121 51. The arrow.

    Grey then immediately removed his gaze from him and left the spot so he couldn't be spotted.

    Fen thought that someone was looking at him but he immediately heard Duke Blackwolf as he didn't bother anymore.

    Blackwolf asked Fen, "Do you have any news about that upstart and his slave?"

    Fen gave him one of the reports he got from his men, "From our reports that slave hasn't left North-frontier town. He is currently taking care of handling his own departments. It looks like that Count hasn't taken a bait. He is at least not sending his important men to assassinate Sylvan."

    Blackwolf rubbed his chin as he spoke, "Knowing his personality, I don't think he will take this humiliation lying down. We can still expect something."

    Fen thought and spoke based on the summary of his reports, "I guess, he is smart enough to know about his limitations and hence he didn't take a bait this time around by not sending his important men. From the rumors, I know that this count is quite smart as he has created a lot of new things including those papers. He even started his own business from scratch with the soap machines being his first product. However, if his master is trying something then I can't guess but I don't think anything big will happen."

    Duke sighed as he spoke, "Well, lets see how this goes. I guess it will be a dull day today if he isn't taking any bait."

    Alistair spoke to Prince Hector, "It seems he hasn't taken our bait this time around. However, this is in our favor as well because this would mean that Count is going to take this on the face while we openly use his Soap machines. This soap is also better compared to the previous soaps that we used and hence I think we can make a lot of profits and gain funds for our war using these soaps. And because of our Blockade, the Rose Soaps have less penetration in the markets overseas and hence we can exploit this market. This celebration going on without a hassle is much better for us as this would not force us to act while that upstart's prestige falls because he backed down."

    Prince Hector nodded as he heard Alistair and spoke, "I guess this is good as well. Come lets go to the ceremony. Bring Sylvan as well. Duke Blackwolf has already arrived, we need to greet our guests. And our plan is still on in case he sends someone else instead of his trusted men."

    Alistair saluted and left for making preparations, "As ordered, Milord."


    Hector Greeted duke Blackwolf, "Greetings to Duke Blackwolf, It's very good seeing you after such a long time as you were able to take out some time out of your busy schedule. As you might already know from Minister Justin, This guy is Master Sylvan. he is the one who made it possible for us to have these soaps."

    Duke smiled as he saluted Prince Hector as a basic courtesy, "It's good seeing you again your majesty. I decided to come today as I had some free time and you also invited me previously so I thought it would be very rude about rejecting your invitation again. Additionally, we could do our deals as well so it was better visiting you.

    Duke observed the new soaps carefully as he commented, "These new soaps are quite good compared to our previous ones. I guess combing both the techniques was worth it."

    Duke then greeted Sylvan, "Greetings to Master Sylvan, I see you are the one. "

    Duke continued to ask, "I see that Alistair is not present today, where is he? He is usually in the radius of max 6m away from you your majesty. Is there some matter?"

    Prince Hector showed a mysterious smile as he spoke, "I guess there is, He will be right back after making some arrangements."

    Everyone here understood the meaning behind Prince Hector's words. While no one raised any questions.

    Duke Blackwolf then made a slight snide towards Norman as he asked, "Where is your daughter Mary? Shouldn't she be present here today?"

    Norman furrowed his eyes he too took a shot at Duke Blackwolf, "She will come later, she is just taking her time to get ready, you don't need to worry about her. Meanwhile, how are the sales of your soaps nowadays?"

    Blackwolf smiled as he snickered and answered, "No problem, it's quite good. We are also earning good profits nowadays because of reselling those new soaps to the bordering countries. We are also divesting our investment I guess I got a good finance minister unlike some people."

    Hector interfered as he saw that the heat was increasing between both the dukes and decided to cool it down, "Why don't we focus on today's matter instead of bickering on small issues? Come Alistair has arrived as well."

    Norman nodded as he followed Prince Hector, "It seems he has finished his preparations. Come lets go together."

    Grey thought as he saw a lot of suspicious people in the crowd while he patted the mini-ballista, 'It looks like he has hidden a lot of guards in civilian clothes here today. This Assassination might have been tricky if not for this mini-ballista. This baby here will be quite a handful for today. As Vlad suspected, It really was a bait from the looks of these guys. It looks like he wanted to trap the assassin if any sort of assassination took place. The prince really is a pussy from the way he is protecting himself. I need to be cautious of that butler as well.'

    Alistair started introducing everyone to their new soaps, "Ladies and gentlemen, I hoped that you liked our new soaps? These Soaps were specially made by combining the tech of both Master Sylvan and Duke Blackwolf's Men, who had a lot of experience in soap making."

    One of the Nobles commented, "It looks like, now there will be some competition in the market on soaps after the new Rose soaps were introduced. I used these soaps, they were quite useful though not comparable to those new Rose Soaps, but these soaps were certainly better than any other soap in the market apart from Rose soaps."

    The second Noble nodded and spoke, "That's true, these soaps aren't rough like the previous ones and are quite good. It looks like they mimicked rose soaps in making the flavors of these soaps and it seems they intend to introduce more flavors as well."

    The first noble nodded, "I guess there will be a riot in the Soap Business since these soaps are introduced in the market."

    The third noble also interjected, "That true, plus both Duke Norman and Blackwolf are also in support, I guess all the parties have a stake in these soaps including Prince Hector. I guess this only leaves Duke Fjord and the Central Dukes as Duke Sapphire already has interests in Rose soap trade."

    The second noble asked others, "By the way, I heard that these soap techniques were actually stolen from Count John by Prince Hector. I heard it at a party from Prince Charlie. Is this true?"

    The first noble sighed as he spoke, "I guess it isn't a secret anymore, most people know that Prince Hector did this to show his power to that upstart. I wonder what will happen now, will that Count bend and see his market get stolen or would he retaliate?"

    Suddenly, an arrow came at a very fast speed towards Sylvan. This arrow seemed special as it had both Fire and Wind properties to it.
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