauty, why don't you become my woman and maybe you can escape the current dilemma."

    Lucy rebuked as she heard him, "Disgusting. over my dead body."

    Her 10-year old boy Lucius roared, "My father is not a traitor, he is someone who will always try to protect a weak man if possible and don't you dare lay your dirty eyes on my mother. Are you even a knight for saying those words?"

    Darius mocked him and ordered one of his men, "You have quite a cheeky tongue brat, you should know your position before you speak."

    Darius ordered his men, "Go and bring that child, we will show him what is hell and the importance of thinking before bull**ting. This family will feel the same pain as I did when I heard of Marcus's death. If that coward had tried then he could have saved my brother but no, he didn't. does he think that no one knows that he is always hiding his strength."

    The knights forcibly took Lucius away from lucy as Darius slowly approached her, During this time all the knights watched it happen before their eyes. In their eyes, there was only rage and no sympathy to this duo as they were kin to a traitor.

    Ralph sighed as he watched and murmured, "Well, I can't risk myself over a single man and his family. Well, I will get another if not Henry."

    Eyes of Lucius were red as he saw Darius approaching her mother teasingly. This was the first time, Lucius felt intense hatred for people. He looked at everyone including Ralph.
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